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Found 4 results

  1. I think it was NoZoupForYou that mentioned an upcoming RU BB line split. I seem to recall everyone saying he misspoke. You notice misspoke could almost be an action verb? See it? Well I took it upon myself to secure the Kremlin immediately. I was on the Vlad at the time, fine ship. Off to the races and a week, maybe two the Kremlin now sits in my port. Well... not sit, she's constantly being prepped for her next outing. I have to say the Soyuz was a bucket of fun. I slapped all the boost signal flags I could on her and played her like a broken record. I liked her enough to leave her 16 point commander aboard for future 19'ness grinding. I yanked the commander of my Moskva over to the Kremlin, retrained him and voila. She seems, to me, to be lighter on her feet than my Yamato. I think they stole the Yamato gun sound for her though... but silly thing is this... Her ship's horn is well... nothing great. Maybe you devs can buff it so she sounds like a pack of screaming banshees?
  2. When is the new update releasing, and is it removing Moskva yet, or waiting for 9.5?
  3. I have seen posts on both topics now I find it would be good to discuss what would be ideal first. So let’s have some fun speculation which is coming first let’s say late 2019 or early 2020.
  4. Good day all, With the imminent release of the USN light cruiser sub-branch, it does bring to mind what other potential splits we may see in the future. Regarding actual ships, we definitely know there is enough material to do a second USN battleship branch, and possibly even a second DD branch. I'll even go as far to say a British heavy cruiser sub-branch is a certainty down the road. But beyond that, do you think there is enough material out there to split any other lines? possible French cruiser split (light/heavy)? possible British destoyer split? possible Japanese battleship split?