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Found 1 result

  1. SteffisCute

    Meat defeats Veganism!

    To continue the "Bekah is a Vegan and its unhealthy" saga last night was the last straw. I woke up and found some of her hair on the pillow. Ok her DAMN HAIR IS FALLING OUT FROM BEING UNHEALTHY DUE TO HER VEGANISM! She also fell asleep at her laptop while doing her Phoenix.edu online course thing. Enough! I refuse to let this vegan stuff kill her so ONCE again like the car situation I have to save her from herself. But how? it's not like I can hold her down and shove bacon down her throat (I mean I COULD I just don't think it would be conducive to our harmonious relationship). So I hatched a plan. I said to her "Hey I will grill you one of these veggie burger things u like and bring it to work" and she was all "Awww thats sweet". Yeah veggie burger...I think not...so I got some good old fashioned ground sirloin and made a mixture of about 65% veggie burger and 35% ground sirloin. I made it into a patty and grilled it, threw on some tomatoes and a red onion and a bun and brought it to her. I get a phone call later from her saying its time to pick her up (Her car isn't here yet). So I ask her if she liked the burger and she was all "Yeah it was So good way better than when I make it what did you do?" So I said I just used some kosher salt and coated the patties in olive oil first. She fell for it, as I expected. So I will slowly re-introduce meat back into her life and when she is all "I feel so healthy" I will spring it on her. This plan cannot possibly fail!