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Found 8 results

  1. Kapitan_Wuff

    Come Sail in SYN

    The Syndicate of Captains is recruiting! [SYN]/[-SYN-] Discord:https://discord.gg/b2jzUzQ Welcome to the Syndicate of Captains, a friendly and inviting community within the wider World of Warships.... world. A lot has changed in the years since the founding of this clan. What started off as a clan-of-convenience for lone wolf players has mutated into a moderately sized, active and highly international community. First and foremost, SYN remains a casual clan. Somewhere where people can just have fun and not forget that at the end of the day that “is just game, why you heff to be med”. Whether it be solo or with potential division mates, we won’t restrict your playstyle or impose any demands that might kill the fun YOU have for the game. While we are a casual clan, there are many members who enjoy the competitive aspect of the game and as such we have had generally strong finishes in the previous Clan Battles seasons, including a Hurricane ranking in Season 2. What we look for in potential members: Mature players (not age but attitude); No hard skill requirements, however, we expect captains to understand (or willing to learn) basic game mechanics and strive to improve; Relatively active in our Discord server; Remaining active in WoWs (breaks from time to time is totally understandable as long as you communicate any extended absence with us first); Must be a good, polite, respectful person. If you want to wear the tag you must positively represent the tag, so poor sportsmanship is strongly looked down on. We do not discriminate and will not tolerate sexism or racism. Recruitment process: Join our discord; Hangout for a few days to see if the vibe fits what you are looking for in a clan; Div up with one of the Duty Officers (Commander, Deputy Commanders or Recruiters). From there if you still think that SYN is the right fit for you and as long as there are no other issues in preventing the application, send me a PM (Kapitan_Wuff) and we will talk about it some more. Discord: Our discord is public, so even if you are not interested in joining SYN, feel free to drop in and say hi! https://discord.gg/b2jzUzQ What does SYN offer outside of a friendly group of people to play with? Are you stuck, bored at work, doing chores or just too lazy to turn on the game, but have access to Twitch.tv? SYN has two somewhat regular streamers to keep you entertained. MrDeaf (The Super Ultra Deluxe Unicum) https://www.twitch.tv/mrdeaf https://www.youtube.com/user/6002oea MrDeaf streams high-level gameplay in both English and Japanese. As one of the founding members of SYN, expect sarcasm and spicy memes from one of the best players in the clan. Not just limited to WoWs, MrDeaf also streams indie games from time to time. Kronos_One (The Super Ultra Deluxe Average Player) https://www.twitch.tv/kronos_one https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCh3Etfq35wRhlZBFhHoFh_Q *WARNING WEEB ALERT* Whenever this lazy sack decides to actually turn on OBS, you can be sure to catch the fleeting glimpses of MLG Big Plays as he derps his way around the game. Degenerate weeaboo, lover of all things French (he’s half French you know) and a plague upon many a discord server, you can at least expect a well-curated selection of music to listen to while cringing at his misplays. (Just don’t ask him to start talking about the weather because he will never shut up.) *WARNING WEEB ALERT* Maybe watching others play is not to your taste, we have alternatives! mofton (also known as NAmofton and The God-Emperor of Potato Agriculture) If you are a forum regular, then this name will ring a few bells. Known for his “Tactical Tidbits” and “But is it fun?” series, this salty Brit regularly puts out high-quality write-ups and reviews on the forums. A degenerate teaboo, mofton’s encyclopedic knowledge of all things Royal Navy is second to none. Ex.: mofton's Tactical Tidbits - Submarine Losses of WWII (Non-German) 'But is it fun?' - A Subjective Review of the RN T2-T4 Destroyers pikohan (Brave-Sir-Peekoh-runs-away) *WARNING WEEB ALERT* Artist extraordinaire, pikohan has created many amazing pieces for clan use (including the HuangHe-chan shipgirl at the top of this thread). He sometimes even produces work for specific events within WoWs! Piko also regularly uploads replay commentary to his youtube channel. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC8Li6GItOb5ziv_ADpnsjpQ *WARNING WEEB ALERT*
  2. As you can see from my stats, I have put a good amount of work and thought into improving. My WR is clearly through the roof and PR has climbed substantially. Currently, I focus on spending more time on the mini-map and positioning myself better in order to survive longer and find more opportunities to put out more damage. I am currently in a clan but will leave it once I get an invite from a clan whos membership and Discord channel seem to fit what I want. My clan is a great bunch of guys, and I like them quite a bit - they just aren't exactly what I am looking for and I haven't been incredibly active with them. I have a semi-casual approach to the game. I play when I can and work to get better. I don't want solid commitments. When I am on, I play to win every game and play with a competitive mindset. Please send me an invite in-game as well as a Discord link if you think you would like me in your community. Discord is dukediggler#8867 Looking to join a clan which: Is of equal or better skill. I want to learn and get better when I play. It is active and friendly. Which doesn't mind that I play solo to relax, and often play with a Unicum and very good buddy of mine in [-HON-]. Actively plays Clan Battles and in which when free, I can join if there is a spot. It uses Discord but doesn't require people to be in it. I work, have a wife & kid, and want different things from the game at different times. I also don't like playing games in a room of 15 people all shooting the crap. That's for a different time and place for me. Has very good players who don't mind div'ing up and coaching some. Which doesn't: The makeup of mostly 40% WR players. Which plays and learns together. Require or have mandatory practice days or participation rules. I live an adult life and get busy at times. I play when I can. I am: Approaching middle age. Kid, wife, dogs. Work full time. I oversee 24 24/7 operations. Sometimes I am busy. Smart, work to get better at things I do. Have good people skills. Enjoy WoWs As you can see from my stats, I have put a good amount of work and thought into improving. My WR is clearly through the roof and PR has climbed substantially. Currently I focus on spending more time on the mini-map and postitioning myself better in order to survive longer and find more opportunities to put out more damage.
  3. JustDodge

    Looking for a clan!

    Hello, I'm looking for a clan! My criteria: - Speak English! - Be reasonably active (I expect that I can not only find a division, but it's not just the same people every time!) - Your clan is fairly free from drama! I play Aircraft Carrier and Cruiser; mostly tier 8-10 when I'm not grinding a new line. My TX's are: Hakuryu, Midway (researched but sold because I was broke), Henri, Moskva, Des Moines, and Worcester. I'm from the West Coast and play occasionally basically after ~3PM PST!
  4. Ztulc

    LFC for CBs

    I'm looking for a typhoon clan who wants an active dd player for clan battles. If needed I can play other ships too tho. https://na.wows-numbers.com/player/1022243737,Ztulc/# https://wows-numbers.com/player/562288883,Cluttz/
  5. DemonLordCipher

    [LFC] Mildly Alright Player.

    I'm looking for a place to go; Just came from [SPICY] and didn't feel engaged enough with them. -Two Tier Xs: Des Moines and Montana -I have memes :^) -Oh right, EDIT. I have Discord too. Akula#9809
  6. Asking for myself and a friend (ID: Blitzwinters). We are looking for a active clan playing clan battles in the Asia prime time. We usually play together at around 20:00 - 00:00 (UTC+8). We got Discord and mic. Shortcut to our stat.: https://na.wows-numbers.com/player/1002558014,jasonyeung/ https://na.wows-numbers.com/player/1000004155,blitzwinters/
  7. The following information and considerations were originally posted on another thread and in response to that person’s query regarding searching for a clan. However, since that thread was a specific person’s search thread, the useful information was extracted from that post and placed here in it's own thread so that it could be used as “General Info” for the GREATER GOOD of *anyone* who happens to be searching for a clan to call “home”. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ The information below is very insightful and can be quite useful to players who are seriously looking for a solid and stable clan organization! It provides some very helpful advice, as well as a bit of clarity on the various clan procedures (and their often-used confusing double-speak)! Anyone willing to be a "good clan member" should have the ability and the willingness to read through this information, and then have the self-discipline to follow-through to completion the "probationary period" or "Recruiting Process" of whichever clan you decide to choose. Enjoying life in a clan isn't as simple as making a post and hoping for the best. In fact, a "looking for clan" post could yield poor results because: FEW RECRUITERS READ THESE: Most clans post a recruitment message, and wait for applicants to come to them. Relatively few clan recruiters come here every day to see who has posted. Recruiters like it much more when potential recruits come to them. RECRUITERS WHO DO READ THESE OFTEN WANT SPECIAL THINGS: Those who read "looking for a clan" are looking for a specific person to fill a hole in their clan roster. The chances of you being that person are poor. TROLLS WANT TO POUNCE: There is a good chance that a hater will ridicule you and your post, just so people will pay attention to them. Any attention is valued by trolls, even negative responses. I've seen veterans with great stats get hammered by trolls here. Running into this can sour you on the entire game, so beware. A CLAN WHO WANTS YOU MAY BE UNDESIRABLE: You might not mesh with the clan's style and culture for innumerable reasons, but you might join anyway, just to try them out. The results could be bad, again souring you on the game. Instead, it is recommended that each player "do their homework" and read the first two or three pages of this forum's clan recruiting posts. You'll learn a lot about the different types of clans, Slowly build a list of "possible" clans you can approach. Many clans will want to interview you, so knowing why you like a clan will impress them. You'll find that over half the clan advertisements you can forget about because your stats (battles fought, win rate percentage, survival percentage, average damage/battle, average XP/battle, top ship tier you can play, etc.) don't fit into their parameters. With the remaining clans, it is suggested (and recommended) that you note down these things: Clan abbreviation and name Web address of their recruitment post (for future reference) Web address of clan website (if any) Discord or Teamspeak server name/address Application procedure. Small clans just starting up will probably take anyone who applies. Most clans are larger, more experienced and sophisticated. Those will have a process, often involving an interview on Teamspeak or Discord, and perhaps a probationary period before you become a full member. It is certainly understandable for new start-up clans to want to build-up their membership, but if they focus on taking their time and conducting proper recruiting (an actual interview coupled with a "Recruiting Process" probationary period), the members that they will eventually take in will be a much better fit and provide the end result of longer-lasting and solid clan membership. Look through the list, prioritize them, and start contacting each one using their application procedure. Don't be lazy by simply clicking the "Apply To Clan" button in the game! How many clans to apply to at once is up to you, but it is recommended that no more than two at a time is the best "guage", and one by one is probably even better. I think you'll get more positive responses to that then you will by making a "Looking For Clan" post. It is recommended that you ask the clan OFFICERS (Leadership) when they are typically online, both weeknights and weekends. Being on at the same time, and having a chance to chat and division with them, will get you into the center of clan activities right away. If your gaming times don't overlap their times, you'll be stuck playing with the other "oddball" members, who could have a style quite different from the leadership. You could find yourself fitting into that oddball group, only to discover than the clan direction and policies seem to go in totally random directions - because you weren't around to contribute as those plans evolved. Clan recruiters sometimes duck this question by saying, "Oh, we have players just about around the clock, there's always someone to play with." This is a clan's "political doublespeak", and really means either, "I hope someone is on when you are," or "I'll say anything to make my recruitment quota for the month," and occasionally both! Another example is that you may game at an uncommon time, and have specific goals that aren't found in a clan that accepts someone with poor stats. Therefore, you might simply be in a "clan of convenience" - one of the Lone Wolf clans that gives you clan benefits, but has no special requirements and offers no special activities, voice systems or comradeship (hence the name "lone wolves"). __________________________________________________________________________________________________ Although not mentioned directly, the implied reference “to be wary of clans who only want warm bodies to fill their spots (clans who take anyone that applies)” is a very valid warning! Most clans that practice this type of recruiting and do NOT have a formal probationary period and/or personal interview most usually maintain a high turn-over rate (as well as on-going drama of various degrees). Try to keep ALL of these things in mind when you are looking for a clan and you will see much better results and eventually be much happier with your decision! It's a little more work than merely posting a "LFC" thread, but anyone who is serious... and worth their salt... should have the desire to conduct their search in a proper fashion! The BEST of luck and the GREATEST of results to you in your clan search efforts! See you out on the High Seas, captain!
  8. AdmiralBabylon

    [HOT] Clan Looking for Members

    CLAN RECRUITING [HOT] HOOKS ON TARGET We are a clan on the NA server looking for new members to play in clan battles with us, and help make this clan into a force that players fear and respect upon hearing our name. We are an accepting clan and we do not judge each other harshly, but instead work together to try and improve our gameplay experience. We will be playing clan battles on every available day that they are being held as long as there are enough people online. We will also be conducting training exercises to prepare us to play as a team to get aquainted with each other's play styles. We use discord as a communication platform, so if you dont already use it, you will need to download it, and create an account with the same ussrname you use in WOWS. Let me know if you are interested. My wows username is AdmiralBabylon, and i am the clan commander, if you have any questions, id be more than happy to answer them for you. Message me and let's get you on board as a member of the [HOT] Hooks On Target crew.