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Found 2 results

  1. Just played a game with the dreaded Lexington Museum account on our team. It was a free damage pinata that died in the first few minutes. Having visited the Lexington myself, I can tell you the game station is completely trash for anyone trying to play. You can't zoom in to fire with surface ships. You can't change between shell types and torpedoes. You can't activate abilities like smoke or repair parties. you can't even launch planes from carriers. The controls on half the stations are unresponsive. Even if you could do those things, the people who play it are 10 year olds who don't even know how it works. It's a negative experience for all parties involved. I know WoW is having an event at the Lex later in the year. Perhaps they should give some thought to putting it in a permanent training mode or disabling the stations all together. All it does now is ruin the day of some unfortunate team in Random
  2. DrHolmes52

    Ran in to

    Ran in to Lexington Museum in coop this evening. An AFK Jurien is hard to protect. She went down under the guns of a South Carolina. You know how long it takes to gun down a South Carolina when driving a Dresden?