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Found 2 results

  1. So today I figured I'd man up and take Lexington into Randoms. Personal performance the first few games was okay. Nothing really special. Struggled a bit against more experienced Lex captains and a Shokaku, but he DC'ed midway thru. Most of the games were losses, mostly due to over-conservative team play. Then I ran into Graf Zeppelin. Oh God... Probably one of my worst performances ever. Pretty much nothing done. There was literally nothing I could have done to salvage that game. I'm not exaggerating. Nothing. 2-0-3 will stomp 1-1-2 every time. NOW I understand why people said the Big E was the only Carrier in the game that could actually challenge Graf Zeppelin's air supremacy. I just felt so helpless... I felt awful afterwards. You can look for yourselves. Something you should know about how I treat playing CV. I take it pretty seriously. I see it as a massive mantle of responsibility. I have the only CV on my team, and I my actions or inaction can cost my team a lot, much more so than a Battleship or Destroyer. I don't take that responsibility lightly. I want nothing more than to do everything I can to help my team, to not let them down. Which makes games like this devastating for me morally. It crushes me to know I was more of a detriment to my team than an asset, to know I didn't pull my weight. I feel like in those scenario's a lot of the blame for the loss is on me. I hate it. Which makes me ask this one question: Why is Lexington the only Tier VIII with only one fighter squadron? Shokaku gets 2x5, at best. Enterprise can theoretically get 2x8. GZ gets 2x6. Lex gets 1x7, at best. Meaning every one of these other carriers has an edge in Air Superiority that a CV like me just doesn't have. It also really doesn't help that Graf Zeppelin's are never driven by normies. They are almost exclusively driven by top-tier CV captains. Pro's, if you will. Which makes me want to either: A) Get Lexington over with and get Essex with 2-1-2 ASAP, or B) Get Enterprise. I also ask, if I run into another GZ, is there ANYTHING I can do? Does Lexington possess anything to actually contribute to the fight? Or am I just screwed? I am legitimately asking, because I am at a complete loss, and if I want to have any dreams of one day being a Midway captain, I need to get used to Random Battles and leave the Coop nest. Which means I'm liable to see much more of them before I get there. Sorry for the long post. I just needed to put my grief somewhere where I might get something out of it.
  2. So after some decent grinding in Ranger, plus some lovely free EXP drops and some $$ spend on some doubloons, I am now in possession of USS Lexington. The remaining Free EXP was used to research & purchase the upgraded fighters. I took it into a Coop Battle (because I wouldn't DARE bring a stock Lexington into a Random, knowing I could go up against Tier X's and face off against a Shokaku or Enterprise, both likely far more effective and efficient captains than I am) and it was... underwhelming, to say the least. A meager 49K dmg. A game or two down the line and I pump out a 109K and 132K dmg game, but something just doesn't seem to click like it did with Ranger. She feels weak. She certainly looks the part of a heavyweight hitter, but sure as heck don't swing like one. I'm seeing my strike squadrons drop out of the sky like flies going up against the same ships I did with Ranger to generally good success, though I imagine this would improve with upgraded squadrons. (I have just about the same upgrades, and the same captain fully retrained.) And she costs an arm and a leg to just service, not even repair. 60,000 credits a battle to maintain, and with some games going so fast I hardly have time to build up damage numbers, and I make as little as 2,000 credits to losing upwards of 10,000. I don't know if I'm missing something or what, but I'm not exactly impressed with Lexington thus far. I'll give it much more time before I make final judgement though. I have only had it for a day after all. And it's not like I'm going to abandon the line or anything because I don't like one ship. I've made it this far, I want to go all the way. I've heard she's kinda weaker than her contemporaries (which is alarming, seeing as that's the story for pretty much every USN CV on the line. As far as I know the line gets "good" at Essex, and continues to Midway. That is, not totally outclassed by the IJN CV of the same tier). I dunno. Maybe she just takes some getting used to or something.