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Found 1 result

  1. This last Friday night the ONAVY clan met the TOG clan in the first Friday Night Fights event which was a huge success. ONAVY is accepting challenges for Friday 11/2/18 if your clan would like to go head to head leave a reply here or message me ingame and we can set it up. In this scenario ANY tier ships are allowed since players can only play ships they own. Teams that are not evenly matched bots can be inserted to make the match a little more even player wise. The fleet battles between ONAVY and TOG were epic and allow ALL players a chance to participate when as in regular clan battles some may be left out. Match was at 2000 hrs eastern time but this can be adjusted if necessary. Hope to see some more clans interested in this as it was really fun and easy to setup and did not require anything other than two teams committing to show up for battle. Leeeeeeeeeet's get ready to Rumbleeeeeeeeeeeeee! https://discord.gg/cpgSFXU http://onavy.iclanwebsites.com/