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Found 1 result

  1. On USN destroyers Range: 9.5km Duration: 30 seconds On IJN destroyers Range: 11.5km Duration: 25 seconds Both nations Cooldown: 145s/125sec (prem) Charges: 3/4 (prem) Not found on any other ships Becomes available in its own slot starting at tier 8 (Benson, Akizuki, Kagero). Retroactively added to premium destroyers Harekaze, Asashio, Kidd, and Black (shares slot with Radar) When activated any battleship in range loses all rudder and throttle control for the duration. Throttle remains locked at its current form, while rudder centers itself. The ship is forced to travel in a straight line until the consumable effect ends or the battleship travels out of range. Any battleship traveling into the range of the consumable while it is active will also be affected. The only indications that it is occurring should be a small indicator near the speed/rudder dial indicating speed and rudder are unresponsive. This consumable should better balance destroyers vs battleships and enable skilled plays to take place. One could even say it's required, because currently a battleship has to make some pretty serious mistakes to actually be sunk by torpedoes.