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Found 3 results

  1. i want to have some t8 premium BB but i dont know which onesni should get. I have alabama and i am not very found of her. I will surely get Amagi pack: Ignis Purgatio and Ragnarok. i was thinking into get at least 2 more of these ships. are they worth of it? i seen youtubers video and wg video regarding them and couldnt decide... I see some Roma in battles, no Lenin, no Amagi and much Massachusetts. should i get any? should i get 2? none? all of them?
  2. So apparently in the RU region those who have the T6 Cruiser Admiral Makarov will have it removed and substituted with T8 V. I. Lenin(who is a regular Lenin with a special camo and boosted base credit gain) if they "subscribe into this тариф(tariff)" service : and if you subscribe to this service you will be able to receive 25 doubloons per day.
  3. goldeagle1123

    Need Lenin feedback

    I'm pretty interested in Lenin, but still need some convincing and there aren't a ton of review of her out there, and most notably a lack of a LWM review. So would love to hear feedback from people who have (or haven't) picked her up. Did you find her worth the cash? Recommended builds are also greatly appreciated. Thanks all