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Found 2 results

  1. USS Intrepid CV II "The Fighting I" 1943 Configuration Type: Essex Class Aircraft Carrier Commissioned: August 16th, 1943 Decommissioned: March 15h, 1974 Re-Commisoned/refitted to attack carrier: CVA-11 (October 1st, 1952) Struck: February 23rd, 1982 Fate: Museum ship currently berthed on the Hudson River in the United States. Starboard side, showing the blue and gray color scheme. This is not historical but I wanted to include it because I love the color pairing. I hope you enjoy this as much as I enjoyed building it. This shows over 50 hours of design, re-design, building, and photography.
  2. Finished the next in the line! Actually got off my butt and decided to finish number 3 out of 4. And it didn't even take all that long. Just an afternoon. I'm unsure of how many differences there are between Takao and Atago's design, so I'm leaving the latter for now. Unfortunately, the tower behind the superstructure isn't accurate and I decided to keep the one from both Maya and Choukai. The broad V shape just wasn't possible with how small the scale of the ship is. Same with some of the poles throughout the ship. There wasn't a way for it to be accurately represented without making the surrounding area... off. Either way, I'm pretty happy with how they turned out, despite their shortcomings. EDIT: I just realised as I sat down after posting this topic that the way I created Takao was not that dissimilar to the way she was altered in 1938-1939. I used Choukai's hull and superstructure as the template to create Takao because it was the closest overall design to her. However I used the rear half of Maya's above deck structures to finish because they were the closest to Takao over Choukai. Taking a look a dozen images I already had and new ones on the internet, I was still kind of... confused as to where I should start the changes. First, the bridge was made smaller on Takao and Atago in their remodeling, so that kind of helped because they originally looked like Maya and Choukai (mainly the latter). My biggest problem was all the angles. I've never placed the pieces on an angle, so I ended up keeping everything at a flat 90 degree angle one way or another... My first mistake was trying to make as little changes as possible to Choukai's superstructure. That wasn't how it was meant to go and I finally bit the bullet and tore up the ship more. I think I ended up with about 4 or 5 different failures just with the very front shape! It's such an odd thing to work with because it's not cut and dry! making sure the height of the windows was fairly easy and I didn't actually have to change the height of the superstructure at all, only what was between the top and bottom. For the most part, it was just working with the front of it to get the shape right and smoother than the last attempt I made at ARP Takao a couple of years ago (I'm almost too ashamed to show it). There were a lot of things learned from previous mistakes that I normally couldn't be bothered dealing with but because I was creating a new ship (mostly), those lazy thoughts didn't occur. So most of those lingering inaccuracies are gone.