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Found 1 result

  1. regopark

    WoW Legends

    I just acquired Legends on my PS4, and I like it. I do really like the PC version and have put in (or wasted, whichever) enough money on the game for ships and supplies, so I am in no way prepared to toss out the PC version. But my main reason for writing this is as eager as I am to play Legends, there are certain things that need improvement, in my opinion. The first is the mini-map. It is located in the upper left corner of the screen, is semi-transparent, and very difficult to see. Unless I haven't discovered it yet, there are no settings for this map as in the PC version. I think the map should be made non-transparent, a little bigger and relocated to the lower right of the screen. But, that's my opinion. The next is the after-battle screen. The Personal Score comes up only. There is no Detailed Report as in the PC version. I feel this does need to be added as it tells you what ships you sank or damaged, and how. Now, this game, unlike other PS4 games, has no ability to make changes to the viewing screen, e.g. the gamma, which will lighten or darken the playing screen. Right now the playing screen is very light, and unless I go into my TV settings and adjust them, it will stay that way. The only screen segment in the game's settings is for those who are colorblind. Others elements need to be added as well to the game. These seem to be the only "complaints" I have about Legends. I played it for four days without even touching the PC version! If I find anymore things to report I will make another post.