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Found 1 result

  1. Finally got the Legendary module. Set it up per Flamu with a few tweaks of my own: Note that the legendary mod is in slot 5. You give up concealment, giving you a concealment value of 13.7 km. Damage control mod 2 in slot 4. I use hydro mod 1 in slot 2 or you can place damage control mod 1. You can place MBM1 or spotter mod 1 in slot 1. Slot 6 you can emphasize reload speed or range. MBM3 gives you a base of 9.7 seconds at a max range of 17.8 km. Also place India Yankee and Juliet Yanke Bisstwo flags CO skills are as follows: So add the Basics of Survivability. Here's the result of the second match with this build. I didn't use Damage control to see how well it works. Only 2 fires at 1798 fire damage. The only ship I found you have to worry is the Conqueror at close range since I forgot that a Conq can cit a hindy with HE under 10 km. Just remember you're fire resistant, not invulnerable. Secondary fire becomes less scary since you're not going to get set on fire that easily. Too bad WG didn't put this in the BB. imagine having this module on the Kurfurst or Republique. So it's definitely worth getting it use in ranked clan Battles.