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Found 3 results

  1. Kongo_Pride

    Shimakaze Pure Torp Boat

    Following the CV rework, destroyers became near obsolete. With the nerf to gun bloom, the constant CV harassment, radar, and just about every other anti DD gimmick, I began looking for ways to keep my destroyers useful. For the Shimakaze, I put an old hat on for work in a new meta, with a slight twist. I armed my Shima with 20km torpedoes and then took every skill there was to decrease the reload time. As a final feather in the cap, I threw in the legendary mod. Torp reload, 136 seconds. Essentially, I turned my Shima into an old school wall of skill. This build requires a more passive play style, but it does work. Pressing into a cap early will get you killed and or disable your torpedo tubes. You must play the edge. I scored numerous torpedo hits beyond 12km. People just are not expecting it...so they eat them. Just something for folks to consider as this CV rework and balancing act seesaws back and forth. For someone really looking to be adventurous, I am sure the 20km set with the captain skill to increase speed by 5 knots may also be an interesting twist. In my current configuration caught a lot of heavier ships napping.
  2. Straight up, what do you guys think of the mod and how are you liking it? Did you drop it and go back to reload/range/etc etc? I finally got my Legendary module upgrade for the Des Moines a few days ago and almost didn't even put it on because I was so not excited about losing approximately 3km of range. I decided to take it into a few randoms before trying my hand in Ranked without the extra range and MAN OH MAN IT WAS AWESOME! (paired with Propulsion Mod 2) I was lucky enough to get Shatter on my first map with all of it's juicy islands to play peek a boo with other ships and decided to be cheeky and stupid to bait situations favorable to my newfound nimbleness by going straight to B in the middle. I made sure to take a few shots here and there to get people's attention as well as allow myself to be spotted passing through some gaps. Suffice it to say my ploy worked. I didn't get every kill that blundered in after me but my increased agility allowed me a LOT of free damage while ships tried to chase me around corners. My actions ultimately lead to the enemy thoroughly throwing the game by continually coming into the middle to try and hunt me while my team slung lead down the alleys from a safe distance. It was by no means my highest kill or damage game in the DM by a long shot but my impact towards the outcome felt very satisfying. I then tried my hand in some Arms Race after that, juking and jiving in the buff caps with much success and even went back into Ranked (which I had temporarily abandoned out of frustration) to get me back into Rank 10 for the 4th or 5th time now. There were a few moments in Ranked where I could have been HE spamming a BB that I missed out on but otherwise the mod was a major boon. My direction changing agility definitely surprised a few people. I woe the day that I get stuck on Ocean without a friendly smoke to hide in but....I am for sure to keep testing this baby out. My biggest thing is that even though I play the DM a lot with it's hide and seek island humping gameplay style I am hyper aggressive to a fault and the mod for sure allowed me to nurture that aggressive nature with less BLAP punishment. What do you sirs and mams think about the mod? Tell me about why you love it or hate it!
  3. You get to play so much that you either become stupidly good playing...or quit in frustration. It took me 64 games to do through the Gearing grind. Notser figured you can do it in 500 games in Coop. I did the "win 15 games portion in Coop." But the bots had gotten smarter! Dammit WG, I didn't want a challenge from the bots! I want them dumb as bricks from before! The toughest part was the 40k base XP. I figured I needed 5k a day and I could do it in a week. But I wanted at least 1k base XP win or lose. I prefer winning to losing since it's less time. Some days it felt like more losing than winning. So at the end I raised my W/R on the Gearing to 54.07% from 48% W/R. So I guess I became stupidly good. And the module is worth it. So, if you want a legendary module choose carefully. The only thing that will be legendary otherwise is the grind.