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Found 2 results

  1. Well, this is my last post as a regular wows player, so farewell forums and farewell wargaming.
  2. Zoot21

    Using the Exit Battle Option

    Being kinda new to the game and not wanting to irk any allies... ...are there some commonly accepted "unspoken rules" regarding using the Exit Battle option? I've never seen anyone say they are leaving an active game, but I've seen ships stopping and taking no further part in the battle (thought maybe they disconnected). Since nobody actually says anything, I guess everyone makes their own call. Looking below, would you consider these "acceptable" times to leave a game early: 1.) You are dead. Yes, you could stay and "coach" your teammate(s), or warn them of impending disasters (BB approaching, enemy about to win by capping, etc.), but couldn't this be considered a form of cheating, too? You're giving an extra set of eyes to your team, and you get a more global view of the map from which to evaluate the game. And maybe no one on the team _wants_ this extra help? So exiting and going back to port is perfectly fine. 2.) The battle is nearly over, and you are so far away (and/or in a ship so slow) that the game will end without you being able to affect it (your allies are chasing the lone CV, and you're in a St. Louis on the opposite end of the map, for example). 3.) Any sort of Real Life emergency/concern trumps staying to finish a game. Agree? Disagree? Are there other specific circumstances under which you feel it's OK to leave early? Conversely, are there certain times when you think it "bad form" for someone to leave early, or it's actually cost you the game when it appears someone has done so (of course "Rage Quitting" or "to teach someone a lesson" is bad form).