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Found 12 results

  1. Be IN3PT by choice Join us today!!!

    Hello All I am Temperd_Tantrum and we are the founders of IN3PT. We are a high skill player base clan who has lots of experience in clan battle and of course randoms. Our officer core have achieved typhoon in the last 2 clan battle seasons and got our flags. We have a founding document that governs our clan and we operate on a commander/officer vote to decide on topics, commanders and officers are voted into office and if you are in a higher role you are in service to the Founders document. My position in the clan being the account holder is asking the voting body to conduct themselves as upholders of our founding document, I have no vote or actual power in the decisions that get made in EN3PT I am a intermediary and can be replaced too. If you find yourself in a clan where your words are either not heard or you disagree with many clans command structure and you meet our skill floor requirement please drop into discord and send a message to any of the officers, this clan is a glass house type of management, there will be vary plain language as to any players standings in regard to clan battle roster seats/ kots seats, it is the mission of all officers and commanders to train all members to the level of our lowest desired skill floor. this approach is not intended to create divition inside the clan between players ability, but instead create a system of inter support and learning of all clan members. so here is our skill floor we are looking to fill the roster with: 55% WR recent, dark blue stats +, a minimum of 2 tier 10 ships unless you are willing to be second seed till you get the required ships, 250 battle minimum in tier 10, 52% WR in tier 10, Has a mic and speaks enough English to communicate battle comms. Good attitude and willingness to learn will be prioritized over god tier play and a bad personality. When an app or person expresses interest in clan involvement, a officer will contact the person in question and set up a time to evaluate the player in a random battle or two, Subjects to cover: Player goals and expectations, how competent they are in there preferred ship class. and a small 12 v 6 in practice where officer is shadowing the recruit and sees how they handle being out numbered. if the meeting is a success then applicant will be submitted as a passed app and then proceed to a vote by the commanders and attending player base a successful vote will result in a majority rule. train with talented folks. https://discord.gg/ZVG2BE I wish you all well and Praise be unto the most perfect version of yourself my friend. sincerely- Tempered_Tantrum
  2. Hello Everyone! There is a new discord dedicated to helping any player improve. This discord is international and has players from several big NA and EU clans. Features this discord has to offer: A team of tutors ready to answer questions and division. Informative links filled with information and videos about the games mechanics. List of recommended captain builds for many ships. Replay review channel to submit replays to be analyzed by a tutor to give you constructive feedback. Please join and spread the word!! https://discord.gg/ZVb3zaT
  3. KnightWatch Academy KnightWatch Academy is a clan to help new players learn the ropes of the game as well as provide resources to help improve game play for themselves. We also are looking for veteran players to both help teach and create a community to foster teamwork and good sportsmanship to make playing the game more enjoyable for everyone! To learn more about us visit our Facebook page at: https://www.facebook.com/navalknights/. We do also run a Clan Hall where we bring clans together to help recruit, communicate, and work together all in one place the link to the clan hall is: https://www.facebook.com/groups/navalknights/. If you have any questions you can contact us on our Clan Page or if you're a clan looking to become apart of our Clan Hall you can email us at: navalknights@groups.facebook.com.
  4. KnightWatch Academy We are a clan that welcomes new players to help them learn the ropes of the game and provide a community for those looking to improve their game-play. We promote good sportsmanship and learning within the clan in order to make the game more fun for ourselves and our opponents. We do use discord for in-game communication it is a free app for anyone. We do have a link to our Discord page at our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/navalknights/ and if you have any questions about the clan feel free to message me In-Game! We do try and provide multiple available resources to our members. Again if you have any questions either message me in our Facebook page, Discord page, or In-Game Happy Hunting! -Hawkeyerc (Clan Commander)
  5. Hi there! If you are a new player, allow me to welcome you to World of Warships and to point out some of what you will experience here. I will preface everything that follows by telling you that I am not a great player. I am perhaps slightly above average. But I have been around a while, have been active (albeit with few posts) on the forums, and have played a lot of games here. World of Warships recently having been added to Steam, I expect we will see an influx of new players. Maybe you are one of them. If you have been playing games online a while, you likely know that there are often issues with what can be loosely termed as "toxicity" among players, in the game and on the forums. Not everyone is rude or hyper-critical, but those that are can poison the experience with just a few lines of text. So, allow me to suggest that you do your best to ignore it when you see it, particularly if it is directed at you or your game play. In game there is a function for reporting players. Make use of that if you feel it is merited. But try not to engage in a shouting match with another player. It really never helps. The fact that you are here, reading this, suggests that you are one of the relative few interested in engaging in the community beyond simply playing the game. Please consider this forum an opportunity to learn about the complexities of the game. There is a lot of knowledge in the people that visit here regularly, and you can tap into that. But there are a few important suggestions I would like to make. Forgive me laying them out this way, but I believe these are important: 1. Claims that the game is broken or that a ship is terrible because you are not doing well will generally not be well received. Such posts, if I can generalize on behalf of this forum, are usually viewed with a jaundiced eye, the impression that because one person is having a hard time everything should change to better suit them difficult to be patient and understanding with. This comes from having seen such posts many, many, many times. As an alternative, a simple declaration of "I need help with X" because I do not understand it or am not doing well with it" will generally receive helpful hints and suggestions. Trolling is frowned upon. Posts designed to be incendiary or divisive will often result in your being labeled as a troll. This can make it difficult for you to receive constructive feedback on your non-troll posts. Avoid being a troll. 2. Understand that this is a game of surprising complexity that is covered in a veneer of arcade-game simplicity. Some players will never scratch beneath that veneer. Your being here suggests that you want to delve a little deeper into the game. You will find a lot of people here willing to help you do that. But please try to avoid falling prey to the temptation to write a "this game is bad because" post in the style mentioned in #1 (above) while you are learning about the game. 3. Youtube is your friend. Type "WoWS how to (insert your ship name here)" and you will likely find multiple different videos from various contributors, each with something you might find valuable. 4. Information is your ally. You can find a great deal of information at: The World of Warships Wiki. Take some time and get familiar with the ships you are playing. And learn about the ships you are playing against. Just got your butt handed to you by something you did not expect or see coming? Don't rage about it on the forums, learn about how it happened and how to prevent falling prey to it again. 5. Be Patient. This cannot be overstated. There is a lot to learn, appreciate, and enjoy in this game. Trying to learn and experience it all in a hurry is almost certain to be a frustrating and demoralizing experience. Take your time. Play lots of games in low-tier ships. Don't rush into higher-tier play until you really have a grasp on what your current tier has to teach you. There is no great reward for reaching Tier 10. Sure, the ships are better. But if you rush to get there you will not understand the fundamentals of playing at that tier, and you will be playing against players with many thousands of games under their belt and a deep understanding of how the game works to rely on. Learn all the fundamentals you can before you approach high-tier play. You are much more likely to enjoy this game long term with this approach. If you are a veteran of the game I hope you will understand what I am trying to do here and that I am asking for your help. This is especially true if you have a position of leadership (CC, Youtuber, Super-Unicum, Unicum, Clan Leader, Prolific Forum Poster, etc.) or any other relatively high-profile position or standing. Please consider that the culture in a hierarchy is generally top-down. Those in the spotlight are being watched, and likely emulated, by those that admire them or aspire to become like them. What tone and attitude toward our fellow players, new players in particular, are we demonstrating? Is it the one we want to demonstrate? For most of us the answer will be yes, wherever we fall on the spectrum between helpful and critical. But if you are considering this for the first time, remember that you can decide to present yourself however you want and that the way you present yourself can and will have an impact on others. Please know that I am not calling anyone out. I understand that there are many different personalities and that my view is not the "right" one, or any more important or valid than yours. I also understand that there are times when being blunt is quite appropriate. I am just trying to shine a light on something and sincerely hoping for your thoughts and input, our collectively finding a way to help new players that are interested in learning about the game and becoming a part of the community the goal. How might we offer those interested a way to get help, to learn about the game, and to access some of the accumulated wealth of information locked in your minds in a structured and easy to find way? How might we point new players toward resources and experienced players in order to maximize the chance that they will become a part of our community? For example, one idea I had (not sure it is a good idea, but it is an idea) was to provide an email address for new players to send game files to an experienced player asking for constructive criticism. Thoughts? I realize there are a great many efforts already in place along these lines. In no way am I minimizing their importance or effectiveness. This includes the recent request by WoWS NA here on these forums to create a new-player training regimen, among others. Thanks for reading. I know this is a longer-than normal forum post. Respects, Am
  6. o7, captains! I am excited to announce the launch of my new YouTube channel! Check this thread often (you can choose to follow it if you like), as I'll continue to update it as I publish new content :). For those who don't know me, I am a World of Warships player who has been playing since the Closed Beta Test. I already serve the community as a Wiki Editor and a Supertester, but I feel like I need to do more. Therefore, I have created Zath's Replay Theater. The goal of this channel is to provide feedback for players who want to learn more about the game and improve. I am not looking for "ZOMG TOP DAMAGE NA" kinds of replays. Instead, I want to focus on the "average" player and their games. While not the best player in the world, I can definitely help teach people by providing a second opinion or pointing out things that might not have been considered. I will comment on: - Use of flags/camo/commander skills/consumables - Positioning - Target priority - Map awareness - Ammunition selection - Communication Ultimately, the goal is to educate players and help everyone succeed in the game they enjoy playing. Want me to check out your [current WoWs version] replay? Send the file (or replayswows.com link) to lordzathna@gmail.com and if it is chosen, I will upload it to the channel! It can be any game mode, any class, any ship. My goal is to post 2-3 replays per week, typically on the weekends. There are no fancy edits, no memes, or background music - just straight replay commentary. To enable replays, visit https://na.wargaming.net/support/kb/articles/517 I commented on several replays as a part of the recent STW 1 year anniversary tournament. Feel free to visit Zath's Replay Theater and check them out! Any and all feedback is always welcome as I continue to grow this channel. Anything in particular you would like me to focus on? Let me know! I also have several goodies to hand out from the recent Let's Battle Tour. Stay tuned for announcements and your chance to own something special! It's also extremely exciting that Niko Power is collaborating with me, allowing me to highlight a video each week. The player who sent in that replay gets a prize - 5x of each special economic flag... check it out! Playlists: Because Fun:
  7. Over the last few days, I've begun using premium consumables only if absolutely needed. Like, DC2, for instance. Instead of using it all over the place, and I have plenty, that's not an issue, I'm only using it on BB's. I'll use DF2 in OPS, due to the rudely high volume of cv's and their ebil lil sky hamsters. What this is doing, and hopefully will help others with as well, is causing me to pay MUCH more attention to my ship, my surroundings, my ammo selection, and my speed, because I can't just flippantly pop a consumable whenever I want to. It's making me a much better individual player, and also a much better team player, since I'm paying more attention to what goes on around me. It's also helping with the tunnel vision I get at times, as I'm not zooming in constantly, and it's helping me aim as well without going into zoom as I do when in it. I'll pop into zoom, get the line I want, and then pop out, and just hold that line. I can keep up my fire while still being engaged in the battle at large. It was difficult at first, having been so used to using premiums all over the place, to adjust. However, I feel it was very much worth it. I won't do this in Ranked, under that particular circumstance, time is vitally important, however, the increase in skill and awareness is still there, so I end up not needing, say, the DC2 as much. I encourage anyone feeling like they've hit a skill wall to try this out, I truly feel it will work for anyone, if they're willing to do it. Peace out, fellow captains! o7
  8. Team Play?

    This is suppose to be a team oriented game,.. when the statement could not be further from the truth All I have found is there is green and red which ever colour is wiped out first wins. The game needs a revamping to the point where a person has to pass grades by proving they know what each ships roll is by actually doing it for a set period once they have passed that move on to the next like a training room full of bots and a player has to accomplish missions to advance once they passed all training they can move into Co-Op and play with a live team to beat bots using what they learned in training room. Once they have had so many game's in "Co-Op Battle's" and completed a measured set of Team oriented Goal's they can advance to "Random Battles"... ((( Much Like We Do In Mission's Just Much Much Grander))) Once they enter "Random Battles" they can/have improve their skill's there too,.. and once so many mission's and or game's are done they can then start "Ranked Battle's"... Sort of like you do in "School"... You do not advance to the next grade until you have all your classes passed. By the time they hit ranked they have played every type of ship and know what they can and can not do,.. so they know how to "Best fill their roll on a Team" and know what has to be done. It will never be done but it would certainly obliterate any of this smart/foul mouthed ego hyped chat Because if they fail at that point they know why and what to do next time around. The way it is now someone that has never really played can go pick up a T8 BB (((Which is insane > Like giving the keys of a Alcohol Dragster to a teenager and expect them not to get wrecked and take the ones around them with them))) It would be a graduated system like the "Daily Mission's" but on a larger scale. It could be "The World Of Warship's Battle College" To better understand what I am trying to say watch this. Especially the first part about the DD (Atataki?) we may never see again and why. Definite Revamping as they suggest just a whole lot more involved in player development "The Right Way" Sincerely: NorthBayite In Public Test > a.k.a.> NorthBayite1966 on eu server If it flies it will be huge but I believe the quality and knowledge of player's (Team Mates and Play) will be soooo Much Higer. P.S. I am an old man so if you are going to rip this Idea.... "Please" be gentle
  9. I'am a twitch streamer of almost 1 full year, and recently i got into this game and thought i would share all my horrendous and glorious times as i learn and play through the game you can check out the stream here More about me and my castknown as oSnuggleBunnyo to the gaming community. Been gaming since the young ripe age of nine and was hooked forever, even till now at an even riper age in my 20s. I enjoy a wide array of games from the mmo's to the shooters and stream whenever circumstances allow. If Im streaming and you so happen to play as well, don't be shy, say so in chat and we can play in a match/party together! Goalsmy goals are simple i want to turn a hobby into a career and live a dream of mine. eventually to own a game development company and develop mmos for players who just love and enjoy them as much as i do. My scheduleTuesday - Sunday 5pm to 1 am EST, GMT-5 Games I playAll types but i prefer multiplayer RPG games i enjoy Survivals too, (something about build bases fascinates me) My Background:nerd creds : i have ran a 300+ man guild in tera on the Valley of Titans server known as : Derivation i have ran a 300+ man guild in guildwars2 on The Anvilrock server Known as The Epsilon Order Was very successful in the mmorpg : Cabal online was a sponsored gamer for Dragonnest PVP before NA dragonnest was not allowed at DWC I also have participated in countless closed beta, and alpha tests from my extensive gaming / nerding career I stream at 5Pm- 1am . EST GMT-5 Tuesday - Sundays Themed Nights ! : -Friday: Friday night Fights (Fighting games and Brawlhalla) Survival Game Saturday, and Subscriber Sundays, and new! Warship/Warframe Wednesdays Social medias http://twitch.tv/oSnuggleBunnyo http://facebook.com/oSnuggleBunnyo http://Twitter.com/oSnuggleBunnyo if your interested in joining my community you can do so via the websites and voice services http://derivationgaming.com https://discord.gg/0UH3FF0mlAZmvTG6
  10. This is a series of interviews with some of the players both from the forums and youtube who have either excellent game guides or videos on how to play the game and do it well. If you'd like to know more about how to succeed at World of Warships, check them out! Full playlist below the video link.
  11. Hi All: Do you know someone you think would be great to introduce to our community? Someone who brings good things to the game, helps other players or has wisdom to impart? If so, let me know and I'll try to sit them down "Between Two Warships". Introducing a new series for Motorboating with Mammeries, where we'll have a few games and do interviews with various celebrities and influential players from within the World of Warships Community. We'll get to know them and talk about various aspects of the game, as well as other hopefully interesting tidbits about themselves. In our inaugural episode, we'll be speaking with Quaffer, a World of Warships Alpha Tester and long time community contributor, who has made a number of helpful forum posts on controls, aiming, gameplay, navigation, and many more. His instruction will be very helpful as new players come in to the game during Open Beta, which should happen very soon. Come join us to hear Quaffer's thoughts on the game and check out his posts in the forum.