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Found 3 results

  1. o7, captains! I am excited to announce the launch of my new YouTube channel! Check this thread often (you can choose to follow it if you like), as I'll continue to update it as I publish new content :). For those who don't know me, I am a World of Warships player who has been playing since the Closed Beta Test. I already serve the community as a Wiki Editor and a Supertester, but I feel like I need to do more. Therefore, I have created Zath's Replay Theater. The goal of this channel is to provide feedback for players who want to learn more about the game and improve. I am not looking for "ZOMG TOP DAMAGE NA" kinds of replays. Instead, I want to focus on the "average" player and their games. While not the best player in the world, I can definitely help teach people by providing a second opinion or pointing out things that might not have been considered. I will comment on: - Use of flags/camo/commander skills/consumables - Positioning - Target priority - Map awareness - Ammunition selection - Communication Ultimately, the goal is to educate players and help everyone succeed in the game they enjoy playing. Want me to check out your [current WoWs version] replay? Send the file (or replayswows.com link) to lordzathna@gmail.com and if it is chosen, I will upload it to the channel! It can be any game mode, any class, any ship. My goal is to post 2-3 replays per week, typically on the weekends. There are no fancy edits, no memes, or background music - just straight replay commentary. To enable replays, visit https://na.wargaming.net/support/kb/articles/517 I commented on several replays as a part of the recent STW 1 year anniversary tournament. Feel free to visit Zath's Replay Theater and check them out! Any and all feedback is always welcome as I continue to grow this channel. Anything in particular you would like me to focus on? Let me know! I also have several goodies to hand out from the recent Let's Battle Tour. Stay tuned for announcements and your chance to own something special! It's also extremely exciting that Niko Power is collaborating with me, allowing me to highlight a video each week. The player who sent in that replay gets a prize - 5x of each special economic flag... check it out! Playlists: Because Fun:
  2. ricochets_and_more

    Grow your mind in WoWS?

    #1 Browse the forum, Watch YT tutorial videos, Watch Streams... These are generally-known ways to improve gameplay. Apparently In-battle chat is never the place where you get to discuss you misplay but often serves as the battlefield for complaints. #2 But as for some tailored advice, Watching your own replay surely counts, but without guidance might also lead to further misunderstanding. (It requires somebody to analyse it for you which is hard, nobody owes you that. Or you analyse it yourself if you know how to think which, again, is the issue) However, I learned after the first two stages of space battle, that you should just ask reliable players shortly after they feel upset with you what you've done so wrong. You go to them, open sessions, post you questions, and wait for their answers in patience. #3 Methods in #2 usually won't take long, but are usually tiring. #4 Yep, I'm here asking for better answers.(Don't check my stat this time)
  3. Tempered_Tantrum

    Be IN3PT by choice Join us today!!!

    Hello All I am Temperd_Tantrum and we are the founders of IN3PT. We are a high skill player base clan who has lots of experience in clan battle and of course randoms. Our officer core have achieved typhoon in the last 2 clan battle seasons and got our flags. We have a founding document that governs our clan and we operate on a commander/officer vote to decide on topics, commanders and officers are voted into office and if you are in a higher role you are in service to the Founders document. My position in the clan being the account holder is asking the voting body to conduct themselves as upholders of our founding document, I have no vote or actual power in the decisions that get made in EN3PT I am a intermediary and can be replaced too. If you find yourself in a clan where your words are either not heard or you disagree with many clans command structure and you meet our skill floor requirement please drop into discord and send a message to any of the officers, this clan is a glass house type of management, there will be vary plain language as to any players standings in regard to clan battle roster seats/ kots seats, it is the mission of all officers and commanders to train all members to the level of our lowest desired skill floor. this approach is not intended to create divition inside the clan between players ability, but instead create a system of inter support and learning of all clan members. so here is our skill floor we are looking to fill the roster with: 55% WR recent, dark blue stats +, a minimum of 2 tier 10 ships unless you are willing to be second seed till you get the required ships, 250 battle minimum in tier 10, 52% WR in tier 10, Has a mic and speaks enough English to communicate battle comms. Good attitude and willingness to learn will be prioritized over god tier play and a bad personality. When an app or person expresses interest in clan involvement, a officer will contact the person in question and set up a time to evaluate the player in a random battle or two, Subjects to cover: Player goals and expectations, how competent they are in there preferred ship class. and a small 12 v 6 in practice where officer is shadowing the recruit and sees how they handle being out numbered. if the meeting is a success then applicant will be submitted as a passed app and then proceed to a vote by the commanders and attending player base a successful vote will result in a majority rule. train with talented folks. https://discord.gg/ZVG2BE I wish you all well and Praise be unto the most perfect version of yourself my friend. sincerely- Tempered_Tantrum