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Found 1 result

  1. GSXstage1


    I Have had my share of chat bans in 3 yrs of playing. I've seen alot of bad play, poor decisions and plain stupidity in this game. And yes, I have pulled many boners myself. I do however try to learn from my mistakes and do NOT report people for getting on me about a stupid move I made. I am trying VERY hard not to rage chat anymore but am finding it hard as hell as of late. This weekend and last night were very tedious to say the least. The first example of stupidty was on two Brothers map with only the two caps. I went right with only a few ships and we held the enemy advance while our team pushed the other side. I had killed 2 ships and my mates killed the others so we pushed up to help the other side. Thats when I saw that our teams 4 remaining ships on the left side [1 dd and 3 bb's] were headed to the north edge of the map WAY ABOVE the enemy cap chasing the enemy CV. We begged them to turn back and cap to win. We rushed to the enemy cap because those 4 ships chasing the CV ABOVE the cap had let a dd get by them and he started to cap OUR cap! HIT POINT Hunters will lose games for you all the time. Well, we lost. When we pointed out to the 4 ships the mistake they made, of course we were told to STFU, play your own game etc etc and I was reported of course. Sorry WG, I do believe you should be able to rage at stuff like that without being chat banned but I know that won't happen. Anyway I know others have gone through same type of things in game also. It's not just me but MAN you want to slpap someone to open the mind and eyes of some players.