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Found 1 result

  1. NovaTempest

    So about aiming...

    Just another little thing I wanted to ask about here on the forums, see if anyone knew of anything good to look at or had some advice. Obviously I know (for the most part) how aiming works in ships, I picked up how to lead targets and whatnot, but i've always had a bit of an "Annoying itch" in my aim game... When the target you are aiming at is more than 12 KM away and is traveling in a weird angle from your position. Sometimes I even have trouble landing any shots if they are bow-on or stern-on from 16 km or further out. I say this because I recently obtained the Yamato (first ever tier 10 in ships, and thus i now have at least 1 tier 10 in all three titles). And after the first two battles, which i did 100k+ damage in, I faceplanted on the aim. I will admit this is also half the reason I stalled out on the Iowa, I feel HORRIBLE aiming at super long ranges, because after a certain point the simple "Lead the target" tricks taught to newer players just fall apart. Your target could do a 90 degree turn by the time your shells are halfway there. I would rather do well in such a good ship than make myself seem like an utterly inconsistent dingaling - granted 1/3rd of the time I already am like that. I did setup my Yamato with a stealth build to allow myself to close some distance in this situations, but that has only helped so much. I'd appreciate any resources or advice here, and thanks.