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Found 2 results

  1. This thread is about two specific topics both rolled into one. I had the opportunity to tune into the fight for flagship tournament today and I would like to express my gratitude to a return to nostalgia and a second chance at redemption, which I will explain later. @Femennenly You wanted shout outs so here is mine. First things first, watching the streams today, there was some fun games and good plays. I also learned a lot about positioning and hope to apply it to my own gameplay. The Fight for Flagship tournament could serve several purposes; 1. Improve interest (indirectly) to the Research Bureau as tier 8 ships looked fun to play again. 2. Return to a Supremacy League style format that I used to watch. This was in my opinion the best of all competitive formats. Nostalgic soup! The option to have bans was also a nice touch. 3. Stagnation...by making one of the tournament formats something in other than tier 10...this also helped to be a bit more refreshing...again thank you. As for redemption, I would like to nominate @Quadrilus to be a Community Contributor. Quad assisted in putting together a great tournament and wrote a very length rule guide...which was refreshing and unique to other game modes I have seen. I do believe at one time he was being considered for a CC position but for some reason was not selected. I would strongly ask that you reconsider. He is critical to the community and a value added. In conclusion, give Fight for the Flagship tenure as a return to Supremacy League and give Quad a second chance at becoming a community contributor. Everyone deserves a fair shot at redemption...lets get him into the program!
  2. So today, while playing a battle in Omaha (because I'm trying to elite out the entire USN CL line), I happened to run into the leader of a certain clan who was raging in chat after dying and calling his team useless. This was despite the fact that said clan leader had a <46% WR for > 5k battles and, as an example of his "skill", <29k average damage in Tirpitz in >300 battles. After a bit of back-and-forth in chat (he accused people of using aimbots and bragging about his clan's league, I alternated between trolling him and humoring him), he declared that he was the better player since his clan was in a higher league than mine's (his was Storm, I believe, while mine's is in Gale). This is despite, if you ranked all the players in the clan by WoWs Stats PR, his being in the bottom 5 players of the clan, at <600 PR. Leading a clan does not make you good at the game, nor does it allow you to take credit for the successes of your clanmates, ESPECIALLY when the stats indicate that they succeed IN SPITE of you, not because of you. The glory from those successes belong to the ones that worked for it and earned it, not for those that do nothing and try to take credit for it.