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Found 1 result

  1. Yes its your last chance to get a ARP Kirishima Captain before patch 9.11 hits and there all reduced to zero point skill Captains. I'm selling my stock of Captains to make way for the new skill base so Ill take into consideration any offer, HURRY HURRY time is running out for a chance of a life time to get yourself a brand new never used before ARP Kirishima Captain, have plenty on offer. Yes I have so many ARP Kirishima Captains I just don't have enough ships for them to sail on so they must go in this once in a lifetime FIRE SALE before the end, offer me a price and my accountants will look over your offer, best offer wins these great buys. Lets have look at some of these great buys now. Here is the view of two of our Captains one is 10 point Captain the other is a 6 point one, and as a added bonus I will even throw in there alter egos Eiji Hashimoto ( 10 points ) Isamu Akiyama ( 6 points ) Don't like her alter egos and you prefer the chick with the yellow tie then just hit that additional content button and those stuffy old IJN Captains are gone. Masao Seto ( 6 points ) Royo Takahashi ( 10 Points ) Two more great Captains just waiting to sail your ships, NO not what you want well then look no further how about an BEAR to command your ships into battle, yes just with the click of a button you can have HIM Yes your very own Bear to sail the high seas in your best ships. Yes I must sell them all, due to the current downturn in the economy and the need to refinance and new Captain skills combined with a glut of ARP Kirishima Captains siting around the Officers Club doing sweet F all. So I'm giving a chance for members of the WOWS community the opportunity of a life time to grab any of these Great Captains and there alter egos. All offers must sent in writing and received two days before the new patch hits, the lucky buyers will notified the day before patch goes live and all winning bids are final. Don't miss out once there gone there gone, until WG does another dozen events and I have stockpile of ARP Kirishima Captains again.