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Found 1 result

  1. The_Potato_Smasher

    Proposal: German Tech Tree Battlecruisers

    World of Warships Proposal Researchable Tech Tree Imperial German Navy / Kriegsmarine Large Cruisers/Battlecruisers By Shrayes_Bhagavatula Tech Tree Layout German Battleship Tech Tree Split after Tier V Konig, into a Battlecruiser line and a Battleship line. German Battleship line VI Bayern (Baden-Class) VII Gneisenau (Scharnhorst class with 380mm refit) VIII Bismarck ( Bismarck-class ) IX Friedrich der Grosse ( H-39 ) X Grosser Kurfurst (H-42) German Battlecruiser line VI Mackensen ( Mackensen-class) VII Scharnhorst (Scharnhorst-class, without 380mm refit) VIII Freya ( Odin-class ( preliminary design to Scharnhorst-class )) IX Admiral Scheer ( O-Class Battlecruiser ) X Kiel / Wolfram ( Fictional design, combines elements of O-Class BC with Friedrich Der Grosse Class ) + X Moltke ( Premium BB based on Kurfurst) The German Battlecruisers were designed to provide a counter to the American, Japanese, and Russian large cruisers. They combine powerful, fast firing and hard hitting armaments with excellent armor and high speed, while adding a useful AA defense and great versatility on top of that. As the cherry on the cake, their concealment is on par with or exceeds their Russian and American counterparts, though behind their Japanese counterparts. They have a lower number of guns compared to their counterparts, but they make up for it by having the ability to overmatch armor up to 27mm thick, as well as having a longer firing range and greater accuracy, as well as having turret traverse speeds that are quicker than their counterparts. Also, unlike their American and Russian counterparts, they wield a set of back-up weapons in the form of long range secondaries and knife-fighting torpedo armament. Unfortunately, they are also extremely large targets, very clumsy while turning, and are prone to taking citadel hits when showing full broadside. Thankfully, they have rather small citadel spaces, and the turtleback armor allows them to take a few hits for mere penetration damage. The tech tree starts with the Tier 6 Mackensen, of the Mackensen class ( originally represented by the Prinz Eitel Friedrich ), progresses through the now researchable Scharnhorst ( with some changes ), to the tier VIII Freya, where the line gets access to Hydro and DFAA ( choose one or the other, though ). The line gets access to the short-range, long-duration radar and boosted repair party at the Tier IX Admiral Scheer, and finally, the Kiel, the crown jewel of the line. Kiel has a unique set of traits that set it apart from the rest of the competition at Tier 10. She has the immense striking power of the Friedrich der Grosse’s 406mm main guns, the torpedoes of Z-46, and the massive survivability of Grosser Kurfurst-equivalent bullshittery, with judicious use of her unique repair party, while being more versatile than Hindenburg thanks to her unique Radar consumable. While she lack’s Stalingrad’s consistency, and doesnt have quite the torpedo power of the Yoshino, nor the monstrous alpha strike of the Puerto Rico, she strikes a good balance among all these traits, being capable of assaulting battleships, harrassing destroyers, nuking cruisers, and being a serious detriment to carriers. While she does have her flaws, such as a large detection radius, large turning circle, and only 6 guns, these are largely migitated by her high speed, excellent manuverability, and on point accuracy that would make Zao turn red in the cheeks. Line characteristics Lower amount of HP compared to Battleship counterparts Turtleback is fairly strong throughout the line. Small number of fast firing, low caliber guns with greater accuracy than Battleship counterparts Gains access to torpedoes at Tier VII Gains access to German Hydroacoustic Search past Tier VIII Gains access to German Surveillance Radar past Tier IX German Surveillance Radar has a shorter range than its American Counterparts ( 8.5km vs 10km), but has a longer duration ( 55 seconds ) that can be extended by using the “Surveillance Radar Modification 1” Special Upgrade Tier IX Admiral Scheer and Tier X Kiel gets a special repair party that repairs 77% of Penetration Damage and 33% of Citadel damage, as well as all DoT Hydroacoustic Search can be swapped with a special version of the Defensive Anti-Aircraft Fire Consumable, that increases the AA damage by x4 for 30 seconds Fairly powerful mid-range AA ring, and powerful long range past Tier VIII, but a mediocre short range AA ring High speed and fast rudder shift times only handicapped by a long turning circle over 900m past Tier IX Will take extra damage ( +7.5% ) from deepwater torpedoes ( and 10% from Asashio DWT ) (Note, all numbers are for top configurations with no modules or commander skills) Tier VI: Mackensen Tier VII: Scharnhorst Tier VIII: Freya Tier IX: Admiral Scheer Tier X: Kiel Tier X: Wolfram (Premium, 240,000 Coal) For these ships, we would recommend going with a survivability setup, to maximize the longetivity of these battlecruisers,especially given the massive HP pools they possess. Recommended build Main Armaments Modification 1 Damage Control System Modification 1 Aiming Systems Modification 1 Damage Control System Modification 2 Concealment Systems Modification 1 (Above Tier VIII) Main Battery Modification 3 (Above Tier IX) Commander Build 1.Preventative Maintenance 2.Adrenaline Rush 3.Superintendent 4.Concealment Expert 5. Priority Target 6.High Alert 7.Basics of Survivability 8.Vigilance Flags India Delta November Foxtrot November Echo Setteseven India Yankee Juliet Yankee Bissotwo Economic Flags recommended, but not advised for all the time Tier X: Moltke ( Premium BB, 63,500 Research Points ) Moltke is another proposal. It is essentially a Grosser Kurfurst with 458mm guns and an altered secondary and AA layout, along with boosted HP, armor, and torpedo protection. The key selling point is the 458mm gun’s ability to overmatch 32mm of armor regardless of angling, making it the fourth battleship with 32mm overmatch capability, after Yamato, Musashi, and Yashima ( maybe not this one ) As an ending note, I would like to extend thanks to LittleWhiteMouse for inspiring me to write this, as well as Flambass, Flamu, Jingles, Yuro, and all the others that keep posting their content ( don’t worry Denarmo, I did’nt forget you), for keeping my spirits up in these dark times of Russian bias, the PR fiasco, and many other things that threatened the integrity of the game. You guys genuinely helped a bunch with that, and even made me a better player at the same time ( a lot of the tactics that I make use of are adopted from Flambass and Flamu’s tactics and techniques (And Yuro and Jingles give me a good laugh as well)) Welp, that’s all I got for today. P.S, if anyone seeing this knows how to make 3D renders, could you send some, I will gladly repost this with the images, and place mentions down at the bottom, giving you credit for them. And that’s a wrap Shrayes_Bhagavatula