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Found 4 results

  1. If you run a smaller clan and are having trouble keeping a clan battle team in place or just getting people to show for clan battles 4 nights a week consider merging with DENY. We have 1 dedicated team that plays 2 days a week and we are able to play another team some of the time. We have participated in all 8 seasons of Clan Battles and have made Typhoon 3 times. Recently we had some people decide they were done with WOWS due to power creep, CVs, etc... so we are looking to merge with a smaller clan to keep things moving forward. PM me here if interested or tag me on our discord. https://discord.gg/jkD4MXD
  2. About Us Zero Fleet is an upcoming Competitive Clan with experienced players from Hurricane and Typhoon level clans as well as experienced in tournaments such as KoTS. We are an enclosed laid back community. Our aim is to become a community of like minded players who can explore our competitive interests together while being able to consistently place within high Typhoon+ rating placements in Clan Battles. What We Offer A Group of experienced and friendly-outgoing players. High level Clan Battles experience. A well established community of like minded players. Tournament participation such as King of The Seas. Easy going environment for more social players. Requirements There is a basic guideline set out for the clan which is the following: 1550+ Personal Rating. At least a 55% Win Rate. At least 3 or more competitive Tier 10 Ships. Minimum 1000 battles played. Prior competitive experience. Discord is mandatory. *Requirements can be negotiable depending on a wide range of factors, however it is still preferred to be closer to meeting majority of requirements. If wishing to apply, please fill out our Recruitment Form: https://forms.gle/LbiANSdytq1QW1eX7. Application process will continue from there.
  3. Clan: Z3TA Battalion Discord: https://discord.gg/95w9jdA Play times: NA nights/late nights/weekends Contact: Galactica_BSG75 on WOWS or discord WOWS chat Do you want to take the next step and get more serious on WOWS; or are you a veteran looking for a relaxed group to grow with? Do you want to join clan battles soon, enjoy some clan perks, but don’t want to be worried about your stats constantly? Then we’re a perfect fit for you. We are recruiting! We grew from MechWarrior Online and have branched into WOWS. We are focused on improving our individual game-play/group cohesion. We want to learn and get better and are always open to advice/constructive criticism. A few musts: Team Player Active on Discord when grouped Working towards clan battles (must have a tier 8 ship working toward tier 10)
  4. [ALPHA] is a clan of casual players on the North America server who also do competitive game play. We are a laid back clan who will not throw a fit and ban half its players because someones coffee was too hot. If you are interested we have a few small rules just to keep everything going smoothly: 1: Notify a commander if you will be gone for more than 16 days 2: Get along with you're clanmates 3: Have fun 4: Have discord(even if you don't have a mic, you can at least hear the strategery) 5: Troll and shiptoast to you hearts content(we don't care if your feelings get hurt, but if legitimate death threats and doxxing occur we will step in and there will be consequences) SO COME ONE COME ALL JOIN THE [ALPHA]SQUAD. If your tired of being denied access to upper level game play just because some clan threw you out because you didn't have a 75% super unicum win-rate I can kill a Montana with a Erie level of skill come give us a try. If you are interested message me: IvanTheRussianFryingPan or any other deputy commander in our clan. We will give you the discord link after recruitment so the discord doesn't become clogged unneededly. CYKA BLYAT RASH B - Ivan [ALPHA] Commander: DanHim13 [ALPHA] Deputy Commanders: IvanTheRussianFryingPan MadMaxx7144 What34Rebel wildwild DemonLordGalm1 Cogatanu7 Ghost_ITM and a few others who are on off and on