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Found 3 results

  1. Deny is looking to fill our roster!. We have been able to make Typhoon on a consistent basis in Clan Battles and always have enough players for at least one team and sometimes two. We do different events when we can and always have a good time except when Dave picks the music. We have a great core group and want to add you so that we can have someone new to traumatize. JK LUL We are currently thinking about doing our 2nd KOTS so if that is something you are interested in please holla at us. If you're friendly, funny, laid back, play often, and know how to play as a team send me a message on the forums or in game or for best results just join our Discord and tag @Aggressive_Behavior . No applications or forms to fill out, just come play with us in discord. Bonuses to joining include: -Talking about strategy for hours (After action reports are fun!) -Friends and/or acquaintances -A cool looking clan logo with two torpedoes in it. Double that of single torpedo logos. -The chance to be a clan Battle shot-caller. I hate doing it, you'll learn to hate it too. -You'll know someone named Dave -lighthearted announcements in the in-game clan chat that no one reads -We have our very own Penguin and Squirrel! -Sync Drop Nightmares -Discussions on which community contributors are awesome and which are amazingly horrific -You're still reading this? -Very serious recruiting ads -Less serious recruiting ads -Our most laid back Clan mate is named Fear so there is that. Some sample interview questions to help prospective captains study up and get in good with the leadership. 1) How long have you been obsessed with tacos? 2) is your best friend real or imaginary. 3) Do you keep an emergency taco in your pocket your car your backpack or all three? 4) How many days a week do you play world of warships and are you properly dressed for those occasions? 5) If you are marooned on a desert island what kind of tacos would you bring and why? 6) When you are up against two ships do you: A) crawl into a corner and cry for your mom? B) shoot one ram the other? C) give up and go eat tacos? Discord Server Link to come hang out https://discord.gg/z4uRHKy Oh almost forgot! We are in early discussions about a Vegas trip this fall for in-person Shenanigans!
  2. Galactica_BSG75

    Z3TA Battalion is recruiting!

    Clan: Z3TA Battalion Discord: https://discord.gg/95w9jdA Play times: NA nights/late nights/weekends Contact: Galactica_BSG75 on WOWS or discord WOWS chat Do you want to take the next step and get more serious on WOWS; or are you a veteran looking for a relaxed group to grow with? Do you want to join clan battles soon, enjoy some clan perks, but don’t want to be worried about your stats constantly? Then we’re a perfect fit for you. We are recruiting! We grew from MechWarrior Online and have branched into WOWS. We are focused on improving our individual game-play/group cohesion. We want to learn and get better and are always open to advice/constructive criticism. A few musts: Team Player Active on Discord when grouped Working towards clan battles (must have a tier 8 ship working toward tier 10)
  3. [ALPHA] is a clan of casual players on the North America server who also do competitive game play. We are a laid back clan who will not throw a fit and ban half its players because someones coffee was too hot. If you are interested we have a few small rules just to keep everything going smoothly: 1: Notify a commander if you will be gone for more than 16 days 2: Get along with you're clanmates 3: Have fun 4: Have discord(even if you don't have a mic, you can at least hear the strategery) 5: Troll and shiptoast to you hearts content(we don't care if your feelings get hurt, but if legitimate death threats and doxxing occur we will step in and there will be consequences) SO COME ONE COME ALL JOIN THE [ALPHA]SQUAD. If your tired of being denied access to upper level game play just because some clan threw you out because you didn't have a 75% super unicum win-rate I can kill a Montana with a Erie level of skill come give us a try. If you are interested message me: IvanTheRussianFryingPan or any other deputy commander in our clan. We will give you the discord link after recruitment so the discord doesn't become clogged unneededly. CYKA BLYAT RASH B - Ivan [ALPHA] Commander: DanHim13 [ALPHA] Deputy Commanders: IvanTheRussianFryingPan MadMaxx7144 What34Rebel wildwild DemonLordGalm1 Cogatanu7 Ghost_ITM and a few others who are on off and on