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Found 13 results

  1. I'm sharing a website that "seems" that checks the connection status from your site to World of Warships. Check your Ping to World of Warships Ping Test I hope that Technical Support validate this website, because I found it very useful. From now on, I will check the status before play and will not break my head thinking what is going wrong. I bet that the internet connection will vary from country to country, city to city... as I wrote "seems" that check your local connection to the remote server of WOW. I would like to suggest to WOW that give the chance to select different servers, as other on line games does. So, you can see that which server is overloaded and which is not. Just a tought... I have no idea if the game select always the same server or looks for better alternatives.
  2. Dear Technical Support... Is there any simple way to run a batch or any other .exe from WoW to check if there is a problem between the client and the server... or if there is a problem between the client and the local Internet Provider... Thank you! PS: Guessing where the problem is, it is really painfull and frustrating. I know that there are tools from WoW to check Firewall, Game Integrity... But a simple .exe to check the connection with the game server will be so much usefull... Hope that some Technician takes this and make it so.
  3. MaddogGT

    Server Locations

    Im trying to reduce in-game latency to best possible. i currently get 35ping stable which is great, but I have to route direct to a west coast location. Im assuming that World of Warships still has two NA servers, one east and one west, while World of tanks now has just one central server. What is the actual physical location cities of the World of Warships servers? Trying to get my ISP configured for the best possible route to reduce ping/latency as sometimes it went up to over 100ms ping. Should be much better on a Fibe connection. I am aware physical distance effects ping as well, but a shorter hop rather than a 30 location hop would be better . If we knew the actual server cities, may help in a routable fix to lower lag. Thank you.
  4. Alright so I was not going to post about this but with the recent release of Jingles as a commander, I wanted to get him, right? So, a bit of history. I was running wow on a macbook pro 2017 on bootcamp windows, but I couldn't play because the game kept having these odd connection lag spikes and then it would kick me out of the match back to the main menu to log in again. I stopped playing, but now I got a new computer. It's a Razer Blade 2016 with the 1060, and I was excited to redownload wow to play again but somehow I am still getting the same lag spikes and the game continues to kick me out to the main menu! This is obviously not the computer hardware, does anyone know a fix? Thanks
  5. ARTICULO PUBLICADO EN www.profesionalreview.com https://www.profesionalreview.com/2017/10/07/trucos-bajar-ping/ Jugar en línea, ya sea solo contra desconocidos o con los amigos, sin duda es la mejor y más divertida parte de los juegos en la actualidad. Pero por desgracia, esa experiencia de diversión puede ser arruinada debido a problemas con la calidad de la conexión de internet. El ping no es más que una medida para saber cuánto tiempo demora un paquete de datos en ser enviado a un servidor, recibido en dicho servidor y otra vez descargado en el ordenador. Por lo tanto, es la distancia medida en tiempo. Por ejemplo, un ping de 40 milisegundos significa que cada comando que se envía al servidor del juego online (caminar, disparar, saltar) tarda 40 milisegundos para ejecutarse y mostrarse en la pantalla de tu ordenador. Obviamente, tener una latencia por debajo de los 100 milisegundos es lo ideal, siendo que en promedio los jugadores tienen entre 200 y 300 milisegundos, dependiendo del tipo de juego. Las latencias mayores a 500 milisegundos, especialmente en los juegos de disparos en línea (FPS), hacen que el juego sea imposible de ser ejecutado. Mucha gente asume que una conexión a internet rápida y receptiva depende únicamente de una buena velocidad de descarga y carga, pero hay más que eso. También está el ping, que es esencialmente un tiempo de reacción. Si tienes un ping de 98 ms (milisegundos), ese es el tiempo que le ha tomado a tu ordenador responder a una solicitud de otro ordenador. Desde hace unos meses, presté especial atención a la precisión de los disparos. Debido a eso, eché un vistazo más de cerca a la respuesta de tiempo de FPS y PING. ¡Y voilá! ¡Parece que me enteré de la respuesta! Mi PING es de unos 220 milisegundos. Significa que, desde el momento que disparé al objetivo hasta que cae mi disparo, la demora es de unos 220 milisegundos. En otras palabras ... le disparé a un fantasma. El objetivo se movió 220 milisegundos antes de que disparara. Por lo tanto, mi disparo va a "un fantasma" que estaba allí. ¿Podría ser la razón de la falta de precisión de tiro? ¿O simplemente me pasa a mí? Estoy jugando desde Argentina. Mi retraso en PING para otros juegos de Steam es inferior a 220 ms, pero no ocurre con World of Warships. Escuché que es por eso que es tan difícil ganar una batalla contra otros jugadores con menor retraso en el PING. ¿Es verdad? ¿Cuánto tiempo dura tu PING o FPS en el juego? ¿De donde eres? ¿NOSOTROS? ¿Brasil? Argentina? ¿Otro? Solo para tener una idea real de lo que está pasando ... ¡Gracias!
  6. 6a6a6a

    Lag spikes

    I recently got a new computer. I installed wows on it and now I am having severe lag spikes which are making the game unplayable. My computer isn't reaching max cpu gpu or memory so i don't know what could be the problem. Anyone got some tips?
  7. I really do like the new CV play, I really do. But as a long time player of World of Warships (over 3 years) with thousands of real $$$ invested, I am for the first time thinking of quitting. I only have available to me satellite internet which comes with lag, about 350 ms of lag. The game was barely playable for me in the beginning, but somehow WG tweaked the game to be playable, and it has been great for me for years. Now we have the new CV rework which I really like, BUT it has not been programmed for those of us using satellite internet. My problem is that I can't play CVs because when I drop bombs or shoot rockets the ordnance will land about 1-2 seconds beyond where the green target reticle was when I fired off the ordnance. The worse part is that is does not do it all the time maybe 55% of the time. So when I go to use "Kentucky windage" I end up having my ordnance falling short of the target. I have put in tickets for this to be address, but all I get in response it that it is because of lag....get faster internet or go pound sand. I submit replays to WG to illustrate my problem, but alas the replays don't have the green reticles in them.....what the hell? I would love to play CVs as I am getting tired of playing against them and getting owned by them. Playing destroyers in a match where there is a 80% possibility of having an opposing CV or two is not fun at all. You get attacked, and there is not defense unless you have smoke ready, and at higher tiers you will get radar'd in addition. Even if the CV misses you or does little damage to your fragile DD, just the fact that you are spotted will get you focused fired upon and sent packing early to your port. Most of my DDs are at T8, and playing against the likes of a Midway is just dumb game mechanics....way to go WG. You hardly see that many DDs in the game due to the CVs. Even my Alaska with a full AA spec struggles to survive air attacks by a Midway or Hakuryu. The current game play with CVs currently suck, and it lost a lot of its "fun factor". IF WG DOESN'T TWEAK OR FIX THIS CURRENT CV META, THERE WILL BE A LOT OF PLAYERS LEAVING. If this new CV meta continues as it, it will put off a lot of players whom just want to blow stuff up with big naval guns. CVs will kill this game just like in real history when naval aviation rendered large gunned capital ships extinct. This is World of Warships, NOT World of Airplanes.
  8. Starting on April 8th I have run into hesitation when flying the planes. The screen and planes stop for 1 to 20 seconds then jump forward to real time. This only started to occur and only when I play CVs. I am not running any mods. It happens with UK and USA CVs tier 4 tier 6 and tier 8 it just started as I have played just fine up till now.
  9. For all those running Window 10, particularly those that go and search for updates, this is could be important. A recent patch, KB4482887, severely degrades graphics and mouse performance on certain games. While the article that I read (found here) ONLY mentions Destiny 2, if you are having issues pertaining to the former, check to see if you have KB4482887 installed and remove it. This effects both NVIDIA and AMD GPUs. If you don't know how to check if you have this patch, go to Start > Settings > Updates & Security and then click View Update History. If you have it, you should be able to uninstall it by clicking on the link at the top of that window labeled Uninstall Updates. I hope this helps any of those having issues.
  10. bootysoup

    UI lag is unbearable

    I know their has been heavy focus on the CV rework and rightfully so. But the patches have introduced incredible UI lag and the occasional crash. Training room is laggy as baggones.
  11. Quite simply, whenever I play high tier matches, the moment the anti aircraft on other ships starts blasting, all the little particles really slow my already slow 21 FPS. Yes I use a mac, it's not the best, but the update increased my crashing to every game I join. Is there anyway to tone down these effects?
  12. Hi, This is my first time I have this weird lag. Even I have turned off vertical synchronization and tripple buffering. So, I felt guilty to my team as I was being a trash running around without supporting allies. But, I was still able to chat and I didn't know if other player saw my chat. Help me pls Sry bad english, not from NA or EU Thanks.
  13. Hiho, I live in Brazil and my average ping is a very playable 100ms. Since this friday, every other battle my ping sometimes jump all the way to 1000ms, making it completely unplayable. It also disconnects a lot. I have a network monitoring tool always running, so I know my internet connection is fine. Also, I play other games and did not have any issues. Anyone else having problems like that?