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Found 4 results

  1. Dear Wargaming, I would like to ask for more transparency on your future plans for the CV rework and future premium changes like Guilio Cesare. This information can be vague, but please define the goals at the very least. What is the goal for the CV rework? What is the goal and criteria for balancing ships like Guilio Cesare? What happened to Arcs or Qurterly updates? It would be nice to see a Waterline episode on Guilo Cesare and future CV rework plans is all I am asking for. So please make it happen and you all agree with me simply say aye. regards, Landedkiller
  2. This was one of those games. I started out getting into a slugfest with a Tirpitz, Normandie, and Myoko alongside one of our PEFs and a couple DDs, which is where I lost most of my health. One by one, we all either retired from the fight or died until it was just me and the Myoko. Once I'd gunned him down, I saw we were outnumbered 3 to 5 and that their surviving ships were advancing on the cap, so I went to help stop them. I obliterated the unsuspecting Cossack and helped our BBs whittle down the Arizona's health, all the while waiting for an Aoba that was hiding behind some islands to come out. When he did, I paddled his broadside with AP before finishing off the Arizona and getting my first Double Strike in years. By that point, the other BB was dead, so it was just us versus their last ship, the Hipper, which I got with torpedoes for the Kraken. I gotta say, after being so frustrated by the Kidd and being unable to get 5 stars on Narai, this is a welcome change of pace.
  3. Now to show what I had started advertising with my previous thread on Monday. On Saturday night, we had 3 out of 4 straight games in Cherry Blossom where we encountered this version of the scenario. The first time we were still figuring out what the heck was going on, and didn't win that time. The second time, we ended up down to two ships at the end, finishing with four stars. The third game, we managed to pull off a five star win with no ships lost, and that is what I am here to show you. There will be one upload each day, starting with this one I uploaded yesterday evening of myself in the Charles Martel. There will one this evening as well if you want to go watch it before I add it here. Now on with the show. Now a couple screenshots to show my damage to the Zaos. Will this get Cherry Blossom nerfed? I don't really think so because this is not a normal game, and WoWs staff may be wanting to see these replays. We have run 5 ship divisions before and I had no desire to add them to my channel, as that is simply showing off and grounds for getting nerfed but this is a special case. @Radar_X @KamiSamurai @turbo07 @Gneisenau013 or someone else in the staff, let me know if I should be sending the original replay files to support or somewhere else to be looked at.
  4. Sovereigndawg

    This is what the Kutuzov is all about

    Kutuzov + Cherry Blossom + all of the credit signals + White Anniversary camo =