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Found 5 results

  1. Magnamuz

    Armor vs Torpedo Protection?

    I've been analyzing armor thickness to choose a durable punching bag of a boat, and I came across this for Torpedo Protection (TP) in tier 10 battleships: Republique: 37% TP with 32mm armor EVERYWHERE. Grober Kurfurst: 25% TP with 380mm to the sides, plus 150mm and 60mm towards the extremities, and 38mm below. WTH??? I've seen countless videos analyzing armor and curvature of shells and torpedoes but no, 37% with no armor, how is this calculated? Is there something I'm not taking into account that could explain this numbers?
  2. HeavenlyWind_

    Nerf the Kremlin

    Just had a game in my Yoshino where I unloaded roughly 50x HE shells on a Kremlin and not once did I set it on fire. For at least 35x of those shots, the Kremlin was borderline broadside. I've also had past issues when trying to damage it. You fire at it broadside and for some screwed up reason, you still ricochet with 0 dmg. In that same game, I also fired HE on a bow-tanking Kurfürst and set it ablaze maybe 5 shells in. Yeah.
  3. Hey all, I wanted to ask y'all how I watch my post-battle replays. I just had a pretty exciting game in my Großer Kurfurst and I wanted to save, watch, and possibly share it. Any assistance on this would be very helpful because there isn't much that I could find in the way of currently posted YouTube videos relating to the current or close-to current game clients.
  4. O encouraçado Großer Kurfürst, assim como o Friedrich der Große, deveriam ter torpedos, assim como o Gneisenau e o Tirpitz, pois no Z Plan, a classe H, como o H39, H41, H42, H43, H44 tinham torpedos, de 533mm. Nada mais justo do que os grandes BB alemães hi tier terem, já que ambos são baseados na classe H.
  5. Ranked Game (level 12) My Harugumo squared off in Mtn Range vs 3 Bow on BBs on B side of C cap. Damage Score Harugumo 256,219 3 batleships = 13,671 187k gun damge Don't try to go bow on Vs harugumo in BB, you will lose.