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Found 5 results

  1. World of Warships Ship Opinions Groꞵer Kurfurst I’m the Juggernaut, [edited]! Juggernaut, indeed. The Groꞵer Kurfurst is the original unstoppable wrecking ball battleship. Packing a titanic HP pool, incredible armor, and enough firepower for a battleship and a pair of light cruisers. It truly exemplifies the mantra “Too big to stop rolling”. These days, the Kurfurst has lost much of it’s credit, due to the meta favoring long range combat with High explosive, instead of a jousting match at close range with AP shells, and thus, is labelled by bellyaching players as a useless HP pinata. Despite the fact that I am indeed a former Kurfurst player, I’ll try my best and be unbiased in this review. Let’s see then, is the German Juggernaut still as good as it has always been, or has it lost its edge lately? Armor : Turtleback [edited] Like with the Montana, the Armor is the most vital part of any good battleship. The HP pool of 105,800 points is protected by over 700mm of armor plating, starting with the 380mm main belt, 200mm upper and lower belts, 50mm of citadel plating, and 120mm of Turtleback that makes German battleships,like I said with the Gneisenau, incredibly difficult to do citadel damage to. While the Kurfurst does eat massive amounts of penetration damage, it is impossible to delete this thing with one salvo of shells from any battleship. Even if a Lyon lands ALL 16 of its 340mm shells for full penetrations, it will deal around 50-60k at most, while most other battleships would get deleted or take 90-95k. And of that 50-60k, the Kurfurst can heal 25-30k of that over two heals or so. No other battleship has better durability than this ship, and while the Kremlin has more HP, it will eat citadel hits for days if it shows broadside, even to the likes of Zao and Henri, thanks to the fantastic penetration of both ship’s AP shells. Other little foibles on the Juggernaut include a heavily sloped citadel, 50mm deck armor, and almost no 32mm plating on the nose of the ship. Seriously, the entire nose is comprised of a sloped 60mm plate, which makes bow-overmatch shots from the Yamato impossible.The Kremlin also has this, but the whole upper part of the bow is 32mm, which means Yama can overmatch it, leading to penetrations or potential citadel hits. It’s only weakness here comes in the form of torpedoes, but the Kurfurst does have a tool up its sleeve to counteract that threat. Like I said, you aint killing this thing easy. Armaments: I did say table for three, right? And that last part comes if you manage to survive long enough to deliver a payload of shells or torpedoes to hurt it. The German Sledgehammer comes with 12, 406mm/52 caliber L/52 SK C/38 primary armament rifles standard, which can be upgraded to 420mm/48 caliber L/48 SK C/42 rifles. The turret traverse of 39 seconds is quick, but the guns themselves will surprise you. The 406mm guns have a reload of 29 seconds, though they deal less damage than the Montana 406s. The 420mm guns have a 3 second longer reload (for some inexplicable reason), but have some of the heaviest BB shells in the game, at around 1220 kg, and some of the best penetration for 16.5 inch guns, with 883mm of initial penetration, though that is lower than the Republique, Kremlin, or any of the 17/18 inch armed BBs. Regardless, despite the fact that this thing has some pretty wonky dispersion ( typical German BB aim ), if this thing lands a clean shot on you, you ain’t escaping. The guns also have a stupid quick shell speed that barely drops, even at range, making for easier shots and better lead times than your average BB. And let’s not forget secondaries either. On each side, this thing packs 5 dual 128mm L/61 SK C/42 turrets and 2 dual 150mm L/61 SK C/38 turrets, for a total of 14 secondary turrets. Fully specced, they throw out over 5 tons of HE-Laden metal per minute out to a maximum range of 11.6 kilometers with lethal accuracy. While the American secondaries found on Ohio boast better accuracy, the Kurfurst trades the use of a 14 point captain for ¼ HE penetration capacity that allows it to chew through cruisers like its no big deal, with IFHE, they will chew up all ships ( except the Russians and Germans ), with 41mm penetration on the 128s. Ohio, meanwhile, just works by setting fires, not arguably the best choice when most Kurfursts run BoS and high alert instead of IFHE and something else. The price for this is a heavily specialized captain, such as the 17 point one I use. Still, MFC is better because you can easily smash DDs and cruisers with ease at even longer ranges than the Americans. Only other weakness here are the terrible firing arcs on her main guns, but that’s nothing new for balanced-layout battleships. AA: Dakka, I guess AA wise, not much here. The Kurfurst has a monster Long and Mid-range AA ring, with 201 and 359 DPS, respectively, but a pretty poor short range. Regardless, most carriers will prefer to avoid the Kurfurst when possible, as they will get their squadrons shredded pretty quickly. All other Battleships (save Yamato) boast better AA defenses, but none have the spread out AA mount layout that prevents the AA from being dismembered so quickly by a Thunderer in the early stages of the battle. Still, AA is AA, I guess. Handling: Muscle Car, indeed In terms of turning, she’s clumsy as heck. Yeah, she does 30 knots, which is pretty impressive for an 85,000 ton or so battleship, but she turns like a brick. Her 17 second rudder shift is hampered by a 1,050 meter turning circle that can over-expose her at the worst of times. Only the Kremlin has a longer turning circle, and even she has a faster rudder than this thing. Everyone else has a better turning circle, or is faster than it in a straight line.Still, it’s hilarious when a DD thinks they’re safe in their smoke and all of a sudden they get run down by this thing. Concealment: Insert overused "Yo Mama so Fat" joke But that last thing may be difficult. It’s also hard to hide this thing, with a base surface detection radius of 18.1 kilometers, the best it can reach is 14.3 kilometers, same as Republique and Yamato. Kremlin and Montana beat it by a kilometer or so, and the Conqueror by around two or three (then again, it’s the Conqueror, what did you expect). The aerial detection is also horrid, but it’s somewhat forgivable, because CVs prefer to ignore you anyways, unless it’s Hakuryu. Even if you fully specialize, people are NOT going to ignore a chance to farm some damage off of you. The best way to hide in this thing is behind your waifu or in a smokescreen. Remember,though, Smokescreens are torpedo magnets, so maybe not a smokescreen Consumable-wise, mostly bog-standard, with the exception of the 6km German Hydroacoustic Search consumable, which is what makes that torpedo threat largely nonexistent for the duration of it’s uptime. Build: How to customise your sausage. Build-wise ( new thing i’m adding ), I went with a hybrid secondary specification Captain Preventative Maintenance ( 1 point ) Adrenaline Rush ( 2 points ) Basic Firing Training ( 3 points ) Advanced Firing Training ( 4 points ) Manual Fire Control for Secondary Armament ( 4 points ) Basics of Survivability ( 3 points ) Jack of All Trades ( 2 points ) Modules Slot 1: Auxiliary Armaments Modification 1 Slot 2: Damage Control Modification 1 Slot 3: Secondary Battery Modification 2 Slot 4: Damage Control System Modification 2 Slot 5: Concealment Systems Modification 1 Slot 6: Main Battery Modification 3 I chose this build to maximize close-range endurance and firepower, forgoing IFHE and Priority Target to go with Basics of Survivability and Jack of all trades to minimize Damage over Time. Conclusion To conclude on this review, I guess it’s safe to say that the Kurfurst is indeed losing the edge it once had. The German Battleship Dispersion Buff in 0.8.11 certainly helped it a little, but it still struggles in the current meta. Regardless, it is certainly not a dumb ship to play, it requires time and skill to master, but the rewards are well worth it when you trample your enemies and leave Wargaming pondering whether or not they should have given more to the Ohio, such as buffed side armor. Because at the end of the day, the Kurfust hurts more, hits harder, faster, and doesn’t need any special gimmick ( Large cruiser dispersion ) to make it special. It’s all guts, glory, no pain-no gain mentality and brute force firepower. You have a Smolensk? That’s cute. Russia can run, sure, but can it stop an 85,000 tonne steel avalanche of guns and steel? I don’t think so ))))))) ( Eh, maybe a Stalingrad can- NO, NO STALINGRAD REVIEW YOU UTTER [edited]) (Maybe the Grand old lady, though, that sounds fun)
  2. World of Warships Ship Opinions: Friedrich der Grosse Big Nasty Battleship to boot As far as battleships go, there are three types. The first type tends towards the battlecruiser type, the ships that tend to move around and make use of their speed and firepower to crush a flank. The second type represents the current order of the game, long range artillery platforms that are designed to rain death and destruction upon their enemies. And then there are the Shove-The-Guns-In-Their-Face juggernauts, massive battlewagons that play rock and roll all day long until their enemies just can’t take it anymore. And at Tier 9, there’s only one battleship of that kind, the Friedrich Der Grosse, an H-39 class battleship with incredible armor, high speed, and enough firepower to make both the Spanish Armada and the British Armada run for their lives three times over. Of course, it’s not like this ship has no weaknesses. It’s a huge target that people just love to shoot at, and it turns quite poorly as well, not to mention it rather glaring accuracy issues at ranges it’s not supposed to be shooting at. Nevertheless, I’m here to sort out the actual facts about this massive warship, as well as dispel some of the myths that have long proved derisive to the almighty Frederick the Great. Armor: Insert Turtleback meme Pros: Titanic HP Pool, Deck armor invulnerable to HE spam, Turtleback B i t c h Cons: Massive target, burns like a torch, Vulnerable to long range AP fire, Turtleback is not an instant “I win” card in a slugfest. Sometimes, making things bigger is actually better, no matter what Yuro says. The Germans designers working on the H-class literally took the blueprints of the Bismarck and made them bigger and badder, with quite astounding results within the game. The Friedrich Der Grosse might only have 300mm of belt armor, but it benefits from not only having a turtleback armor scheme, but improved turtleback sloping as well ( 55* vs 45* as found on the Bismarck ), which allows it to take anything for minimal penetration damage out to a range of around 20km. After this, however, plunging fire shots have a chance to go clean through the turtleback and completely negate it. Of course, the trade off is well worth it in a close up slugging match, where every other battleship just eats citadel after citadel, while Big Freddy here just takes penetration damage. Of course, massive amounts of penetration damage is no different than massive amounts of citadel damage, only that it heals back better, and when you’ve got a target that’s bigger than an Iowa to shoot at, who wouldn't want to put penetrating shots into the side of this thing. Speaking of healing things, would you look at that HP pool? 84,300 hitpoints on the top hull puts it miles ahead of almost every single one of its competitors, with the exception of the 88k Soyuz and the 97k Musashi. Other things of note include a 120mm splinter belt and a 60mm raised icebreaker bow that serves as a giant middle finger to overmatch shots from Yamato, Musashi, and Shikishima, as well as 80mm deck sections that completely negate almost all HE damage, save large caliber British and German HE shells. Of course, it burns like a torch, but that’s like every battleship these days, and who ain’t I kidding when I say I’ve gotten burned down in a Freddy? Rating: WTAF How to Make it worse: removing her improved deck and bow armor would really ruin it for her. Armaments: Super-Bismarck Pros: Fastest gun reload of all Tech-tree Tier 9 Battleships, blistering turret traverse, monstrous secondaries, 27mm overmatch, 420mm guns have improved energy retention at all ranges. Cons: Wonky accuracy, short firing range, needs IFHE to be more effective with her secondary guns, bad rear turret angles. Okay, okay, let’s get the complaining out of the way first. Freddy has pretty bad accuracy as battleships go, but that was nearly 6 patches ago, before it got its dispersion buffed to acceptable levels. Now of course, well, it’s still a shotgun from time to time, but who cares when you have a 26 second reload on 16 inch guns? Of course, the Friedrich has two gun options, the first one being the fast firing 406mm guns, and an upgraded 420mm set that trades rate of fire for improved long range penetration and an increase in Alpha strike by 800 points of damage. It’s not much, but that penetration really shows itself when it needs to. In fact, the 420mm guns actually have enough penetration and a flat enough ballistic curve to citadel USN Battleships at ranges up to 16 kilometers, which is frankly, stupid as all hell can get. Then again, you don’t shoot at targets that far away in the Friedrich der Grosse. Where you want to be is up close and personal, where another tool ( and a stupid quick 5.5 degree per second turret traverse ) of the Friedrich makes itself apparent: the secondaries. It’s the same layout as the Bismarck, but the guns have slightly longer range and a slightly improved rate of fire, as well as improved firing angles. However, having the same layout as the Bismarck also means 105mm guns, and that means, despite the improved German HE penetration, you need IFHE in order to really make them work. Of course, that’s a minor complaint when there are bigger issues than that to deal with. Other complaints? It’s largely just the firing angles here, which force der Friedrich to give a very uncomfortable amount of broadside to bring those rear turrets to bear. But that’s about it. Rating: Good How to make it better: Give her Bismarck’s firing angles and a wee bit better accuracy. AA: Above Average Pros: German 105mm DP guns, breathtaking midrange ring on top hull, AA with full secondary build goes absolutely ballistic. Cons: Short range AA is all fireworks, stock AA is terrible, Battleship AA in general is questionable. Friedrich’s AA is a bit of a mixed bag. On one hand, her Stock AA is downright terrible ( it’s worse than that of the Tier 7 Gneisenau in her stock configuration ). However, once you get her top hull, she gains a grand total of 26 dual 37mm mounts, which increases her midrange ringe by damn near 700%, though at a slight cost to her long range ring and short range ring, though, if I’m being honest, that short range ring was already practically worthless. One other (good) thing of note is that the 105mm mounts, despite having shorter range than the USN 127mm DP guns, seem to be as effective as those guns, for whatever reason that only Wargaming knows. The only other bad thing of note is that Battleship AA, due to accuracy issues, is quite sketchy. Of course, nothing is sketchy when the Friedrich runs a full secondary build and also simultaneously rubs it’s AA with creatine ( because lol BFT and AFT Mechanics ) Rating: Good How to make it better: Adding a few 55mm Gerat guns wouldnt be a bad idea. Another ( big ) set of 20mm guns to beef up her short range would also do it Maneuverability: Brick Pros: High speed, higher than average turning rate Cons: Large turning radius, loses a lot of speed in a turn If Friedrich was any less maneuverable than it is now, it would be so incredibly derp-a-licious that I might need to see a gut doctor after I was through with it. However, it’s not terrible at dancing, so I’m not going to eat it. It has a fairly high top speed of 30 knots, which isn’t all that bad, though the turning radius of 940 meters is quite appalling, and the turn rate might be higher than average, but at 4.0 degrees per second, it’s still fairly slow. It’s rudder shift is perfectly mediocre, at 17.5 seconds, and the ship itself loses a lot of speed in a hard turn, up to 6 knots or so, which is not good when you have to dodge torpedoes. Overall, the Friedrich can dance, but if you want to really dance, you will definitely need to install that 4th slot steering module ( at your own risk of burning down, however) Rating: Poor How to make it better: Improve her rudder by a couple of seconds or give her better velocity retention in a turn. Stealth: More Brick Pros: Fairly decent detection radius when built for stealth, German Hydroacoustic search Cons: Everything else. Friedrich der Grosse is not a small ship by any means, and it really shows when it comes to sneaking around the battlefield. The Bismarck could be forgiven for being such a big ship because it has a sub-14.5km detection radius even without a Concealment Expert-trained commander ( at 14.3km ). However, the Friedrich cannot be forgiven for being such a big ship because of the fact that it’s detection radius is absolutely gigantic to start with, at 17.3 kilometers base, and with a typically given build ( i.e full secondaries ), that drops to just over 15 kilometers, which is, to be completely honest, absolutely terrible, especially in the competition with other battleships at her tier such as Iowa, Soyuz, and Alsace. There are a couple of good things, however. For starters, a full survival build drops her detection range to just over 13.5 kilometers, which is still fairly competitive, even against some of the sneakier competition ( such as the aformentioned warships ), and second, the FdG has an actual utility tool: Hydroacoustic search, and not just any Hydroacoustic search, but the German variant. This means a 4km torpedo spotting range and a 6km ship spotting range, which in turn means that the Friedrich can practically run down anything stupid enough to not see it coming around a corner, or it can just park outside of a smokescreen, flip on the hydro, and just blast away with it’s secondary guns. Point is? If he’s got hydro running and he’s caught you… Run Rating: Acceptable How to make it better: Chop off a couple hundred meters from the surface detection. The Verdict Armor: 5 / 5 Armaments: 4 / 5 AA: 4 / 5 Maneuverability: 2 / 5 Stealth: 3 / 5 Overall Score: 18 / 25 ( Gudbote ) General Writer Review: If this damn thing didn’t turn and shoot like a drunken three legged cow with half a brain, it just might be overpowered. Welp, that’s all I got for you fellas this week. I decided to drop the whole comparison test thing because I feel like comparing ships is up to you guys, not me…. SIKE Iowa vs Soyuz comes this Sunday!
  3. World of Warships Ship Opinions: Bayern What the Kaiserliche Marine could have been. Dreadnoughts were a source of pride back in the days of World War 1, and none were more proud of it than Kaiser Wilhelm the Second. It was that pride ( and his ongoing contest with his cousin, King George V of England, to create a powerful naval force ) that spurred him to have his naval designers create one of the most legendary warship classes in the history of dreadnoughts: the Baden class, represented in game by the Bayern, the topic of today’s edition of Ship Opinions. A powerful and elegant warship, Bayern stands out in the crowd of Tier 6 Battleships. While some have to worry about dealing with getting citadele, and others have to worry about DDs, Bayern simply doesn’t give a damn about that stuff. He can just dive right into the fray and smash everything to kingdom come, while suffering minimal damage and maybe a few broken AA guns. The Bayern does have weaknesses, such as a low HP pool and only 8 gun barrels at a Tier where everyone and their mother’s got 12 guns, but it’s still quite a lethal warship to everything that is unfortunate to cross her path in the wrong way. So then, let’s dive into today’s edition of ship opinions Armor: Tough as Old Boots Pros: Large HP pool, Impressive distributed armor, Turtleback [edited] Cons: HP pool is smaller than everyone else, Turtleback armor doesn’t mean you are unhurtable. On paper, Bayern doesn’t seem that tough. Her HP pool has just 51,600 points, which is smaller than everyone else, save the Normandie, and she has just 350mm of belt armor on her side, and no boosted repair party or improved damage control party to aid her. That’s where the bad news ends, however. Bayern is German, which means she has turtleback armor ,which means that in close up situations, Bayern isn’t going to eat a single damn citadel, no matter how hard anyone tries, though it is still possible to land huge penetrating salvoes because a Turtleback does not mean you are immune to damage. Bayern also has a 50mm thick deck that keeps HE spam out and shatters or bounces round after round of medium range Armor Piercing fire, as well as a sloped 100mm belt that runs halfway up the nose that also prevents overmatch when properly angled. However, Bayern is vulnerable to long range AP fire ( plunging fire ), and she also has plenty of superstructure that Cruisers can shoot at and farm huge damage from. But let’s be real. Bayern is one hell of a tough target to take down, and it’s even more difficult to do when he’s also shooting at you. Rating: Good How to make it better: An extra 3,000 hit points or so is all that’s needed. Armaments: Mini-Bismarck Pros: 8 German 380mm guns, Long firing range, decent accuracy, decent secondaries Cons: Shorter firing range than Normandie and Fuso, accuracy is still bad from time to time, 8 German 380mm guns from 1913 It’s no surprise that Bayern again falls towards the bottom of the pack on paper. With just 8 gun barrels and typical German accuracy, Bayern has a hard time landing shots at medium ranges, never mind longer ranges. Of course, medium range is not where you want to be with the Bayern, rather, it’s up close and personal with other battleships, where she still can’t muster much besides the fact that she has 25mm overmatch.The penetration of the 380mm L/45 Drh LC/1913 is worse than that of the American and Japanese 356mm guns, and the long range penetration and flight time is worse than everyone else, with the only saving grace being the fact that they have extremely high damage per shell, at 10,900 AP Alpha. Bayern also has fairly good firing arcs to help in close range duels, as well as a fairly decent 22 barrel secondary battery to deal with any surprise threats. Overall, though, Bayern is only “okay”. It’s her lack of barrels, penetration, and accuracy that really hurts her, with only her large secondary battery and 25mm overmatch saving her from utter obsolescence. Rating: Acceptable How to make it better: Give her Bismarck’s L/52 guns on a dialed back reload as a gun upgrade, and maybe with a little less damage as well. AA: Meh Pros: Long Range AA is excellent Cons: Everything else German AA power is generally terrible everywhere except on the long range, and Bayern is no exception to that rule. 6 105mm L/65 mounts comprise the long range AA defense, with a 5.2 kilometer reach and monstrous DPM. The flak bursts could be more powerful, but it’s Tier 6 AA, so I’m not complaining. However, Bayern’s AA as a whole is just plain “meh”. Her short range is mediocre and her medium range has decent reach, but terrible DPS. Adding to this is the problem of the hit rate of the AA in general, which only worsens the situation. Overall, Bayern's AA is pretty awful. It’s her long range that props her up, but that’s about it. Only Normandie and Fuso are worse, and even Fuso has a longer range than her. Rating: Poor How to make it better: Extra medium range AA mounts wouldn’t hurt. Maneuverability: Excellent ( for a dreadnought ) Pros: Tight-as-heck turning radius, high top speed for a dreadnought. Cons: Slow rudder shift, high speed loss when turning Bayern’s handling is fairly excellent for a dreadnought. She has a top speed of 25 knots when fully upgraded, which is towards the high end of the pack, only behind Izmail and Dunkerque, and her turning radius of 630 meters sits only behind the ridiculous 550 meter radius of the Grand Old Lady. However, her rudder is pretty slow, at 13.9 seconds for a full shift, and she also bleeds a lot of speed ( nearly 4 knots ) in a hard turn, which leaves her vulnerable to getting blindsided by torpedoes from a Mutsuki you didn’t see coming. Overall, Bayern is excellent, but if she wants to get better, she’s going to need a slight upgrade. Rating: Good How to make it better: One extra knot of speed or a slightly faster rudder would be enough to justify it Stealth: When the German navy snuck by Britain Pros: Hull upgrade actually improves her stealth, small surface detection radius Cons: Uh… Bayern is extremely stealthy, even within her own matchmaking spread. It’s not until the Monarch and Roma at Tier 8 that her minimum detection radius of 12.1 kilometers is beat. Most Tier 6 Battleships and some Tier 7 Battleships come close, but otherwise, her stealth is top notch. What's more, her final hull upgrade comes with a baked in stealth boost, dropping Bayern’s detection radius from an already excellent 14.5 kilometers, to a ludicrous 13.5 kilometers. Adding Concealment Expert on top of that reduces that detection radius to the aforementioned 12.1 kilometers. To put it simply, Bayern’s stealth is quite literally WTAF. Can you imagine how sanctimonious some cruiser players are going to be when this thing shows up to ruin your party? Rating: WTAF How to make it worse: Adding in an Italian Battleship Line or buffing Warspite’s detection. The Verdict Armor: 4 / 5 Armaments: 3 / 5 AA: 2 / 5 Maneuverability: 4 / 5 Stealth: 5 / 5 Overall rating: 18 / 25 ( Gudbote ) General Writer Review: Solid, but needs more substance in her guns. Welp, that’s all I got for you guys today. The Bayern is one of my favorites, but it needs more to perform competitively, especially from her guns. Speaking of which, here’s my proposal to make the Bayern Great Again. Give her the Bismarck’s L/52 guns with a dialed back reload ( 30 seconds vs 26 seconds ), dialed back range ( 17.8 kilometers, same range currently on Bayern’s guns ), and longer turret traverse ( 45 seconds vs 36 seconds ). However, this should only be present as a gun upgrade on her top hull, as a sort of modernization theorycraft and to better serve as a transitional link to the higher tier German Battleship armaments. Give her more HP ( about 2,500 or 3,000 hitpoints ). This would allow her to at least survive a little bit longer, especially under concentrated fire from higher tier ships ( Kektuzov, Mainz, etc. ), as well as survive vicious paddlings from higher tier Battleships ( Vladdy, NC, Amagi, etc ) Give her AA Defense more midrange teeth. 5 or 6 extra Twin 37mm mounts would go a long way to giving her some decent AA defenses to help fend off equal tier carriers. THAT’S ALL, FOLKS! :SerB:
  4. World of Warships Proposal Researchable Tech Tree Imperial German Navy / Kriegsmarine Large Cruisers/Battlecruisers Re-Work By Shrayes_Bhagavatula Tech Tree Layout German Battleship Tech Tree Split after Tier V Konig, into a Battlecruiser line and a Battleship line. German Battleship line -VI Bayern (Baden-Class) -VII Gneisenau (Scharnhorst class with 380mm refit) -VIII Bismarck ( Bismarck-class ) -IX Friedrich der Grosse ( H-39 ) -X Grosser Kurfurst (H-42) German Battlecruiser line -VI Mackensen ( Mackensen-class) -VII Allendorf ( Fictional Design, combines Scharnhorst with elements of Mackensen -VIII Cuxhaven ( Fictional Design, combines Odin-Class with elements of Mackensen -IX Stuttgart ( Fictional design, follow up to previous designs ) -X Kiel / Wolfram ( Fictional design, combines elements of O-Class BC with Friedrich Der Grosse Class ) Line characteristics VII-X ships have torpedoes VIII-X ships have Hydroacoustic search VIII-X ships all do over 33 knots Armor scheme is similar to that of German Battleships Line is equipped with 3x3 350mm guns from Tier VII-X with shortened fuse timer, with exception of Wolfram, which is equipped with 3x2 406mm Wolfram has access to American Surveillance Radar consumable Ships are large and somewhat clumsy above Tier VIII All ships above Tier VIII use KM40 instead of L/61 SK C/42 128mm secondary guns Ships have unique dispersion formula from Tier VII, with 7R+55 instead of 8.4R+48 with standard BC Tier VIII-X ships have a heal that recovers 0.66%HP/Sec instead of 0.5% HP/Sec Wolfram has a supercharged heal that recovers 1.5%HP/Sec (Note, all numbers are for top configurations with no modules or commander skills) Tier VI: Mackensen HP: 51,500 Torpedo Damage Reduction: 18% Armor: 21mm extremity plating, 38mm deck, 320mm armor belt, 350mm turret armor, 19mm superstructure, 21mm torpedo belt Armaments Primary Armament: 4x2 350mm Maximum HE Damage: 4100 ( 30% fire chance ) Maximum AP Damage: 9900 ( Normal Angles and Fuse Timer ) Range : 17.0 km Reload Time: 28 seconds Maximum Dispersion: 230m Shell Velocity: 815 m/s Sigma: 1.8 Rotation speed: 4 deg/sec ( 45 second turret traverse ) Secondary Armament: 8x2 105mm, 12x1 150mm Maximum HE Damage: 1300/1700 Range : 5.5km Maximum dispersion : 112m Sigma: 1.0 AA Defense Long Range: 8x2 105mm DPS: 95 Number of Explosions per Salvo: 4 Damage caused by an explosion: 1,157 Range of Aura: 3.5-4.5km Medium Range: 10x2 37mm DPS: 121 Range of Aura: 2.0-3.5km Short Range: 8x2 20mm DPS:52 Range of Aura: 0.1-2.0km Maneuverability Maximum speed: 26.5 knots Rudder shift time: 13.2 seconds Turning circle: 770m Rotation speed: 3.9 deg/sec Concealment By Sea: 13.7km By Air: 9.8km When on fire: 15.7km After firing main guns: 16.9km After firing main guns in smoke: 13.6km 4 Upgrade Slots, Standard German Options Consumables Damage Control Party ( 10 second action time, 90/60 second reset) Repair Party ( 3 charges, 28 second action time, 0.5% Repair/sec, 120/80 reset) Fighter/Spotter ( 60/100 second action time. 120/80 or 360/240 reset) Tier VII: Allendorf HP: 56,600 Torpedo Damage Reduction: 21% Armor: 26mm extremity plating, 45mm deck, 330mm armor belt, 360mm turret armor, 19mm superstructure Armaments Primary Armament: 3x3 350mm L/52 SK C/41 Maximum HE Damage: 3900 ( 33% Fire Chance ) Maximum AP Damage: 10,100 ( Normal Angles, 0.025 second fuse timer) Range: 19.0 Km Reload time : 26 seconds Turret Traverse: 5.5 deg/sec ( 32.73 second turret traverse) Maximum dispersion: 188m Shell Velocity: 845 m/s Sigma: 1.8 Secondary Armaments: 2x3 150mm, 6x2 128mm Maximum HE Shell damage: 1800/1500 Maximum Range: 7.4KM Maximum Dispersion: 102m Sigma: 1.0 AA Defense Long Range: 6x2 128mm DPS: 103 Number of Explosions in a salvo: 6 Damage caused by an explosion: 1,442 Range of Aura: 4.0-5.2KM Medium Range: 14 x 2 37mm DPS: 259 Range of Aura: 2.5-4.0km Short Range: 10x2 20mm DPS: 101 Range of Aura: 0.1-2.5km Torpedo Armament:2x3 533mm Vierling Torpedo: G7a T1 13,700 Damage 64 knots 6 km range 72 second reload Maneuverability Top speed: 30 knots Rudder Shift time: 14.4 seconds Turning circle: 850m Rotation speed: 4.4 deg/sec Concealment By Sea: 15.6km By Air : 9.9km When on fire: 17.6km After firing main guns: 20.4km After firing main guns in smoke: 14.4km 5 upgrade slots, Standard German Options Consumables Damage Control Party ( 10 second action time, 90/60 reset ) Repair Party ( 3 Charges, 28 second action time, 0.55% Repair/sec, 120/80 reset) Hydroacoustic Search ( 2 Charges, 120 second action time, 3.75km torpedo detection, 5km ship detection, 180/120 reset) OR Defensive Anti-Aircraft fire ( 2 Charges. 30 second action time, x3 damage booster, 120/80 reset ) Tier VIII: Cuxhaven HP: 62,800 Torpedo Damage Reduction: 27% Armor: 30mm extremity plating, 50mm deck, 350mm armor belt, 380mm turret armor, 19mm superstructure Armaments Primary Armament: 3x3 350mm L/52 SK C/41 Maximum HE Damage: 3900 ( 33% Fire Chance ) Maximum AP Damage: 10100 ( Normal Angles, 0.025 second fuse timer) Range: 21.0 Km Reload time : 26 seconds Turret Traverse: 5.5 deg/sec ( 32.73 second turret traverse) Maximum dispersion: 202m Shell Velocity: 845 m/s Sigma: 1.9 Secondary Armaments: 2x3 150mm, 6x2 128mm Maximum HE Shell damage: 1800/1500 Maximum Range: 7.4KM Maximum Dispersion: 102m Sigma: 1.0 AA Defense Long Range: 6x2 128mm DPS: 103 Number of Explosions in a salvo: 6 Damage caused by an explosion: 1,442 Range of Aura: 4.0-5.2KM Medium Range: 14 x 2 37mm DPS: 259 Range of Aura: 2.5-4.0km Short Range: 10x2 20mm DPS: 101 Range of Aura: 0.1-2.5km Torpedo Armament:2x4 533mm Vierling Torpedo: G7a T1 13,700 Damage 64 knots 6 km range Maneuverability Top speed: 33.5 knots Rudder Shift time: 15.1 seconds Turning circle: 890m Rotation speed: 4.4 deg/sec Concealment By Sea: 15.7km By Air : 9.9km When on fire: 17.6km After firing main guns: 20.4km After firing main guns in smoke: 14.4km 5 upgrade slots, Standard German Options Consumables Damage Control Party ( 10 second action time, 90/60 reset ) Repair Party ( 3 Charges, 28 second action time, 0.66% Repair/sec, 120/80 reset) Hydroacoustic Search ( 2 Charges, 120 second action time, 3.75km torpedo detection, 5km ship detection, 180/120 reset) Tier IX: Stuttgart HP: 68,400 Torpedo Damage Reduction: 33% Armor: 32mm extremity plating, 60mm extended belt, 350mm Armor belt, 380mm turret armor, 50mm deck Armaments Primary Armament: 3x3 350mm L/55 SK C/43 Maximum HE Damage: 4000 ( 35% Fire Chance ) Maximum AP Damage: 10200 (Normal angles, 0.025 second fuse timer) Maximum Firing Range: 21.5KM Reload: 24 seconds Turret Traverse: 7.0 deg/sec ( 25.71 second traverse) Maximum Dispersion: 205m Shell Velocity: 855 m/s Sigma: 1.9 Secondary Armaments: 8x2 128mm Maximum HE Shell damage:/1500 Maximum Range: 7.5KM Maximum Dispersion: 100m Sigma: 1.0 AA Defense Long Range: 8x2 128mm DPS: 159 Number of Explosions in a salvo: 8 Damage caused by an explosion: 1,442 Range of Aura: 4.0-5.2KM Medium Range: 16 x 2 37mm DPS: 292 Range of Aura: 2.5-4.0km Short Range: 12x2 20mm DPS: 134 Range of Aura: 0.1-2.5km Torpedo Armament:4x3 533mm Vierling Torpedo: G7a T1 13,700 Damage 64 knots 6 km range Maneuverability Top speed: 33 knots Rudder Shift time: 12.4 seconds Turning circle:920m Rotation speed: 4.5 deg/sec Concealment By Sea: 16.1km By Air : 10.9km When on fire: 18.1km After firing main guns: 21.5km After firing main guns in smoke: 15.4km 6 upgrade slots, Standard German Options Consumables Damage Control Party ( 10 second action time, 90/60 reset ) Repair Party ( 3 Charges , 28 second action time, 0.66% Repair/sec, 120/80 reset) Hydroacoustic Search ( 2 Charges, 120 second action time, 3.75km torpedo detection, 5km ship detection, 180/120 reset) Tier X: Kiel HP: 78,400 Torpedo Damage Reduction: 26% Armor: 32mm extremity plating, 60mm extended belt, 350mm Armor belt, 380mm turret armor, 50mm deck Armaments Primary Armament: 3x3 350mm L/55 SK C/43 Mod.1 Maximum HE Damage: 4200 ( 38% Fire Chance ) Maximum AP Damage: 10500 (Normal angles, 0.025 second fuse timer) Maximum Firing Range: 21.5KM Reload: 24 seconds Turret Traverse: 6.5 deg/sec ( 27.69 second traverse) Maximum Dispersion: 205m Shell Velocity: 855 m/s Sigma: 2.1 Secondary Armaments: 11x2 128mm (KM40) Maximum HE Shell damage: 1500 Maximum Range: 7.6KM Maximum Dispersion: 100m Sigma: 1.0 AA Defense Long Range: 11x2 128mm DPS: 229 Number of Explosions in a salvo: 8 Damage caused by an explosion: 1,442 Range of Aura: 4.5-6.0KM Medium Range: 12 x 2 37mm, 8x2 57mm DPS: 404 Range of Aura: 2.5-4.5km Short Range: 10x2 20mm, 6x4 20mm DPS: 201 Range of Aura: 0.1-2.5km Torpedo Armament:4x4 533mm Vierling Torpedo: G7a T1 14,400 Damage 64 knots 6km range Maneuverability Top speed: 34.5 knots Rudder Shift time: 13.7 seconds Turning circle: 990m Rotation speed: 4.7 deg/sec Concealment By Sea: 16.7km By Air : 11.8km When on fire: 18.7km After firing main guns: 21.9km After firing main guns in smoke: 15.9km 6 upgrade slots, Standard German Options Consumables Damage Control Party ( 10 second action time, 90/60 reset ) Repair Party ( 3 Charges, 28 second action time, 0.66% Repair/sec, 120/80 reset) Hydroacoustic Search ( 2 Charges, 120 second action time, 4.0km torpedo detection, 6km ship detection, 180/120 reset) Tier X: Wolfram (Premium, 240,000 Coal) HP: 77,500 Torpedo Damage Reduction: 30 Armor: 32mm extremity plating, 60mm extended belt, 350mm Armor belt, 380mm turret armor, 50mm deck Armaments Primary Armament: 3x2 406mm Maximum HE Damage: 4800 ( 38% Fire Chance ) Maximum AP Damage: 12700 (Normal angles, Normal fuse timer) Maximum Firing Range: 22km Reload: 26 seconds Turret Traverse: 6.5 deg/sec ( 27.69 second traverse) Maximum Dispersion: 209m Shell Velocity: 810 m/s Sigma: 2.2 Secondary Armaments: 10 x 2 128mm Maximum HE Shell damage: 1500 Maximum Range: 7.7KM Maximum Dispersion: 100m Sigma: 1.0 AA Defense Long Range: 10x2 128mm DPS: 204 Number of Explosions in a salvo: 8 Damage caused by an explosion: 1,442 Range of Aura: 4.5-6.0KM Medium Range: 14 x 2 37mm, 8x2 57mm DPS: 471 Range of Aura: 2.5-4.5km Short Range: 12x2 20mm, 6x4 20mm DPS: 225 Range of Aura: 0.1-2.5km Torpedo Armament: 4x3 533mm Drilling Torpedo: G7 Steinbutt 13,700 Damage 65 knots 8km range Maneuverability Top speed: 35 knots Rudder Shift time: 15.1 seconds Turning circle: 1010m Rotation speed: 4.9 deg/sec Concealment By Sea: 16.6km By Air : 11.5km When on fire: 18.5km After firing main guns: 21.7km After firing main guns in smoke: 15.6km 6 upgrade slots, Standard German Options Consumables Damage Control Party ( 10 second action time, 90/60 reset ) Repair Party ( 2 Charges, 28 second action time, 1.5% Repair/sec, 120/80 reset) Hydroacoustic Search ( 2 Charges, 120 second action time, 4.0km torpedo detection, 6km ship detection, 180/120 reset) Surveillance Radar ( 2 Charges, 40 second action time, 10km range, 180/120 reset ) The German Battlecruisers were designed to provide a counter to the American, Japanese, and Russian large cruisers. They combine powerful, fast firing and hard hitting armaments with excellent armor and high speed, while adding a useful AA defense and great versatility on top of that. As the cherry on the cake, their concealment is on par with or exceeds their Russian and American counterparts, though behind their Japanese counterparts. They have an equal or lesser number of guns compared to their counterparts, and they reinforce that by having the ability to overmatch armor up to 24mm thick, longer firing range and greater accuracy, and turret traverse speeds that are quicker than their counterparts. Also, unlike their American and Russian counterparts, they wield a set of back-up weapons in the form of long range secondaries and knife-fighting torpedo armament. Unfortunately, they are also extremely large targets, very clumsy while turning, and will take citadel-penetrating hits from 14 inch and larger guns when showing full broadside. The Tech Tree starts with the Tier VI Mackensen, progresses through the torpedo-equipped Allendorf, and on to the Tier VIII Cuxhaven, where the line gains access to Hydroacoustic Search and the improved repair party consumable. At the Tier 9 Stuttgart, the line gains access to improved guns with higher shell velocity and better penetration, culminating with the monstrous Kiel. Boasting massive artillery firepower and torpedo banks, Kiel can rival actual battleships in terms of sheer destructive power and prowess. A premium ship also makes herself known here, the Wolfram. Wolfram is unique, thanks to her setup of 3 dual 406mm guns, as opposed to the standard 3x3 350mm guns, as well as a lower number of longer ranged torpedoes, as well as the Surveillance radar consumable For these ships, we would recommend going with a survivability setup, to maximize the longevity of these battlecruisers,especially given the massive HP pools they possess. Recommended build Main Armaments Modification 1 Damage Control System Modification 1 Aiming Systems Modification 1 Damage Control System Modification 2 Concealment Systems Modification 1 (Above Tier VIII) Main Battery Modification 3 (Above Tier IX) Commander Build 1.Preventative Maintenance 2.Adrenaline Rush 3.Superintendent 4.Concealment Expert 5. Priority Target 6.High Alert 7.Basics of Survivability 8.Vigilance Flags -India Delta -November Foxtrot -November Echo Setteseven -India Yankee -Juliet Yankee Bissotwo Economic Flags recommended, but not advised for all the time NOTES - The 350mm L/52 SK C/41 and L/55 SK C/43 ( or mod.1 as found on the Kiel ) are fictional weapon designs that I based off of the Mackensen-class 350mm L/42 SK C/14, rifles so these are not real. I went with these designs in order to keep consistency throughout the line with the 350mm guns from Tier 6 to Tier 10 - When I say these ships will not take citadel damage from guns smaller than 14 inches in caliber, what I meant was that these ships have a very, very low probability of taking citadel damage from any ship with guns less than 14 inches in caliber ( Stalingrad, Alaska, Yoshino ). However, any guns larger than 14 inches in caliber ( i.e Fuso, King George V, Bismarck, Alsace, Kremlin) will be capable of reliably landing citadel hits when showing an uncomfortable amount of broadside - Wolfram will use American Surveillance Radar instead of a unique radar consumable. The heal on Wolfram will also have fewer base charges, but will be the same as the heal found on the Soviet DD (IX) Neustrashimy As an ending note, I would like to extend thanks to LittleWhiteMouse for inspiring me to write this, as well as Flambass, Flamu, Jingles, Yuro, and all the others that keep posting their content ( don’t worry Denarmo, I didn't forget you), for keeping my spirits up in these dark times of Russian bias, the PR fiasco, and many other things that threatened the integrity of the game. You guys genuinely helped a bunch with that, and even made me a better player at the same time ( a lot of the tactics that I make use of are adopted from Flambass and Flamu’s tactics and techniques (And Yuro and Jingles give me a good laugh as well)) There's also the reason why I chose to re-write this. Rather than constantly edit the previous article that I wrote, I decided to make a clean slate copy, using the previous version as a template to create unique ships that would fill this line perfectly. I'd like to hear your guys' comments about balancing, salt mines, and many more things. Also, the ship that will be in the next edition of Ship Opinions will be Sinop ( SinOP, more like ), by virtue of popular vote ( yeet fleet intensifies) Peace!
  5. World of Warships Ship Opinions: Gneisenau Bet you didn't see this coming Did you really think I would make a Yamato review? I bet you did. But no, I didn’t. Honestly, why would I make a Yamato review, when there are so many other fun ships that I can do. The whole point of the Yama these days is to sit at 20km and just smash whatever comes trundling into your line of sight, using it’s massive guns with their famed 32mm overmatch. Tell me, where’s the fun in that? Gneisenau, on the other hand, is the literal textbook definition of fun. A slender cruise missile of a battleship, with drop-dead gorgeous looks that fool pretty much everyone that fights it, only for those people to find out that this thing hits way harder than it should, despite having just 6 guns and not-quite Bismarck level secondaries. If you, my curious newbie friends ( or not ) wish to know why this thing is so damn good, stick around. You’re about to find out. I’m gonna start the thing about the armor with it’s looks. Yes, it’s outward appearance. Why? It’s because this ship looks way softer than the name would suggest. I mean, it’s long, thin, and fast. It’s practically a battlecruiser, surely it’s armor must be weak, like Kongo’s or Hood’s. Well, I’ll just say this to whoever thinks about it that way: Turtleback [edited]. 350mm of it, in fact. Yep, Gneisenau has the strongest belt armor of all the Tier 7 battleships, only rivaled by its sister ship, Scharnhorst ( because both of them are the same class of ship). The closest one in terms of belt armor is the American Fighting Lady, Colorado. But you don’t see Colorados surviving a full point blank strike from an NC or Amagi and living to tell the tale, now do you, and there’s a pretty good reason why. Remember, the turtleback of German Battleships becomes extremely strong above Tier 6, which completely precludes any intentions of prophesied one-shot apocalypse hits from enemy battleships. Combining the 350mm belt with the turtleback, overlapping upper and lower armor belts, and the citadel protection, and you have one of the toughest armor schemes on a battleship, with nearly 550mm of overall protection hiding an underwater citadel and giving leeway to 58,200 points of German Bratwurst. You have to either be at a stupidly long range, or stupidly lucky to land a citadel on this thing. Other things include an extended 70mm belt that protects the forward and rear parts of the ship ( though it’s a 25mm upper nose, so don’t expect to bow-tank much), a 50mm deck that makes HE spam attacks worthless, and decent anti-torpedo protection that can absorb lower-tier American and German torpedoes ( still be prepared for a nuking by Asashio, if you aren’t careful ). Armaments-wise, she’s on the “slightly underprepared” side of things. She only packs 6 15 inch guns in three twin-turrets, and while they hit hard, it’s still German Battleship dispersion, meaning that it’s good sometimes, and downright horrendous at other times. Despite this, Gneisenau has a couple of things going for it, such as a long firing range of 19.5km, something that most other battleships envy at this tier, the ability to overmatch 27mm of armor, something only Sinop, Colorado, and Nagato can do besides her, and a 26 second reload, which, while it is slower than King George, is only slower by one second or so, and King George cannot overmatch 27mm, now can it. As for back-ups, well, let’s just say that it’s pretty well equipped here. Gneisenau boasts 11 dual 128mm turrets in top configuration, 5 on either side, and one down the center. Her range isn’t the best, at just 5.3km stock, but the guns have 31mm of HE Penetration, which allows them to take down destroyers if so equipped for it, as well as severely damage equal or lower-tier cruisers and battleships, should they get too close. Also, she has torpedoes, earning her the distinction of being the only tech tree battleship with torpedo launchers. A single three tube 533mm launcher on either side makes up this arrangement, and while the torpedoes themselves don’t do much damage, at just 13,700 a pop, if all three of them hit a target, they can inflict serious damage in the form of both the Alpha strike, and floodings, should they stick around. It’s not Tirpitz’s apocalypse hammer from those Vierling Launchers, but they still hurt. All in all, fairly well balanced. Her AA is worth a special mention, too. She boasts a fantastic long range ring, comprised of her dual-purpose mounts. While AA in general is still butchered, Gneisenau puts out enough DPM and flak clouds to smash Tier 6 carrier squadrons, and gives Tier 8 ones something to think about when planning their routes. Her AA is only rivaled by Lyon and Colorado in this regard ( California is still WiP as of this writing, so I won’t be including her here). She has a fairly strong mid-range, but a slightly weaker short range, unlike the American AA setups. Regardless, most carriers will not even come close to her, lest they feel content killing themselves on impact with enough bursts to shred a whole terminal’s worth of airliners. Maneuverability wise, you are NOT escaping the Gneis. She’s the fastest battleship at her tier, with 32 knots of speed to play with. Only Hood moves as fast, but the Royal Glory can’t dance like the Gneisenau can, with her quick rudder hampered by a massive turning circle that would make even Shchcors blush. Gneisenau’s turning circle of 830 meters is coupled with a 14 second rudder shift, giving her fantastic agility in tight torpedobeat maneuvers. Colorado has a short turning circle, i’ll give her that, but she’s horrendous everywhere else. Lyon is almost as fast, but has a longer turning circle. King George is also pretty slow, though 28 knots is fairly acceptable for Tier 7. Sinop has horrible maneuverability, though she is fairly quick. So there’s that. Concealment wise, this is where most people will be surprised. While she can’t jump people like Bayern can, with that thing’s stupidly low 12.1 km concealment ( with CE ), she is fairly stealthy at 13.1 km, when CE specced. It’s not KG V levels of concealment, but she can sneak up on a fair few ships, though that’s when top tier. As a bottom tier, some battleships can best her, such as Monarch and NC, though not by much. Bismarck is slightly stealthier, though that’s thanks to the 5th slot Concealment Systems upgrade. Otherwise, she is pretty stealthy within her matchmaking spread. Just don’t be surprised when a Lion shows up and HE smashes you when you least expect it. Consumable wise, bog-standard, as per usual for mid-tier BBs. No fancy hydro to be found here, just good old BB stuff. So then, Gneisenau is one hell of a BB. Despite its many shortcomings, such as a low number of guns, it certainly punches harder than it should. That combination of fast firing primary and secondary armament, plus those hard hitting torpedoes makes it a formidable opponent in close quarters combat situations, though it’s efficiency decreases as the distance increases. Her armor allows her to work close to an opponent, shrugging off blow after blow of High Explosive and Armor Piercing, gracefully dodging torpedoes as they come in at speed, tearing into enemies that severely underestimated her prowess. She only falls apart when concentrated upon by the enemy team, otherwise, she’s just as dangerous as any BB or CA, regardless of who she’s shooting at. She is a true hunter-killer, a she-wolf who stalks her prey through the night like a true predator ( Thanks LWM, for that reference ). I always tell myself that, if you respect a ship, it will work with you, and no ship holds that Mantra truer than this German missile. ( Then again, not every ship can be reined in, such as this Russian cruise-khm, sorry, I meant battleship, xaxa)