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Found 1 result

  1. World of Warships Proposal: SMS Von Der Tann What it is: A proposal to bring in the other German warship famed for detonating a British warship into the game as a Tier 4 Premium German Battlecruiser. What Context it has: SMS Von Der Tann was the original German Battlecruiser, being laid down in 1908 and launched in 1909. She set the precedent for the all the following German Battlecruisers, which carried heavier armor at the expense of lighter armaments, as well as boasting a stupidly high top speed for a World War I warship. For the sake of historical reference and accuracy, we are going to depict Von Der Tann in her pre-Jutland configuration ( though slightly modified ), when she wasn’t being smacked ( also, there’s more available data for this time period ). Also, Von der Tann has the following buffs baked in that makes her that much more appealing Full benefits of MFCSA Commander Skill ( 60% dispersion buff to secondaries ) Battlecruiser Dispersion Protected MM Tier V 500k Credit upgrade slot Torpedoes Reduced Fire and Flooding Time Oh ho, hello good lookin’. Where have you been? Armor Belt: 250mm Upper Belt: 150mm Mid-Upper Belt: 225mm Lower Belt: 150mm Splinter Belt: 100mm Deck: 30mm Bow / Stern: 19mm Superstructure: 16mm Turtleback: 45* / 50mm thickness Turrets: 230 / 180 / 140mm Torpedo Protection: 25mm ( 11% ) Conning Tower: 230mm HP Pool: 36,000 Length: 563’ 4” Beam: 87’ 3” Draft: 30’ 1” Okay, okay, I can already hear the angry typing of comments “Oh, but the Von der Tann was a cruiser design, oh it shouldn’t have this, or that, bla bla bla”. Well, to that I say “phooey”. Von Der Tann might have been designed as a Cruiser ( well, battlecruiser ), but the sheer amount of armor that this warship has, combined with it’s displacement puts it on par with some actual battleships of the time. It’s displacement of 21,300 tons at full load yields us 36,000 hitpoints with Frosty’s formula, which is a small amount of hitpoints combined to something like the Kaiser, but is respectable for what it is. Her armor is also respectable, with a proper turtleback armor scheme and 250mm of belt plating. Her deck armor was initially somewhat dubious, compared to the Kaiser, so I artificially increased it from 25mm to 30mm to mitigate HE damage. Otherwise, Von Der Tann is fairly typical for Tier IV. Just don’t broadside, because that small HP pool is going to work against you if you don’t manage it. Thankfully, the time on her Fire and Flooding is at cruiser levels, just 30 and 40 seconds, respectfully, which means that she can push in without risking burning down as much as one might expect Armaments Primary Armament: 4 x 2 28cm L/45 Drh LC/1906 Maximum HE / AP damage: 3500 / 7500 ( 21% fire chance, 0.02 second AP fuse time, 47.5*-62.5* Autobounce angles ) Range: 14.2km Reload time: 25 seconds Turret Traverse speed: 4* / sec ( 45 seconds per 180 )\ Shell Velocity: 855 m/s Sigma: 2.0 Maximum Dispersion: 171 meters Secondary Armament 1: 10 x 1 15cm L/45 MPL C/06 Maximum HE damage: 1800 ( 10% fire chance ) Maximum HE penetration: 38mm Maximum Range: 5.3km Reload Time: 8.5 seconds Shell Velocity: 835 m/s Dispersion: Standard German Battleship Secondary Armament 2: 12 x 1 8.8cm L/45 MPL C/06 Maximum HE damage: 1000 ( 4% fire chance ) Maximum HE penetration: 22mm ( ¼ caliber penetration )\ Maximum Range: 5.3km Reload Time: 4 seconds Shell Velocity: 890 m/s Dispersion: Standard German Battleship Secondary Armament 3: 4 x 1 8.8cm L/45 MPL C/13 ( DP ) Maximum HE damage: 1000 ( 4% fire chance ) Maximum HE Penetration: 22mm Maximum Range: 5.3km Reload Time: 4 seconds Shell Velocity: 890 m/s Dispersion: Standard German Battleship Torpedo Armament: 4 x 1 Einzelin Torpedo Carried: 45cm C/03 /D Maximum Damage: 8,500 Maximum Speed: 45 knots Maximum Range: 4.0km Reload Time: 32 seconds Notice something? Yeah, the Von Der Tann seems very overtuned. There’s a good reason for this, however. Whereas the Scharnhorst can get away with having 11 inch guns, the Von Der Tann cannot. It has only 8 11 inch guns ( from 1906 ) in an inconvenient 4x2 en-echelon layout that severely inhibits the firing angles ( which means that she’ll very likely take a LOT of damage), compared to the Scharny’s 9 11 inch guns ( from 1935) mounted in a very convenient 3 x 3 layout, and despite the improved dispersion and autobounce angles, they are still German guns, which means they are going to be very weedy, especially at Tier 4. To compensate for this, I gave the Von Der Tann a couple of things. One, she has a very long range and very powerful secondary armament, and two, she has torpedoes. Von Der Tann’s secondaries are of special note. For one thing, they have a long range, and for another thing, a commander with the Manual Fire Control for Secondary Armament skill will receive the full 60% boost, which means that you can literally slap your German secondary build captain on her and, lo and behold, she’ll kick [edited]. The other thing that she has are her torpedoes. Giving her these fish means a significant advantage over other ships, especially given her armor layout allowing for some serious brawling. However, these fish have pretty low damage, low speed, and a pitiful 4.0km range, making them highly situational. Also, she receives access to the Tier V 3rd upgrade slot, and I’m sure those of you who have Arkansas Beta, Belfast or Z-39 know what happens next…. AA Defense Long Range: 4 x 1 8.8cm L/45 MPL C/13 Flak per salvo: 2+1 O/I Damage per Flak: 700 Range: 4.6km DPS: 14 Accuracy: 75% Medium Range: 4 x 2 37mm Flakzwilling Range: 3.5km DPS: 44 Accuracy: 75% Okay, this is where the Von Der Tann goes off the historical course slightly. You see, historically, Von Der Tann only received AA guns after Jutland, and even then, she only got 2 8.8cm DP guns to replace ALL of her previous 8.8cm SP guns. And she’s at Tier IV, a Tier where carriers dominate the entirety of the match, and unless there’s a very brave Clemson who’s willing to sacrifice himself to kill a carrier, they are going to continually harrass this poor battlecruiser. So what did I do? I gave her 2 EXTRA 8.8cm DP guns and 4 dual 37mm autocannons to defend herself. While it won’t really stop an air attack, it will at least give Von Der Tann some teeth in actually taking a bite out of enemy air groups. The one plus side is that Von Der Tann historically had aviation facilities, so she’ll receive a fighter consumable, though it’s quite low quality. Maneuverability Maximum Speed: 28 knots Acceleration: Battleship Standard Turning Radius: 770 meters Rudder Shift: 13.8 seconds Rotation rate: 3.9* / second List: Between 4.5* and 8* Again, I had to ask my friend to help me here, since I was missing a lot of the historical data and I'm still shite at physics. A lot of the figures here are extrapolated from my friends calculations. Anyways, would you look at that speed. 28 knots of top speed is absurd for such a ship, especially a ship from the Great War. That being said, the turning radius is quite large, at 770 meters, and the rotation rate of 3.9* per second is quite slow as well. The rudder shift is also quite slow, at 13.9 seconds, which makes it difficult to maneuver, and even when you do, you are going to be exposing one hell-load of broadside when you do. Be advised and be careful when you have to dodge incoming BB-caliber AP shells or air dropped torpedoes ( or worse... ) Stealth Surface Detection Radius: 12.1 kilometers ( +2 on fire ) Aerial Detection radius: 8.7 km ( +3 on fire ) Smoke Firing Penalty from the Surface: 11.1km Smoke Firing Penalty from the Air: 7.8 km Assured Detection Radius: 2.0km Von Der Tann, with those humongous masts and large funnels, should be visible from space. Fortunately, the German is actually quite small for something so powerful, and ends up having a fairly good detection radius, capable of minimizing her detection radius to 10.9km with Concealment Expert. However, without it, commanders don’t have much of a window to effectively stealth fire ( because again, German guns ), and she’s vulnerable to long range return fire from the massive 356mm guns she can see in her matchmaking spread. So, again, watch it. Consumables Damage Control Party: 15 second action time, 120 / 80 reset Repair Party: 5 second action time, 3.0% HP / sec ( 100% penetration damage, 0% Citadel damage ), 180 / 120 reset, 2 charges base Fighter: 120 second action time, 1 fighter per squadron, 120 / 90 second reset time, 2 charges base As far as Von der Tann’s consumables go, she’s fairly normal, with the exception of the unique repair party consumable, which lasts just 5 seconds, but can recover up to 15% of her HP in one go, or around 13k HP with the flag, though it cannot recover citadel damage, which means that Torpedo hits are going to be painful for her, since torpedoes count as citadel damage. This is a testament to her durability during the Battle of Jutland, where she suffered extreme damage and still managed to get the hell out of there alive. Her fighter is also quite unique, being rather poor quality, but lasting quite a long time (120 seconds) Build Slot 1: Auxiliary Armaments Modification 1 Slot 2: Damage Control System Modification 1 Slot 3: Secondary Battery Modification 2 Commander Preventative Maintenance Priority Target Adrenaline Rush Superintendent Advanced Firing Training Manual Fire Control for Secondary Armament Concealment Expert Flags Mike Yankee Soxisix India Delta Juliet Yankee Bissotwo India Yankee November Foxtrot Because the secondaries are absolute memes with huge range and god-tier dispersion capabilites, and because Von Der Tann suffers reduced fire and flooding damage, I say why the hell not? In Short Pros Brutal when up-close and personal Tough as all hell Powerful Heal Torpedoes Cons Clumsy Carriers are everywhere DDs are everywhere too 283mm guns are going to be tough to work with But Shrayes, what about her price? I say around 2,400 doubloons for her plus a port slot, or 34k coal. Welp, that’s all I got for you fellas today. If you have any question, comments, or salt, do leave them in the comments below AND THAT'S ALL,FOLKS! :SerB: