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Found 6 results

  1. World of Warships Proposal: KMS Wolfram ( Tier X ) What it is: A proposal to bring one of the more overlooked designs of the H-Class battleships into the game as a premium Tier X German Battlecruiser What context it has: Wolfram is based upon the H40 Design, one of the follow up designs to the H-39 design. There were two variants, H40A and H40B. H40A differed from the rest of the designs in the fact that it only had three gun turrets of two guns each as opposed to the four turrets found on all the other designs, as well as very high speed and powerful AA defenses. This lended itself as an excellent design for a battlecruiser, but the initial design I created proved too large for the Battlecruiser / Large Cruiser designation - it was larger than even the Soviet Steel Supreme, at nearly 60,000 tons in displacement. So I had to make some modifications to the design. Those modifications were largely size cutting to around ⅔ of the original design ( putting it at around 38,500 tons, or around 3,100 tons heavier than the O-class). I initially thought of upscaling the O-class to fill this gap, sort of like how the Bismarck was upscaled to create the H-class, but then I reconsidered because of the fact that the armor of the O-class could not resist Battleship-caliber fire as effectively as that of other battlecruisers. Scaling down the H-40 seemed far more reasonable to do, in order to grant the design some duress and lend itself to the in-game survivability-focused flavor of the Kriegsmarine. Basically this thing, but waaaaaayyyy smaller, and with an O-class twist, kinda like a Rum-rita. Armor 250mm belt 50mm deck 100mm upper belt 100mm splinter belt 100mm Turtleback slope 50mm Icebreaker ( Similar to Grosser Kurfurst in terms of layout ) 27mm plating 350mm / 210mm / 100mm Turret Face / Side / Roof HP Pool: 82,600 Torpedo Belt: 23% Length: 875’ Beam: 101’ Draft: 26' 2" The numbers shown here are based on data that I extrapolated from the combination of the armor and displacement of the Friedrich der Grosse and the O-class Siegfried. The HP pool of 82,600 is based upon Frosty’s formula for cruiser HP pools, and it seems absurd at first, but given the high displacement of the vessel ( 38,500 tons, as I stated earlier), it will begin to make sense. The Wolfram will indeed have a turtleback, and unlike the turtlebaka armor found on the Hipper-class, which tends to cause overpenetrations, the Wolfram’s turtleback will function similarly to the turtleback found on the German Battleships, albeit less effectively. Large enough shells ( 406mm or larger ) will murder the Wolfram if she shows full broadside. However, smaller caliber shells ( 380mm or smaller ), will merely penetrate, instead of citadeling her. This is due to the fact that the armor slope, while quite effective, is thinner than that of the actual German Battleships. In all other regards, however, the Wolfram mimics the rest of the German Battleships, with a 100mm splinter belt, 50mm icebreaker, and a 50mm deck. However, because she’s a cruiser, she only receives 27mm plating, and because she’s German, her torpedo belt is terrible, at just 23% damage reduction. Also, the fire and flooding duration is the same as that for other battlecruisers. Armaments Primary: 3 x 2 42.0cm L/48 Drh LC/40 HE / AP Alpha: 5000 / 13500 (41% Fire chance,101mm HE pen, 55.0* - 65.0* AP autobounce angles ) Range: 19.0km Reload Time: 26.0 seconds (2.3 RPM ) Dispersion: Battlecruiser (8.4R + 48 ) Shell Velocity: 800 m/s Turret Traverse Speed: 5.5 degrees / second Secondary Armament: 10 x 2 12.8cm L/61 KM40 HE Alpha: 1,500 ( 32mm pen, 5.0% fire chance ) Range: 7.8km Reload time: 3.36 seconds Dispersion: Graf Zeppelin ( 101m @ 6.5km ) Shell Velocity: 900 m/s Torpedo Armament: 2 x 4 533mm Vierling Torpedo carried: G7 Steinbutt Range: 8.0km Speed: 65 knots Alpha Strike: 13,700 Reload: 90 seconds The values for the Wolfram’s main battery are taken directly from the Friedrich der Grosse, as she uses the exact same guns as the Friedrich when fully upgraded, though with a few key differences, such as a faster reload of 26 seconds, improved autobounce angles, improved battlecruiser dispersion, and shorter firing range on her main battery guns, to serve as compensation for a lower main battery barrel count compared to other battlecruisers. Her secondary armament mimics that of the Agir, though with one extra turret, for a total of 10 turrets, with 5 on each side, along with the same dispersion pattern as the Graf Zeppelin and Agir. Her torpedo armament isn’t as powerful as that of the Yoshino, with a single quadruple 533mm torpedo launcher on each side of the warship, compared to the two quadruple 610mm launchers found on each side of the Project B-65 cruiser. However, these launchers are the same as the ones found on the Admiral Graf Spee, with a fast reload, high speed, decent alpha strike, and long range. However, the torpedoes can only be fired at 35* off the bow and 35* off the stern, making these weapons somewhat situational when facing off against actual battleships or even other battlecruisers. AA Defense Long Range: 10 x 2 128mm L/61 KM40 Flak Burst Damage: 1,540 Flak Bursts per Salvo: 5+1 Rate of Fire: 12 RPM Range: 3.5 - 6.0km Aura DPS: 151.8 Hit Probability: 90% Medium Range: 12 x 2 55mm/70 Gerat 58 Zwilling, 24 x 2 37mm FLaK 37 Zwilling Aura DPS: 504.8 Range: 2.0 - 4.0km Hit Probability 90% Short Range: 16 x 4, 12 x 2 20mm/70 FLaK 29 Aura DPS: 192.1 Range: 0.1-2.0 km Hit Probability: 85% Access to Defensive AA fire: No Given the fact that neither the O-Class nor the H-Class designs were ever constructed, it is hard to determine what type of AA armament would have been used. The AA defense is based upon that of the H-Class and the O-class as they would have been built, though given that the number of AA mounts as stated in the design details would render the ship defenseless against carrier strikes in-game, and because there were no refits of either of the vessel types ( because neither of the vessels were actually completed ), we can only speculate how an AA defense that would have been rather effective might have looked. For the sake of game relevance, we are going to assume a hypothetical 1944 or 1945 refit for the Wolfram here, where she gains a copious number of 20mm, 37mm and 55mm autocannons, which give her a powerful mid and short range AA defense. However, her long range is made up of the same long range 128mm mounts as the Agir, which, while having a longer range than the 105mm mounts found on ships like Bismarck and Hindenburg, have less DPS and overall effectiveness than the 105mm mounts. Overall, her AA numbers are quite effective, though as with all ships, it is dubious when the Anti-Aircraft mounts are constantly being whittled away. Maneuverability Top Speed: 33 knots Turning Radius: 960 meters Rudder Shift Time: 14.0 seconds Speed Loss During Turn: 6.5 knots Rotation Rate: 4.0* / second List: 5.7* Wolfram, despite being essentially a downscaled H-class, actually uses the powerplant from the O-class, which means that it should drive like an O-class as well. However, it does not, and while I could explain it using numbers, because I’m absolute shite at physics, I didn’t really spend too much time on this myself, and instead outsourced the numbers from a friend of mine who is actually good at physics. These numbers are the return on that. While the Wolfram is comparably sized to other battlecruisers, her dimensions are still quite sizable, and that combined with her high top speed of 33 knots means that she turns like a drunken duck. While Wolfram’s turning radius of 960 meters is small compared to the Steel Supreme, her rotation rate of 4.0 degrees per second is quite slow, though acceptably average compared to the other battlecruisers. The rudder shift could be faster, at 14 seconds, and Wolfram could also stand to lose less speed during a turn. Thankfully, she won’t out-turn her own turrets, which is a good thing. Overall: Wolfram handles more like a downsized battleship than a battlecruiser, which isn’t really a good thing when everyone and their mother’s got 406mm guns ( though it’s still better than Stalingrad, which handles like an iceberg with a rocket engine ( thanks Mouse! )) Concealment Surface: 17.3 ( 19.3 when on fire ) Air: 13.1 ( 16.1 when on fire ) Smoke Firing Penalty by Surface Spotting: 14.6km Smoke Firing Penalty by Aerial Spotting: 12.8km No matter whether or not this ship would be either an upscaled O-class or a downscaled H-class, her detection radius is still huge. Stock, her surface detection is 17.3 kilometers, the same as the Montana, and she can only minimize it to 14.0km. Her aerial detection radius is also huge, at 13.1 kilometers, and it can only be minimized to 10.6 kilometers. This doesn’t give Wolfram much option of hiding, even from smoke, also because of the fact that she has an unfortunately large smoke firing penalty of 14.6 kilometers, due to the large caliber of her primary armaments. Of course, it’s still a slightly smaller battleship, rather than a battlecruiser, so what did you expect? Consumables Damage Control Party: 5 seconds, 90 / 60 reset, unlimited charges Repair Party: 1.0% / second, 20 second action time, 180 / 120 reset, 1 charge base Hydroacoustic Search: 5 kilometer Torpedo Acquisition, 7.5km Ship Acquisition, 75 second action time, 240 / 180 reset, 2 charges base Fighter: 60 second action time, 3 fighters per squadron, 120 / 90 reset, 2 charges base OR Spotter: 100 second action time, Standard Spotting Range, 360 / 240 reset, 3 charges base The consumables of the Wolfram are unique, to say the least. The Damage Control Party and The Fighter / Spotter are normal, but the Repair Party and Hydroacoustic Search are not. The Repair Party recovers an incredible 1.0% of Wolfram’s HP per second, for a total possible recovery ( without the flag ), of nearly 16,000 hitpoints, with nearly 20,000 hitpoints of recovery possible with the flag, though it has just one base charge and an extremely long reset time. The Hydroacoustic Search, meanwhile, is overclocked to the maximum, with a 5 kilometer torpedo acquisition without Vigilance, and an absurd 7.5 kilometer ship Acquisiton range. However, the duration of the Hydroacoustic search is shorter than normal, at 75 seconds of uptime, and has a 3 minute reset with the premium version. Unique, indeed. Recommended Build Modules Slot 1: Main Armaments Modification 1 Slot 2: Damage Control Systems Modification 2 Slot 3: Aiming Systems Modification 1 or Secondary Battery Modification 1 Slot 4: Damage Control Systems Modification 2 Slot 5: Concealment Systems Modification 1 Slot 6: Main Battery Modification 3 or Overclocked Armaments Systems Commander ( Survivability Build ) Preventative Maintenance Adrenaline Rush Superintendent Concealment Expert Jack of All Trades Basics of Survivability Fire Prevention Commander ( Secondary Build ) Preventative Maintenance Adrenaline Rush Superintendent Advanced Firing Training Manual Fire Control for Secondary Armaments Basics of Survivability Jack of All Trades Signal Flags November Echo Setteseven Mike Yankee Soxisix Juliet Charlie India Yankee Juliet Yankee Bissotwo November Foxtrot Victor Lima Various Economic Signals Legendary Module ( because I can ): Overclocked Armaments Systems Upgrade Slot 6 -7.5% to Main and Secondary Battery Dispersion -7.5% to Main Battery and Secondary Battery Reload -12.5% to Torpedo Tube Reload -5% to Main Battery Turret Traverse +20% Chance for Torpedo Tube Incapacitation +25% to Torpedo Tube Traverse +25% Chance for Main Armament Incapacitation +25% Chance for Magazine Detonation The Builds are pretty Bog-Standard. I highly recommend going with a secondary build, as Wolfram has massive brawling firepower in the form of fast firing guns and torpedoes that are extremely effective against rival battle cruisers and battleships. The Legendary Module / Unique Upgrade gives Wolfram extra brawling capability, with reduced reload times and dispersion, though at the cost of increased armament incapacitation chances and an increase in the chance to suddenly have a “fun and engaging experience” Some Discrepancies I Have To Make Note Of Wolfram is a fictional design of my own creation, essentially being an upscaled O-Class combined with the armor and armaments of the H-class battlecruisers, rather than merely a downscaled H-class. The “fun and engaging experience” refers to detonations, of course. As stated earlier, her AA armament involved a hypothetical refit in 1944 or 1945. The 55mm/70 Gerat 58 was never actually put into service, as it was originally intended for the canceled Type 1942C destroyers. The superstructure and design all resemble the O-class, though her funnel design is that of the H-class There is a small weakpoint in the armor scheme underneath the funnel area, where the citadel is raised above the waterline ( this is due to the location of the boiler exhaust evacuation equipment ) Her torpedo tubes are placed within armored boxes, which are anywhere between 50 to 100mm thick Once again, if you have any questions, comments, or salt, do leave them in the comments below. I’ll be open to any suggestions you might have :SerB: Edit: I'll tag @Lert and @LittleWhiteMouse on what they think of this idea. @Hapa_Fodder too.
  2. World of Warships Ship Opinions: Friedrich der Grosse Big Nasty Battleship to boot As far as battleships go, there are three types. The first type tends towards the battlecruiser type, the ships that tend to move around and make use of their speed and firepower to crush a flank. The second type represents the current order of the game, long range artillery platforms that are designed to rain death and destruction upon their enemies. And then there are the Shove-The-Guns-In-Their-Face juggernauts, massive battlewagons that play rock and roll all day long until their enemies just can’t take it anymore. And at Tier 9, there’s only one battleship of that kind, the Friedrich Der Grosse, an H-39 class battleship with incredible armor, high speed, and enough firepower to make both the Spanish Armada and the British Armada run for their lives three times over. Of course, it’s not like this ship has no weaknesses. It’s a huge target that people just love to shoot at, and it turns quite poorly as well, not to mention it rather glaring accuracy issues at ranges it’s not supposed to be shooting at. Nevertheless, I’m here to sort out the actual facts about this massive warship, as well as dispel some of the myths that have long proved derisive to the almighty Frederick the Great. Armor: Insert Turtleback meme Pros: Titanic HP Pool, Deck armor invulnerable to HE spam, Turtleback B i t c h Cons: Massive target, burns like a torch, Vulnerable to long range AP fire, Turtleback is not an instant “I win” card in a slugfest. Sometimes, making things bigger is actually better, no matter what Yuro says. The Germans designers working on the H-class literally took the blueprints of the Bismarck and made them bigger and badder, with quite astounding results within the game. The Friedrich Der Grosse might only have 300mm of belt armor, but it benefits from not only having a turtleback armor scheme, but improved turtleback sloping as well ( 55* vs 45* as found on the Bismarck ), which allows it to take anything for minimal penetration damage out to a range of around 20km. After this, however, plunging fire shots have a chance to go clean through the turtleback and completely negate it. Of course, the trade off is well worth it in a close up slugging match, where every other battleship just eats citadel after citadel, while Big Freddy here just takes penetration damage. Of course, massive amounts of penetration damage is no different than massive amounts of citadel damage, only that it heals back better, and when you’ve got a target that’s bigger than an Iowa to shoot at, who wouldn't want to put penetrating shots into the side of this thing. Speaking of healing things, would you look at that HP pool? 84,300 hitpoints on the top hull puts it miles ahead of almost every single one of its competitors, with the exception of the 88k Soyuz and the 97k Musashi. Other things of note include a 120mm splinter belt and a 60mm raised icebreaker bow that serves as a giant middle finger to overmatch shots from Yamato, Musashi, and Shikishima, as well as 80mm deck sections that completely negate almost all HE damage, save large caliber British and German HE shells. Of course, it burns like a torch, but that’s like every battleship these days, and who ain’t I kidding when I say I’ve gotten burned down in a Freddy? Rating: WTAF How to Make it worse: removing her improved deck and bow armor would really ruin it for her. Armaments: Super-Bismarck Pros: Fastest gun reload of all Tech-tree Tier 9 Battleships, blistering turret traverse, monstrous secondaries, 27mm overmatch, 420mm guns have improved energy retention at all ranges. Cons: Wonky accuracy, short firing range, needs IFHE to be more effective with her secondary guns, bad rear turret angles. Okay, okay, let’s get the complaining out of the way first. Freddy has pretty bad accuracy as battleships go, but that was nearly 6 patches ago, before it got its dispersion buffed to acceptable levels. Now of course, well, it’s still a shotgun from time to time, but who cares when you have a 26 second reload on 16 inch guns? Of course, the Friedrich has two gun options, the first one being the fast firing 406mm guns, and an upgraded 420mm set that trades rate of fire for improved long range penetration and an increase in Alpha strike by 800 points of damage. It’s not much, but that penetration really shows itself when it needs to. In fact, the 420mm guns actually have enough penetration and a flat enough ballistic curve to citadel USN Battleships at ranges up to 16 kilometers, which is frankly, stupid as all hell can get. Then again, you don’t shoot at targets that far away in the Friedrich der Grosse. Where you want to be is up close and personal, where another tool ( and a stupid quick 5.5 degree per second turret traverse ) of the Friedrich makes itself apparent: the secondaries. It’s the same layout as the Bismarck, but the guns have slightly longer range and a slightly improved rate of fire, as well as improved firing angles. However, having the same layout as the Bismarck also means 105mm guns, and that means, despite the improved German HE penetration, you need IFHE in order to really make them work. Of course, that’s a minor complaint when there are bigger issues than that to deal with. Other complaints? It’s largely just the firing angles here, which force der Friedrich to give a very uncomfortable amount of broadside to bring those rear turrets to bear. But that’s about it. Rating: Good How to make it better: Give her Bismarck’s firing angles and a wee bit better accuracy. AA: Above Average Pros: German 105mm DP guns, breathtaking midrange ring on top hull, AA with full secondary build goes absolutely ballistic. Cons: Short range AA is all fireworks, stock AA is terrible, Battleship AA in general is questionable. Friedrich’s AA is a bit of a mixed bag. On one hand, her Stock AA is downright terrible ( it’s worse than that of the Tier 7 Gneisenau in her stock configuration ). However, once you get her top hull, she gains a grand total of 26 dual 37mm mounts, which increases her midrange ringe by damn near 700%, though at a slight cost to her long range ring and short range ring, though, if I’m being honest, that short range ring was already practically worthless. One other (good) thing of note is that the 105mm mounts, despite having shorter range than the USN 127mm DP guns, seem to be as effective as those guns, for whatever reason that only Wargaming knows. The only other bad thing of note is that Battleship AA, due to accuracy issues, is quite sketchy. Of course, nothing is sketchy when the Friedrich runs a full secondary build and also simultaneously rubs it’s AA with creatine ( because lol BFT and AFT Mechanics ) Rating: Good How to make it better: Adding a few 55mm Gerat guns wouldnt be a bad idea. Another ( big ) set of 20mm guns to beef up her short range would also do it Maneuverability: Brick Pros: High speed, higher than average turning rate Cons: Large turning radius, loses a lot of speed in a turn If Friedrich was any less maneuverable than it is now, it would be so incredibly derp-a-licious that I might need to see a gut doctor after I was through with it. However, it’s not terrible at dancing, so I’m not going to eat it. It has a fairly high top speed of 30 knots, which isn’t all that bad, though the turning radius of 940 meters is quite appalling, and the turn rate might be higher than average, but at 4.0 degrees per second, it’s still fairly slow. It’s rudder shift is perfectly mediocre, at 17.5 seconds, and the ship itself loses a lot of speed in a hard turn, up to 6 knots or so, which is not good when you have to dodge torpedoes. Overall, the Friedrich can dance, but if you want to really dance, you will definitely need to install that 4th slot steering module ( at your own risk of burning down, however) Rating: Poor How to make it better: Improve her rudder by a couple of seconds or give her better velocity retention in a turn. Stealth: More Brick Pros: Fairly decent detection radius when built for stealth, German Hydroacoustic search Cons: Everything else. Friedrich der Grosse is not a small ship by any means, and it really shows when it comes to sneaking around the battlefield. The Bismarck could be forgiven for being such a big ship because it has a sub-14.5km detection radius even without a Concealment Expert-trained commander ( at 14.3km ). However, the Friedrich cannot be forgiven for being such a big ship because of the fact that it’s detection radius is absolutely gigantic to start with, at 17.3 kilometers base, and with a typically given build ( i.e full secondaries ), that drops to just over 15 kilometers, which is, to be completely honest, absolutely terrible, especially in the competition with other battleships at her tier such as Iowa, Soyuz, and Alsace. There are a couple of good things, however. For starters, a full survival build drops her detection range to just over 13.5 kilometers, which is still fairly competitive, even against some of the sneakier competition ( such as the aformentioned warships ), and second, the FdG has an actual utility tool: Hydroacoustic search, and not just any Hydroacoustic search, but the German variant. This means a 4km torpedo spotting range and a 6km ship spotting range, which in turn means that the Friedrich can practically run down anything stupid enough to not see it coming around a corner, or it can just park outside of a smokescreen, flip on the hydro, and just blast away with it’s secondary guns. Point is? If he’s got hydro running and he’s caught you… Run Rating: Acceptable How to make it better: Chop off a couple hundred meters from the surface detection. The Verdict Armor: 5 / 5 Armaments: 4 / 5 AA: 4 / 5 Maneuverability: 2 / 5 Stealth: 3 / 5 Overall Score: 18 / 25 ( Gudbote ) General Writer Review: If this damn thing didn’t turn and shoot like a drunken three legged cow with half a brain, it just might be overpowered. Welp, that’s all I got for you fellas this week. I decided to drop the whole comparison test thing because I feel like comparing ships is up to you guys, not me…. SIKE Iowa vs Soyuz comes this Sunday!
  3. World of Warships Proposal: SMS Von Der Tann What it is: A proposal to bring in the other German warship famed for detonating a British warship into the game as a Tier 4 Premium German Battlecruiser. What Context it has: SMS Von Der Tann was the original German Battlecruiser, being laid down in 1908 and launched in 1909. She set the precedent for the all the following German Battlecruisers, which carried heavier armor at the expense of lighter armaments, as well as boasting a stupidly high top speed for a World War I warship. For the sake of historical reference and accuracy, we are going to depict Von Der Tann in her pre-Jutland configuration ( though slightly modified ), when she wasn’t being smacked ( also, there’s more available data for this time period ). Also, Von der Tann has the following buffs baked in that makes her that much more appealing Full benefits of MFCSA Commander Skill ( 60% dispersion buff to secondaries ) Battlecruiser Dispersion Protected MM Tier V 500k Credit upgrade slot Torpedoes Reduced Fire and Flooding Time Oh ho, hello good lookin’. Where have you been? Armor Belt: 250mm Upper Belt: 150mm Mid-Upper Belt: 225mm Lower Belt: 150mm Splinter Belt: 100mm Deck: 30mm Bow / Stern: 19mm Superstructure: 16mm Turtleback: 45* / 50mm thickness Turrets: 230 / 180 / 140mm Torpedo Protection: 25mm ( 11% ) Conning Tower: 230mm HP Pool: 36,000 Length: 563’ 4” Beam: 87’ 3” Draft: 30’ 1” Okay, okay, I can already hear the angry typing of comments “Oh, but the Von der Tann was a cruiser design, oh it shouldn’t have this, or that, bla bla bla”. Well, to that I say “phooey”. Von Der Tann might have been designed as a Cruiser ( well, battlecruiser ), but the sheer amount of armor that this warship has, combined with it’s displacement puts it on par with some actual battleships of the time. It’s displacement of 21,300 tons at full load yields us 36,000 hitpoints with Frosty’s formula, which is a small amount of hitpoints combined to something like the Kaiser, but is respectable for what it is. Her armor is also respectable, with a proper turtleback armor scheme and 250mm of belt plating. Her deck armor was initially somewhat dubious, compared to the Kaiser, so I artificially increased it from 25mm to 30mm to mitigate HE damage. Otherwise, Von Der Tann is fairly typical for Tier IV. Just don’t broadside, because that small HP pool is going to work against you if you don’t manage it. Thankfully, the time on her Fire and Flooding is at cruiser levels, just 30 and 40 seconds, respectfully, which means that she can push in without risking burning down as much as one might expect Armaments Primary Armament: 4 x 2 28cm L/45 Drh LC/1906 Maximum HE / AP damage: 3500 / 7500 ( 21% fire chance, 0.02 second AP fuse time, 47.5*-62.5* Autobounce angles ) Range: 14.2km Reload time: 25 seconds Turret Traverse speed: 4* / sec ( 45 seconds per 180 )\ Shell Velocity: 855 m/s Sigma: 2.0 Maximum Dispersion: 171 meters Secondary Armament 1: 10 x 1 15cm L/45 MPL C/06 Maximum HE damage: 1800 ( 10% fire chance ) Maximum HE penetration: 38mm Maximum Range: 5.3km Reload Time: 8.5 seconds Shell Velocity: 835 m/s Dispersion: Standard German Battleship Secondary Armament 2: 12 x 1 8.8cm L/45 MPL C/06 Maximum HE damage: 1000 ( 4% fire chance ) Maximum HE penetration: 22mm ( ¼ caliber penetration )\ Maximum Range: 5.3km Reload Time: 4 seconds Shell Velocity: 890 m/s Dispersion: Standard German Battleship Secondary Armament 3: 4 x 1 8.8cm L/45 MPL C/13 ( DP ) Maximum HE damage: 1000 ( 4% fire chance ) Maximum HE Penetration: 22mm Maximum Range: 5.3km Reload Time: 4 seconds Shell Velocity: 890 m/s Dispersion: Standard German Battleship Torpedo Armament: 4 x 1 Einzelin Torpedo Carried: 45cm C/03 /D Maximum Damage: 8,500 Maximum Speed: 45 knots Maximum Range: 4.0km Reload Time: 32 seconds Notice something? Yeah, the Von Der Tann seems very overtuned. There’s a good reason for this, however. Whereas the Scharnhorst can get away with having 11 inch guns, the Von Der Tann cannot. It has only 8 11 inch guns ( from 1906 ) in an inconvenient 4x2 en-echelon layout that severely inhibits the firing angles ( which means that she’ll very likely take a LOT of damage), compared to the Scharny’s 9 11 inch guns ( from 1935) mounted in a very convenient 3 x 3 layout, and despite the improved dispersion and autobounce angles, they are still German guns, which means they are going to be very weedy, especially at Tier 4. To compensate for this, I gave the Von Der Tann a couple of things. One, she has a very long range and very powerful secondary armament, and two, she has torpedoes. Von Der Tann’s secondaries are of special note. For one thing, they have a long range, and for another thing, a commander with the Manual Fire Control for Secondary Armament skill will receive the full 60% boost, which means that you can literally slap your German secondary build captain on her and, lo and behold, she’ll kick [edited]. The other thing that she has are her torpedoes. Giving her these fish means a significant advantage over other ships, especially given her armor layout allowing for some serious brawling. However, these fish have pretty low damage, low speed, and a pitiful 4.0km range, making them highly situational. Also, she receives access to the Tier V 3rd upgrade slot, and I’m sure those of you who have Arkansas Beta, Belfast or Z-39 know what happens next…. AA Defense Long Range: 4 x 1 8.8cm L/45 MPL C/13 Flak per salvo: 2+1 O/I Damage per Flak: 700 Range: 4.6km DPS: 14 Accuracy: 75% Medium Range: 4 x 2 37mm Flakzwilling Range: 3.5km DPS: 44 Accuracy: 75% Okay, this is where the Von Der Tann goes off the historical course slightly. You see, historically, Von Der Tann only received AA guns after Jutland, and even then, she only got 2 8.8cm DP guns to replace ALL of her previous 8.8cm SP guns. And she’s at Tier IV, a Tier where carriers dominate the entirety of the match, and unless there’s a very brave Clemson who’s willing to sacrifice himself to kill a carrier, they are going to continually harrass this poor battlecruiser. So what did I do? I gave her 2 EXTRA 8.8cm DP guns and 4 dual 37mm autocannons to defend herself. While it won’t really stop an air attack, it will at least give Von Der Tann some teeth in actually taking a bite out of enemy air groups. The one plus side is that Von Der Tann historically had aviation facilities, so she’ll receive a fighter consumable, though it’s quite low quality. Maneuverability Maximum Speed: 28 knots Acceleration: Battleship Standard Turning Radius: 770 meters Rudder Shift: 13.8 seconds Rotation rate: 3.9* / second List: Between 4.5* and 8* Again, I had to ask my friend to help me here, since I was missing a lot of the historical data and I'm still shite at physics. A lot of the figures here are extrapolated from my friends calculations. Anyways, would you look at that speed. 28 knots of top speed is absurd for such a ship, especially a ship from the Great War. That being said, the turning radius is quite large, at 770 meters, and the rotation rate of 3.9* per second is quite slow as well. The rudder shift is also quite slow, at 13.9 seconds, which makes it difficult to maneuver, and even when you do, you are going to be exposing one hell-load of broadside when you do. Be advised and be careful when you have to dodge incoming BB-caliber AP shells or air dropped torpedoes ( or worse... ) Stealth Surface Detection Radius: 12.1 kilometers ( +2 on fire ) Aerial Detection radius: 8.7 km ( +3 on fire ) Smoke Firing Penalty from the Surface: 11.1km Smoke Firing Penalty from the Air: 7.8 km Assured Detection Radius: 2.0km Von Der Tann, with those humongous masts and large funnels, should be visible from space. Fortunately, the German is actually quite small for something so powerful, and ends up having a fairly good detection radius, capable of minimizing her detection radius to 10.9km with Concealment Expert. However, without it, commanders don’t have much of a window to effectively stealth fire ( because again, German guns ), and she’s vulnerable to long range return fire from the massive 356mm guns she can see in her matchmaking spread. So, again, watch it. Consumables Damage Control Party: 15 second action time, 120 / 80 reset Repair Party: 5 second action time, 3.0% HP / sec ( 100% penetration damage, 0% Citadel damage ), 180 / 120 reset, 2 charges base Fighter: 120 second action time, 1 fighter per squadron, 120 / 90 second reset time, 2 charges base As far as Von der Tann’s consumables go, she’s fairly normal, with the exception of the unique repair party consumable, which lasts just 5 seconds, but can recover up to 15% of her HP in one go, or around 13k HP with the flag, though it cannot recover citadel damage, which means that Torpedo hits are going to be painful for her, since torpedoes count as citadel damage. This is a testament to her durability during the Battle of Jutland, where she suffered extreme damage and still managed to get the hell out of there alive. Her fighter is also quite unique, being rather poor quality, but lasting quite a long time (120 seconds) Build Slot 1: Auxiliary Armaments Modification 1 Slot 2: Damage Control System Modification 1 Slot 3: Secondary Battery Modification 2 Commander Preventative Maintenance Priority Target Adrenaline Rush Superintendent Advanced Firing Training Manual Fire Control for Secondary Armament Concealment Expert Flags Mike Yankee Soxisix India Delta Juliet Yankee Bissotwo India Yankee November Foxtrot Because the secondaries are absolute memes with huge range and god-tier dispersion capabilites, and because Von Der Tann suffers reduced fire and flooding damage, I say why the hell not? In Short Pros Brutal when up-close and personal Tough as all hell Powerful Heal Torpedoes Cons Clumsy Carriers are everywhere DDs are everywhere too 283mm guns are going to be tough to work with But Shrayes, what about her price? I say around 2,400 doubloons for her plus a port slot, or 34k coal. Welp, that’s all I got for you fellas today. If you have any question, comments, or salt, do leave them in the comments below AND THAT'S ALL,FOLKS! :SerB:
  4. World of Warships Ship Opinions: Z-39 When the devil come a callin’ I ain’t gonna be around I’ll kick, I creep crawl down your street, and gouge your eyes out Whoops, let that one slip out. Sorry, I listen to a LOT of AC/DC, and that really puts moi in on the hype when it comes to writing these reviews. Now then, the Z-39. I don’t actually have this ship, to be entirely honest. But when it popped up in my port as a three day rental, I was only too happy to review it. The Z is an odd ship. It belongs to the Z1936A Mob type destroyers, a variant of the Z1936A that the Z-23 represents in game. She’s one of only three destroyers in the game armed with 150mm guns, the others being Gaede and Z-23. This makes her unique in some regards, but it also gives her some trouble, especially against dedicated gunboats such as Mahan and Leningrad. So then, is Z-39 worth all the hype, or is she just an overrated and undertiered Z-23? Let’s take a look. Armor: Chungus Pros: HYOOJ HP pool Cons: Also a HYOOJ Target Z-39’s size does her no favors whatsoever in combat. She’s such a large ship that she looks like a light cruiser compared to something like Kamikaze. That being said, she’s got plenty of HP to work with. 19,600 HP points puts her solidly ahead of all other DDs in terms of durability. The closest ship to her is the Vauquelin, who she’s ahead of by a solid 1,500 hitpoints. In other words, she can outlast all other DDs at her tier in combat by a good length of time, and remember, the longer a DD lasts in the field, the more dangerous the situation becomes, Because you could be happily sitting in a cap at the end of the game one moment, and the next you could be getting rushed down by a dangerous maniac of a DD who also happens to have some of the most powerful weapons ever put on a DD, like, ever. Rating: Good Armaments: Mini Z-23, indeed Pros: 150mm guns, Maass torpedoes Cons: Only 4 barrels with a horrendously long reload mounted on turrets that turn like glaciers. Z-39 is a bit of a mixed bag when it comes to firepower. On one hand, she has the 150mm guns mounted on the Z-23, which means that she delivers massive armor piercing punches to both cruisers and destroyers with relative ease. On the other hand, she has the longest reload of all destroyers at Tier 7, at 7.5 seconds, and the turrets also turn like they’ve been frozen in place by the bad weather, and let’s not forget her lack of barrels, with just 4 of them, she has one of the lowest DPM values of any of the Tier 7 destroyers, at just 118,400 DPM. It’s not all bad, though. Z-39 boasts the highest AP alpha strike of all destroyers at Tier 7, with 14,800 points of damage compared to the other destroyers, which at best have 11,000 damage per full salvo of shells, and these AP rounds also have a stupendous 835 m/s velocity and a shortened AP fuse timer. This means that, not only can Z-39 smash apart destroyers in medium range gun duels, but she can also put AP rounds through the sides of cruisers at close ranges and reliably land citadel hits, something that even the Leningrad-class struggle to do at times. Her HE shell damage is somewhat uninspiring for a ship with 150mm guns, but they have 25mm of penetration even without the IFHE skill, which means that they can penetrate the deck armor of all equal or lower-tier non-German and non-Russian Battleships with ease, not to mention the relatively high fire chance of 12%, which means you can also consistently set fires. Her torpedoes are also fairly impressive. They are the same torpedoes mounted on the Leberecht Maass, which means that they have 8.5km of range, 14,400 damage, and 65 knots of speed. These torpedoes might not have the nuclear strike of the Japanese warheads, nor the range of the Mahan’s upgraded fish, or the raw speed of the Vauquelin’s fish, but they offer a great mix of traits that allow her to pull ridiculous torpedo strikes that would make even some torpedo demons at this tier blush. Rating: Good AA: Oddly good Pros: Solid Mid-range ring, high overall DPS, AA range outstrips aerial detection Cons: No Long range AA ring, Short range AA is poor, no DFAA Z-39’s AA is actually quite odd for a German DD. She has a fairly solid mid-range ring, which is atypical of such a ship, and her AA range actually outstrips her aerial detection range, which is also odd. Normally, only Mahan and Sims are capable of this, thanks to their dual-purpose AA mounts, which have a 5.8km range, but what makes this even stranger is that Z-39 actually has no Long Range to speak of, which is a double edged sword in that rocket planes have a hard time to adjust to Z-39’s position when her AA guns give her position away, but she also lacks the ability to deliver massively powerful AA bursts like the ones from Mahan and Sims. Otherwise, her AA is quite powerful, with high overall DPS and a fairly good 3.5km maximum range. Her short range AA is quite poor, but it largely won’t be noticed in regular gameplay. Rating: Acceptable Maneuverability: Cruiser-like Pros: Fast Cons: Slow rudder shift, Large radius If there’s one thing I really hate about this ship ( and most other heavy-firepower gunships), it’s the handling. Z-39 is fairly quick in a straight line, with a top speed of just under 41 knots with Engine Boost active, which allows her to get on her boot-scootin boogie when she needs to get out of a danger zone fast. The rest of her handling, however, is terrible. She has a 670 meter turning circle, which is quite large for a ship of her size, and that’s only compounded upon by her sluggish rudder shift of 4.5 seconds. All of this adds up to a ship that feels like a half-shafted Gearing with a broken rudder. While it’s not appaling like some ships, it’s still quite miserable. Nevertheless, as long as you don’t run into any islands, you should be fine. It’s not like you need to be worried about getting spotted, anyways… Rating: Acceptable Stealth: Praise Wargaming Pros: Z-23 Hydro, 5th Upgrade Slot (!!!) Cons: Large smoke-firing penalty, Terrible smoke As far as stealth goes, this thing is absolutely ridonkulous. Not only does this thing get that 5th upgrade slot that also makes another fellow Tier 7 premium, HMS Belfast, one of the most dangerous ships in the game, but she also has Hydro. And not just any hydro, but the Z-23 Hydro, which means a gargantuan 5km ship detection radius, comfortably outside of her otherwise large 3.3km smoke firing penalty ( thanks to her larger caliber artillery ). But that concealment, though. It’s tied for the second best detection radius at Tier 7, at 6.1km. Akatsuki ties this thing, and only Shiratsuyu beats it, at 5.8km. This kind of combination of both excellent stealth and that powerful hydro makes her one of the most dangerous warships at this tier. Lolibotes start to sweat bricks and gunships start to count their HP pools the moment this thing pops up in a match, because, when her hydro is active, you can’t see her, but she can see you, and she’s gonna make one hell of a mess of your day if she gets the chance. In fact, her only downside is her terrible smoke screen, but that’s nothing new for German DDs. So yeah, if you see this thing, and your’e in a DD…. Run for your god-damn life, you poor soul Rating: WTAF Ergonomics As a Tier 7 Premium, Z-39 incurs minimal running costs, while also raking in some serious credits. Her only downside here is the extra fitting out cost incurred by that 5th slot, but it pays itself off rather quickly. Her skill floor isn’t terribly high, but it’s not n00b-friendly, either. At the same time, her skill ceiling isn’t that high, either. It takes less time to master than other ships, thanks to that Hydro safety blanket, which means you can spend less time worrying about making mistakes, and more time having a blast Rating: Good Fun Factor Like I said, Z-39 is a blast when you master it. Whether it be bullying DDs, blapping light cruisers, or nuking battleships, The Z-39 knows how to rock, and it will let you rock on to it’s beat as well. Just don’t get cocky, otherwise, well... You’ll be the one on the run when you blunder into a Lolanta at close range, you poor sod Rating: WTAF Verdict Armor: 4 / 5 Armaments: 4 / 5 AA: 3 / 5 Maneuverability: 3 / 5 Stealth: 5 / 5 Ergonomics: 4 / 5 Fun Factor: 5 / 5 Overall Score: 28 / 35 ( Exceeding ) General Writer Verdict: This ship performs admirably or even exceeds expectations in any situation thrown at it. Just watch out for Radar Cruisers. If there’s something I have to be sorry about, it’s not doing anything over the weekend. It was my Birthday on the 14th, and I had something to do on the 15th ( what it was I can’t remember ). Nevertheless, I hope all of you enjoy this review of the Z-39. As for the promised comparo, I will not be doing the Bayern vs Q.E comparo test, and will instead do a comparison test of the VMF Budyonny and the MN La Galissoniere, which will come this Wednesday ( because I have no time tomorrow, either, go figure ) Peace!
  5. World of Warships Preview: Odin King of Asgard or not, this thing kicks some serious [edited] This review is going to be a little different from normal. This time, I’m going to take a good solid look at the Odin in its current state, as in the one that the CCs and Supertesters recently got their hands on. I will not be doing this review like I normally do, because I don’t have this ship, and thus will not be able to give any opinions on ergonomics or fun factor of this ship ( which means the old grading scale- boo ) But I digress ( again ). The Odin is the new Premium Tier 8 German battlecruiser. Armed with 9 305mm guns in the same configuration as the Scharnhorst a tier lower, combined with Tirpitz torpedo tubes, armor and a unique secondary battery and AA layout, makes it one of the more distinctive ships at this tier. At the same time, it does have some rather obvious faults that also have the potential to make it a very difficult ship to properly utilize. So then, how does this new German Bratwurst stack up to the competition? Let’s find out. Armor: German Sausage Pros: Excellent armor profile, small-ish target at range, tough-as-nails deck Cons: Worst HP pool of all Tier 8 BBs, still a large target to hit nonetheless Odin is a bit of a mixed bag when it comes to survivability. On one hand she has an armor scheme that makes it nigh-impossible to citadel thanks to the improved turtleback armor slope that she inherits from Bismarck and Tirpitz, as well as a nearly impenetrable 50mm deck. On the other hand, she only has 52,800 HP to play with, as opposed to the 62,700 she had in her original iteration, and despite being one of the smallest of the Tier 8 BBs, she’s still a fairly large target that’s easy to nail at medium to short ranges. That being said, her armor scheme largely mirrors the Bismarck and the Tirpitz, from what I can see, as I said earlier ( i.e not just that fantastic turtleback armor but also an angled plate and bow that makes overmatch shots when angled difficult). That means she can go full ree-mode and absolutely chuck herself at anything that doesn’t have the sense to get out of the way. Just watch the HP pool, otherwise you’ll end up in port faster than an Omaha chucked into a Tier 7 match Rating: Acceptable ( GIVE ME BACK THAT 10,000 HP, WARGAMING) Armaments: Super-Scharnhorst Pros: Stonking fast reload, quick traverse and velocity on guns, excellent accuracy, AP DPM is on par with Amagi and NC, TORPEDOES Cons: Secondaries are lackluster compared to Bismarck, guns are only 305mm caliber, Torpedoes have a limited firing arc, horrible HE DPM Odin surprised me here. I thought for a moment that the 305mm guns would have some rather poor DPM, alpha strike, and penetration capability that made it unfit for even Tier 7, let alone Tier 8. Boy am I glad I was wrong. Odin’s guns have not only a powerful AP punch, but also a quick turret traverse of 30 seconds, lightning fast shell velocity of 865 m/s, and brutal penetration and accuracy ( courtesy of a 2.0 sigma rating on her guns) at close ranges. To put the cherry on the cake, Odin’s guns also have a stonking fast 20 second reload, which means, despite her smaller caliber guns, she has BETTER AP DPM than both North Carolina AND Amagi, coming in at a whopping 253,800, compared to the NC’s 235,800 and Amagi’s 252,000. That being said, the guns aren’t the Stalin-blessed lightning cannons found on Kronk and Stalingrad, which means the penetration still lacks compared to the much larger (15 inch+ ) guns found on pretty much every other Tier 8 BB. Otherwise, they are spectacular. Her secondaries, on the other hand, are somewhat lackluster by comparison. Not that she lacks for range, as she has a 7.5km base range like all Tier 8+ German Battleships and Battlecruisers, but it’s the lack of barrels. She has 2 centerline triple 150mm gun turrets and 6 dual 128mm turrets, with three on each side. While they are respectable, they lack the raw power and fearsomeness of the Bismarck’s secondaries, with her 6 dual 150mm turrets and 8 dual 105mm turrets. However, what she lacks with that particular close range trump card, she also has another one: Her torpedo armament. These ones are the same ones found on the Tirpitz, which gives her equivalent close range punch against other BBs when it comes to those jousts ( as well as giving her that same pant-wetting fear factor that the Tirpitz has ). Unfortunately, she lacks the vaunted angles found on the Queen of the North, and she has to give a rather uncomfortable amount of skirt to use them. Overall, though, she’s one hell of a killing machine machine and one hell of an unexpected surprise that I would sure welcome. Rating: Good AA: Less meh Pros: 6km range on DP mounts, BRUTAL mid range AA Cons: Terrible continuous damage on long range, mid-range prone to dismemberment This was also another surprise. I expected the Odin to have terrible AA, but I was totally wrong. Her long range was to be expected, of course. Her continuous damage is terrible, but the range and flak bubbles are excellent, with 6km of range and nearly 1500 damage per blast. Her mid range, however, is far more impressive. With Bismarck levels of mid range AA, she can easily shred lower tier squadrons to pieces with a well timed sector activation, and her short range can do largely the same to enemy planes. That being said, her AA is prone to dismemberment at a moments notice, whether it be by continuous HE rain from an Akizuki or Mahan, or one damn clean shot from a Conqueror. I suggest keeping this tool safe, because you might need it. Rating: Acceptable Maneuverability: Wait, that’s illegal Pros: Fast-as-heck rudder, tighter turning circle than Roma. excellent top speed of 30 knots Cons: Somehow slower than the Bismarck. Odin can dance like no one’s business. It has one of the tightest turning circles for a BB, at 790 meters, which is the same as Monarch, better than Roma, and worse than the Americans. She also has a pretty quick 14.1 second rudder shift that allows her to throw herself about like an oversized cruiser rather than a BB. Vanguard and Vladivostok both have a faster rudder, but their turning radii are far larger than Odin. The only quibble here is her lack of top speed ( cue the ( sort of ) rant ). Despite having 137,300 horsepower, a lower displacement, and a better power to weight ratio than the Bismarck, she’s still somehow only manages a top speed of 30 knots. While this would make me go full bonkers if this was coupled to poor maneuverability, it’s not, so I’ll let that one knot go. That being said, if she went anywhere as fast or even faster than the Gneisenau or Scharnhorst, she would be absolutely broken. As I see it, she’s not, I can also forgive WG for this little quibble. Rating: WTAF Stealth: Shockingly good Pros: Ridonkulously good surface stealth, insane air detection radius, HYDRO on a BB with TORPEDOES Cons: Monarch and Roma exist, sadly... If Monarch and Roma didn’t exist, this would be one of the best BBs in the game for stealth. She has a fully rigged concealment of 12.02km, which is just 300 meters worse than Roma and 500 meters worse than Monarch, while being a good 200-600 meters better than Vladivostok, Vanguard and North Carolina, and a solid 900-1100 meters ahead of Bismarck, Amagi, and Richelieu. Her fully rigged aerial detection of 7.99km is also excellent, as it allows her to sneak around when there’s a carrier in play. Another thing is that she also mounts Hydroacoustic Search, and not just regular hydro, but German hydro, which means huge ranges, up to 3.75km on torpedoes and 5.0km on ships. This kind of combination of both Torpedoes and Hydro has been seen on pretty much every single non-American light and heavy cruiser, but never before on a Battleship. With Bismarck, you got Hydro, and with Tirpitz, you traded that for those Torpedoes. With Odin, you get both, and that’s one hell of a SPANKIN’ deal. Overall, this is a stealthy monster of a Battlecruiser. In fact, like I said, if the Monarch and Roma didn’t exist, she would have earned a WTAF rating. I mean, she still does, but that would have been a cherry on the cake ( lmbo ) Rating: WTAF Verdict Armor: 3 / 5 Armaments: 4 / 5 AA: 3 / 5 Maneuverability: 5 / 5 Stealth: 5 / 5 Overall score: 20 / 25 ( Good ) General Writer Verdict: Actually a good effort from WG so far. Let’s see how it pans out going forward Welp. That’s all I got. I have no snarky or informative comments at the end of this review. If you have any questions, comments, or salt, leave them in the comments below. And if you feel that this is mostly incorrect, I will gladly amend it. Peace!
  6. The_Potato_Smasher

    Proposal: German Tech Tree Battlecruisers

    World of Warships Proposal Researchable Tech Tree Imperial German Navy / Kriegsmarine Large Cruisers/Battlecruisers By Shrayes_Bhagavatula Tech Tree Layout German Battleship Tech Tree Split after Tier V Konig, into a Battlecruiser line and a Battleship line. German Battleship line VI Bayern (Baden-Class) VII Gneisenau (Scharnhorst class with 380mm refit) VIII Bismarck ( Bismarck-class ) IX Friedrich der Grosse ( H-39 ) X Grosser Kurfurst (H-42) German Battlecruiser line VI Mackensen ( Mackensen-class) VII Scharnhorst (Scharnhorst-class, without 380mm refit) VIII Freya ( Odin-class ( preliminary design to Scharnhorst-class )) IX Admiral Scheer ( O-Class Battlecruiser ) X Kiel / Wolfram ( Fictional design, combines elements of O-Class BC with Friedrich Der Grosse Class ) + X Moltke ( Premium BB based on Kurfurst) The German Battlecruisers were designed to provide a counter to the American, Japanese, and Russian large cruisers. They combine powerful, fast firing and hard hitting armaments with excellent armor and high speed, while adding a useful AA defense and great versatility on top of that. As the cherry on the cake, their concealment is on par with or exceeds their Russian and American counterparts, though behind their Japanese counterparts. They have a lower number of guns compared to their counterparts, but they make up for it by having the ability to overmatch armor up to 27mm thick, as well as having a longer firing range and greater accuracy, as well as having turret traverse speeds that are quicker than their counterparts. Also, unlike their American and Russian counterparts, they wield a set of back-up weapons in the form of long range secondaries and knife-fighting torpedo armament. Unfortunately, they are also extremely large targets, very clumsy while turning, and are prone to taking citadel hits when showing full broadside. Thankfully, they have rather small citadel spaces, and the turtleback armor allows them to take a few hits for mere penetration damage. The tech tree starts with the Tier 6 Mackensen, of the Mackensen class ( originally represented by the Prinz Eitel Friedrich ), progresses through the now researchable Scharnhorst ( with some changes ), to the tier VIII Freya, where the line gets access to Hydro and DFAA ( choose one or the other, though ). The line gets access to the short-range, long-duration radar and boosted repair party at the Tier IX Admiral Scheer, and finally, the Kiel, the crown jewel of the line. Kiel has a unique set of traits that set it apart from the rest of the competition at Tier 10. She has the immense striking power of the Friedrich der Grosse’s 406mm main guns, the torpedoes of Z-46, and the massive survivability of Grosser Kurfurst-equivalent bullshittery, with judicious use of her unique repair party, while being more versatile than Hindenburg thanks to her unique Radar consumable. While she lack’s Stalingrad’s consistency, and doesnt have quite the torpedo power of the Yoshino, nor the monstrous alpha strike of the Puerto Rico, she strikes a good balance among all these traits, being capable of assaulting battleships, harrassing destroyers, nuking cruisers, and being a serious detriment to carriers. While she does have her flaws, such as a large detection radius, large turning circle, and only 6 guns, these are largely migitated by her high speed, excellent manuverability, and on point accuracy that would make Zao turn red in the cheeks. Line characteristics Lower amount of HP compared to Battleship counterparts Turtleback is fairly strong throughout the line. Small number of fast firing, low caliber guns with greater accuracy than Battleship counterparts Gains access to torpedoes at Tier VII Gains access to German Hydroacoustic Search past Tier VIII Gains access to German Surveillance Radar past Tier IX German Surveillance Radar has a shorter range than its American Counterparts ( 8.5km vs 10km), but has a longer duration ( 55 seconds ) that can be extended by using the “Surveillance Radar Modification 1” Special Upgrade Tier IX Admiral Scheer and Tier X Kiel gets a special repair party that repairs 77% of Penetration Damage and 33% of Citadel damage, as well as all DoT Hydroacoustic Search can be swapped with a special version of the Defensive Anti-Aircraft Fire Consumable, that increases the AA damage by x4 for 30 seconds Fairly powerful mid-range AA ring, and powerful long range past Tier VIII, but a mediocre short range AA ring High speed and fast rudder shift times only handicapped by a long turning circle over 900m past Tier IX Will take extra damage ( +7.5% ) from deepwater torpedoes ( and 10% from Asashio DWT ) (Note, all numbers are for top configurations with no modules or commander skills) Tier VI: Mackensen Tier VII: Scharnhorst Tier VIII: Freya Tier IX: Admiral Scheer Tier X: Kiel Tier X: Wolfram (Premium, 240,000 Coal) For these ships, we would recommend going with a survivability setup, to maximize the longetivity of these battlecruisers,especially given the massive HP pools they possess. Recommended build Main Armaments Modification 1 Damage Control System Modification 1 Aiming Systems Modification 1 Damage Control System Modification 2 Concealment Systems Modification 1 (Above Tier VIII) Main Battery Modification 3 (Above Tier IX) Commander Build 1.Preventative Maintenance 2.Adrenaline Rush 3.Superintendent 4.Concealment Expert 5. Priority Target 6.High Alert 7.Basics of Survivability 8.Vigilance Flags India Delta November Foxtrot November Echo Setteseven India Yankee Juliet Yankee Bissotwo Economic Flags recommended, but not advised for all the time Tier X: Moltke ( Premium BB, 63,500 Research Points ) Moltke is another proposal. It is essentially a Grosser Kurfurst with 458mm guns and an altered secondary and AA layout, along with boosted HP, armor, and torpedo protection. The key selling point is the 458mm gun’s ability to overmatch 32mm of armor regardless of angling, making it the fourth battleship with 32mm overmatch capability, after Yamato, Musashi, and Yashima ( maybe not this one ) As an ending note, I would like to extend thanks to LittleWhiteMouse for inspiring me to write this, as well as Flambass, Flamu, Jingles, Yuro, and all the others that keep posting their content ( don’t worry Denarmo, I did’nt forget you), for keeping my spirits up in these dark times of Russian bias, the PR fiasco, and many other things that threatened the integrity of the game. You guys genuinely helped a bunch with that, and even made me a better player at the same time ( a lot of the tactics that I make use of are adopted from Flambass and Flamu’s tactics and techniques (And Yuro and Jingles give me a good laugh as well)) Welp, that’s all I got for today. P.S, if anyone seeing this knows how to make 3D renders, could you send some, I will gladly repost this with the images, and place mentions down at the bottom, giving you credit for them. And that’s a wrap Shrayes_Bhagavatula