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Found 2 results

  1. So I have been modeling the Emden that was launched in 1925. She went through quite a few changes over her service life. Her appearance stayed fairly the same except when they installed radar units on her. She came very close to surviving the war but had been damaged by British bombers and ran aground. The Germans blew her up and she was scraped over 5 years until about 1950. She was the only capitol ship in the Kriegsmarine to have served for 25 years. Due to treaty limitations she had been equipped with 8 - 150mm guns in single turrets that allowed for only 6 to a broadside firing. She actually had taught the Germans how to construct better ships as she was basically the first major warship that mostly welding was used on in construction. It was said that she wasn't a very good sea going ship. Most likely due to her size. she was used several times to lay minefields to protect German shore lines. She was also used as a training ship that was probably very valuable to the Kriegsmarine. I have had to download hundreds of photographs and line drawings of her and looking at measurement stats to get as accurate as possible. Here is a line drawing that isn't highly accurate, but it does lay out the ships basic design and gun layout. Lining up the base features. This is more 1943 with the radar sets and the upgraded guns. A side view. I still need to clean up the shading issues a tad, but the texturing will hide most of that. A top view with the guns and torpedo tubes highlighted in orange. A front on view shows why they joked that she was a oversized destroyer. A port angle view with the antennae and rigging lines highlighted in orange and yellow.
  2. There were 3 main concept designs for the Plan Z Spahkruezer. 1938, and 1939 that shared the same hull dimensions. 152 meters over all length with 16 and a half meter width. The 1940 design was designed to be 162 meters overall length, and 16 meters wide. When compared to the M class light cruiser which was to be 163 meters overall length it is realized that for destroyer dimensions they would have been extremely long ships. They would have been fairly fast at 37 to 40 knots. They would have had extreme range ( around 12,000 Nautical Miles ) at cruising speed. They were oversized to perform the mission of escorting larger ships and to recon ahead of the battle group. They were designed to carry on dual turret on the bow and two on the stern to facilitate a more strategic withdraw. They wanted to mount a catapult and 2 scout planes aboard the 1939 design, and possibly the 1940 design. To save weight they considered removing the torpedo armament, even though the ships would have been large enough to carry both. The ships could have been easily up armored because of their size. These ships would have been ideal for mine laying missions, as they could have carried between 50 to 80 mines onboard and more if needed directly for that kind of mission. It took me about 4 days to model out the hull. The top and side you can see how canoe looking the 1938 design appeared. These ships were to have 2 Man 6 cylinder engines that would provide propulsion for cruise and normal operations. A high pressure steam turbine would ad power for combat operations, or missions where they need speed. This meant that these ships would need to carry Fuel Oil, and Diesel, or carry an onboard refinery machinery, like Graff Spee did. Notice the 3 screw set up. The railing done, and getting ready for putting on the super structer and equipment.