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Found 14 results

  1. I suspect that some players just get lucky enough to get the kill shots after others have done the heavy lifting degrading the targets down to 5% of their health.
  2. hughjass07

    Tirpitz Still Has It

    Howdy folks! Why is it that we have ships in our ports that we often leave neglected, taking them out rarely? I have quite a few ships in port that rarely see the light of day, and Tirpitz is one of them. Why, I don't know, but I'll choose Bismarck over Tirpitz 9.9 times out of ten. After this battle though, I'll be sailing Tirpitz more often.
  3. anonym_Hf93Jbjm9WjT

    Budget Kraken!

    Cost effective, highly efficient, max return for minimal clicking.
  4. SlendyMcTendies

    Uncle Kraken looking for new members!

    Greetings captains! The “Uncle Kraken” Clan is looking for new members! Join a friendly group of players looking to make their mark on the seas and gain valuable Steel! Uncle Kraken is a casual clan at its core, but we have decided it’s high time we earned a steady income of Steel for our members. We do not plan on participating in the remainder of Clan Battles Season 4, but we want to get a head-start on assembling teams for the next season! We are not specifically looking for skilled players, but having a strong record will definitely make you stand out! The requirements for joining this clan are as follows: 1) Be an active member – Generally speaking, we prefer to have members who play the game at least once per week. This way the clan has a consistent flow of Oil that we can use to purchase the final, and expensive, upgrades for the clan. 2) Be mature and respectful – while we do not have an age restriction per-se, we prefer to have a mature set of members capable of exchanging thoughts and opinions without overly-emotional and illogical responses; including but not limited to constructive criticism, advice, etc. 3) Familiarity with the Discord application – if accepted into the clan, you will receive an invite to the Clan’s official Discord Server where we gather for Clan Battles and post important Clan News. By extension, we require you to have a Headset AND Microphone. 4) You may not have hidden statistics – hidden statistics prevents us from seeing your overall activity since it does not reveal when you last played a battle. UNCLK has a policy where members that have been inactive for 60 days or longer will be removed from the clan. UNCLK does not condone stat-shaming for any reason as is not tolerated among its members. NOTE: There will be a 30-day probationary period to gauge your activity in-game and other aspects of your membership in the clan. If you are inactive for longer than 2 weeks during this time, you are subject to removal from the clan. If you meet the above requirements and believe you’d be a good fit for this clan, please apply to the clan in-game or by Private Message with a short description of your general activity and ship preferences. If you do not receive a response to the application within 7 days, please send me a PM and I will help you get the issue sorted. We currently have 13 positions available. If you have any questions, please leave a comment below. I will check this post regularly (1-3 days) and respond to everyone I can as quickly as I can. We look forward to your applications! Primo Victoria!
  5. First I had a monster seal-clubbing damage farming game in my Texas, then this little Kraken in the Haida. I'd call that a good Victoria Day.
  6. Yeah, unpopular opinion alert. I've found that the Freddie's guns are a lot punchier and I've recently finally gotten Manual Secondaries on the captain to complete my secondary build. As you can see, it's paying off.
  7. So yeah, this game just happened. Basically, I had to fend off a pack of DDs who tried to overrun me and my teammates, and whenever I was able to get a new squadron of planes back in the air they were on low enough HP that I could finish them off. Once they were dead, I killed a Konigsberg who was trying to take the cap, finished off the enemy Wyoming, and landed the final blow on the enemy Hermes. The reason why I say it's only my first official CV Kraken is because I once got 5 kills in the Bogue, way back in the days before there was a Kraken medal. All in all, I'd say I'm happy with how it all turned out.
  8. This was one of those games. I started out getting into a slugfest with a Tirpitz, Normandie, and Myoko alongside one of our PEFs and a couple DDs, which is where I lost most of my health. One by one, we all either retired from the fight or died until it was just me and the Myoko. Once I'd gunned him down, I saw we were outnumbered 3 to 5 and that their surviving ships were advancing on the cap, so I went to help stop them. I obliterated the unsuspecting Cossack and helped our BBs whittle down the Arizona's health, all the while waiting for an Aoba that was hiding behind some islands to come out. When he did, I paddled his broadside with AP before finishing off the Arizona and getting my first Double Strike in years. By that point, the other BB was dead, so it was just us versus their last ship, the Hipper, which I got with torpedoes for the Kraken. I gotta say, after being so frustrated by the Kidd and being unable to get 5 stars on Narai, this is a welcome change of pace.
  9. My very first game in the Anshan after I got her in a Santa Crate. We were down pretty far on points at one point, but then I kind of went on a rampage and shredded most of what was left of the enemy team, including doing a torpedo drive-by on that Colorado at point-blank range. As well, this is the first time since I had the Aoba that I've gotten two Krakens in one day.
  10. Well i finally got a "proper" Kraken (my first was in a T1 random game against bots) and would like some criticism if any are willing to give it, so i can hopefully improve. https://replayswows.com/replay/39556 p.s. if there is a better way to share replays, let me know. p.p.s. i know i know the fifth kill could have cost me, i had kraken medals in my eyes
  11. Suffice to say, I think she might be pretty good. I can only imagine what she'll be like when my captain is leveled up.
  12. ... no way a Warspite would take advantage.
  13. This was intense. First I torpedoed the Fuso while capturing D, then I chased down the Aigle. By that time, it was down to me, our Lyon, and our Prinz Eichel vs their KGV, Bayern, Z-39, and Minekaze. I tried to save the Prinz Eichel, but he rammed the KGV while the enemy tried to cap B. When I came in, I finished off the Z-39 with guns as I tried (and failed) to torp the Bayern. Our Lyon did a lot of damage to him, but it cost him his life and left me outnumbered 2 to 1. I was able to burn down what was left of the Bayern before the Minekaze came from taking back D to face me. He didn't even fire his guns once, he just dropped torps in vain. It's not my highest damage Haida game, but it is my first Kraken in her and my first true carry in a long time. Shoutout to the enemy Aigle for kiting me for as long as he did and for my teammates for their help. It really was a team effort.
  14. The Giulio Cesare really is a fun little BB. I feels nimble, it's got enough barrels that you can knife fight a DD with HE rounds loaded and win even if you tank a torp or two (I killed two DDs, this game) and it's not really all that inaccurate. It's like a sneaky little stealth BB. I really should play it more often; it's a fun boat. My only gripe this game was that I wish I was able to hit a higher damage number but... THIS WILL DO! Oh and I happen to love how the Italian BBs look too; thinkin' of getting a model kit of one. Something about the Cesare and Roma colors along with their hull shaping make's them some sexy looking ships.