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Found 12 results

  1. First the Nagato, now this little beast. I just got her today from a Santa Crate and, to quote Humphrey Bogart, "I think this may be the beginning of a beautiful friendship."
  2. My very first game in the Anshan after I got her in a Santa Crate. We were down pretty far on points at one point, but then I kind of went on a rampage and shredded most of what was left of the enemy team, including doing a torpedo drive-by on that Colorado at point-blank range. As well, this is the first time since I had the Aoba that I've gotten two Krakens in one day.
  3. Well i finally got a "proper" Kraken (my first was in a T1 random game against bots) and would like some criticism if any are willing to give it, so i can hopefully improve. https://replayswows.com/replay/39556 p.s. if there is a better way to share replays, let me know. p.p.s. i know i know the fifth kill could have cost me, i had kraken medals in my eyes
  4. Suffice to say, I think she might be pretty good. I can only imagine what she'll be like when my captain is leveled up.
  5. I've always been proudest of my 10 Krakens that I racked up between Oct '15 and Jan. of this year.....then I went cold until today ....I was very pleased with #11 in my Kagero (the one with the cloaking device...)....finally.....bagged a Kutuzov, a Fletcher, a Bismarck, and the other two I forget....all on the Okinawa map....which I've always disliked until today . .... .....I know plenty of you have more than that, but just how many?.... who holds the record?...
  6. ... no way a Warspite would take advantage.
  7. This was intense. First I torpedoed the Fuso while capturing D, then I chased down the Aigle. By that time, it was down to me, our Lyon, and our Prinz Eichel vs their KGV, Bayern, Z-39, and Minekaze. I tried to save the Prinz Eichel, but he rammed the KGV while the enemy tried to cap B. When I came in, I finished off the Z-39 with guns as I tried (and failed) to torp the Bayern. Our Lyon did a lot of damage to him, but it cost him his life and left me outnumbered 2 to 1. I was able to burn down what was left of the Bayern before the Minekaze came from taking back D to face me. He didn't even fire his guns once, he just dropped torps in vain. It's not my highest damage Haida game, but it is my first Kraken in her and my first true carry in a long time. Shoutout to the enemy Aigle for kiting me for as long as he did and for my teammates for their help. It really was a team effort.
  8. The Giulio Cesare really is a fun little BB. I feels nimble, it's got enough barrels that you can knife fight a DD with HE rounds loaded and win even if you tank a torp or two (I killed two DDs, this game) and it's not really all that inaccurate. It's like a sneaky little stealth BB. I really should play it more often; it's a fun boat. My only gripe this game was that I wish I was able to hit a higher damage number but... THIS WILL DO! Oh and I happen to love how the Italian BBs look too; thinkin' of getting a model kit of one. Something about the Cesare and Roma colors along with their hull shaping make's them some sexy looking ships.
  9. odin_loves_bacon

    Loving the Cossack buff

    The turret buff has made a huge change in the ship, went from having some issues killing DDs to a full on hunter killer, the quick and powerful guns plus the hydro makes it a very very scary ship! Case in point, got two Kraken's in a row, I know the damage is not super high on ether. Most of those kills are DDs on each battle. Now, 10km torps are a little much I will say, they should be dropped to say 7km/8km to match the other British DDs.
  10. Didn't score 100K damage but with a 3 point captain, 2nd of 3 total games in the ship, managed to get all 3 achievements just as I died. Islands of Ice not my fav map but was on C cap when it was taken and moved toward B cap. I noticed reds coming thru the gap between A and B (couple BBs and a CA - Missouri, N Caro, Baltimore) so I decide to do what I can to help take them out and had 2 kills. Got the kill for the Baltimore and the Bismark - great teamwork as they were focused. Helped take down the Missouri when another N Caro pops up at 7 KM and help take it down. Then pops and Edinburgh and a Bis. Avoided the first salvo of torps from the Edinburgh. Took one torp from the second salvo, meanwhile the rest of the team is beating down the Bis when my secondaries start on the Bis, Edinburgh tries to smoke and turn - take him out with a cit, eat his torps, secondaries take out the Bis to get Close Quarter Expert, Double Strike, and Kraken... Damn exciting and completely unexpected... No idea I even had a chance to take out the Bis. Heard the secondaries but didn't see that the Bis was so low. I had to chuckle when I saw the 3 immediate achievements (esp the Kraken as those are pretty rare for me).
  11. Dat heal though
  12. No...I still hate the Greyjoys... This one came out NOWHERE. The game was lagging like mad...we were losing 3 caps to zero...and things started to happen. I ended up taking on several ships at once...my smoke got rushed by a DD and an Omaha... while a KGV tried to sneak up on the other side of the island I was using as cover... I lost count of the torps I dodged... Next thing I know I got 4 kills... And its down to one red BB vs 5 of us... and I'm on the other side of the map... no way right...I charge over while typing mineminemine... nobody listens of course...the red Normandie tried to hide behind an island...with very little health..our fuso took at shot...and hit the island...I took my shot and I got the kill... Whew!!! Oh and the best part? I was one the phone with my 8 year old daughter who was trying to talk me into bringing a stray cat home...LOL.. Edit..hope its not another 1500 game till I get another...