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Found 8 results

  1. Hello captain, I'm a deputy commander and recruitment director for [R-F], a top NA clan and the 3rd place finisher from season eight of King of the Sea, which just ended in March 2019. We're seeking to continue to develop our roster with skilled, active players who also have competitive experience. We run multiple clan battle teams during clan battle seasons. Rogue Fleet currently boasts a roster of almost 50 active members. That means our clan base is nearly fully upgraded (missing only the final coal upgrade), we have people on our Discord each night to division up and our clan's leadership has a focus on competitive and working together. Requirements: A tier X PR of 1,750 or above, per https://na.wows-numbers.com/ as well as multiple tier X ships. Competitive experience (clan battles or KoTS or both) is preferred. As of May 19, 2019, [R-F] became a proud member of the Firth Alliance, made up of two other top NA clans: [MIA] and [o7]. If that all sounds exciting to you, then send me a DM and we'd love to welcome you to R-F. Our Discord link is: https://discord.gg/W8Y9mMS Our clan’s achievements go back to the fall of 2017 and include: Clan Battles Season 1: Typhoon II (Number 54 overall) Clan Battles Season 2: Hurricane (Number 32 overall) Clan Battles Season 3: Typhoon III (Number 36 overall) Clan Battles Season 4: Typhoon II (Number 37 overall) Clan Battles Season 5: Hurricane King of the Sea Season VII (September 2018): Tied for 9th out of 40 teams King of the Sea Season VIII (March 2019): Finished 3rd out of 51 teams Below are examples our games from season VIII of KoTS as well as a clan battle from season five:
  2. Deny is looking to fill our roster!. We have been able to make Typhoon on a consistent basis in Clan Battles and always have enough players for at least one team and sometimes two. We do different events when we can and always have a good time except when Dave picks the music. We have a great core group and want to add you so that we can have someone new to traumatize. JK LUL We are currently thinking about doing our 2nd KOTS so if that is something you are interested in please holla at us. If you're friendly, funny, laid back, play often, and know how to play as a team send me a message on the forums or in game or for best results just join our Discord and tag @Aggressive_Behavior . No applications or forms to fill out, just come play with us in discord. Bonuses to joining include: -Talking about strategy for hours (After action reports are fun!) -Friends and/or acquaintances -A cool looking clan logo with two torpedoes in it. Double that of single torpedo logos. -The chance to be a clan Battle shot-caller. I hate doing it, you'll learn to hate it too. -You'll know someone named Dave -lighthearted announcements in the in-game clan chat that no one reads -We have our very own Penguin and Squirrel! -Sync Drop Nightmares -Discussions on which community contributors are awesome and which are amazingly horrific -You're still reading this? -Very serious recruiting ads -Less serious recruiting ads -Our most laid back Clan mate is named Fear so there is that. Some sample interview questions to help prospective captains study up and get in good with the leadership. 1) How long have you been obsessed with tacos? 2) is your best friend real or imaginary. 3) Do you keep an emergency taco in your pocket your car your backpack or all three? 4) How many days a week do you play world of warships and are you properly dressed for those occasions? 5) If you are marooned on a desert island what kind of tacos would you bring and why? 6) When you are up against two ships do you: A) crawl into a corner and cry for your mom? B) shoot one ram the other? C) give up and go eat tacos? Discord Server Link to come hang out https://discord.gg/z4uRHKy Oh almost forgot! We are in early discussions about a Vegas trip this fall for in-person Shenanigans!
  3. KSC and KSD are selectively recruiting! We are looking for players focused on Clan Battles and having strong divisions for Random games. Both KSC and KSD achieved Typhoon 1 status last Clan Battles season, and both teams reached Typhoon with their Bravo squad as well. We regularly participate in competitive events such as KotS and Wargames. We work to achieve a balance between competitive play and casual time requirements. Our leadership is active, transparent, and responsive to clan members’ input. We have an active Discord with 200+ members, including many guests from other clans. If you have interest in joining our clans or being a guest on our Discord, please message Borla78 (Borla78#6335) or ASR37 (ASR37#7453) on Discord, PM us on the forum, or reply to this thread. Our minimum stat requirements: 55%+ WR 1500+ PR 2+ T10s viable for Clan Battles Regular use of Discord Other areas of focus: Recent and high tier stats Variety of ships viable in competitive Experience in Clan Battles Generally non-toxic in game chat and on Discord Active in game and on Discord What KSC/KSD offers: Active leadership that is transparent and welcomes feedback Key officers/leadership have played Clan Battles since Season 1 with successful results An active player group with skilled players that have fun together Low overall turnover Advanced port upgrades, including for Steel and Coal Participation in competitive community events, such as KotS and Wargames. Discord server with active members from around the world. Lots of division play, operations, and scrims. If you have interest, please message Borla78 (Borla78#6335) or ASR37 (ASR37#7453) on Discord, or reply to this thread. Keep in mind that our minimum requirements are just that, we are still selective with our approvals even above those standards. Our typical recruitment process generally includes: Brief Discord chat with Admirals Division games with officers Two or three days spent on our Discord hanging out and playing with our members A little backstory on us: KSC was founded in March 2018 by a group of Clan War vets (reached Typhoon 1 together in Season 1, and Hurricane together in Season 2) wanting to strike a balance of competitive play, reasonable time requirements, and active, transparent leadership. When we formed KSC there were just 2.5 weeks left in Season 2. We had already gotten our old clan to Hurricane in the first half of the season, we also immediately got KSC into Typhoon in the final two weeks of Season 2. We’ve been Typhoon in every season since. We split into two equal clans before last Clan Battles season. During that season both KSC and KSD put their Alpha teams into Typhoon 1 and their Bravo teams into Typhoon. Doing that allowed us to get 26 different players at least 30 Typhoon wins and 33 people at least 15 Typhoon wins last season. Of the almost 20 founding members, approx. 80% are still in the clan, and the handful that left did so on good terms, often still visiting our Discord. Over the course of our history we have absorbed the core groups of a couple small clans and had a significant merger (TSN). After each of those additions almost all members who merged/joined remained with the clan, had significant input on clan decisions, and several are Clan Officers. We have experience with mergers, so we would selectively consider future mergers with smaller clans looking for a more robust infrastructure and player base. We have high retention and low drama! Message Borla78 (Borla78#6335) or ASR37 (ASR37#7453) on Discord for more info.
  4. Who are we? Buenas Noches International is a Latin American clan founded in January 2017, as [KM] Kriegsmarine we initially started off as a clan of close friends but ever since the first clan war season we have been competitive and are well respected Latin American clan as we have consistently been able to match the achievements of the other major competitive clans on the NA server. Looking into 2019, we look forward to grow as a clan and dominate the tournaments such as KOTS and Clan Wars. If you're looking for a place to compete against the top clans on the server and better yourself as a player, this is the place. hat we look for in a Player? We are seeking players who can put their time and effort in the competitive aspects of WoWs. Requirements: • Be able to communicate effectively in English and/or Spanish • 1600+ PR (WoWs numbers) • 57%+ Win Rate • Have a discord and a working mic • Multiple T10 ships which are viable for comps • Be active on discord and interact with the clan members • Be competent with at least one ship class • 1000+ battles played • Is able to read the general direction of a game and act accordingly • Have a sense of humour but also the ability to be focused during competitive play • Every member is expected to continue improving • No drama and no toxicity/hostile attitudes towards anyone What do we offer as a clan? • A strong clan with well established foundations. • Lot of active and skilled players to div with • Scrims and practice, it maybe internal or with other clans • Continues participation in tournaments such as KOTS, Wargames and competitive modes such as clan wars Our Achievements? • 6th place in KOTS 7 • 3rd in Wargames IV • Reached hurricane for Season 4 of Clan Battles •Top 12 Clan Wars in NA •Best Latino American Clan Discord Link: https://discord.gg/pPWjvsD ENVIASTE UNA INVITACIÓN PARA UNIRSE AL SERVIDOR [-BN-] 🔫🌹 22 En línea111 miembros Unido
  5. [OO7] Double Strike Leadership Commander: Grizzly95 Deputy Commanders: Gilhop, Alpinerooster, and GeoBrigade Recruiters: Helipro, _Po1t3rGe1sT_, Stormhawk94, and Senpai What is Double Strike? Double Strike [OO7] partnered with Devastating Strike [O7], founded in May 2017 as [SOUR] partnered with [SALTY] with the sole intent of dominating competitive game play in WoWS. We are one of the few clans in NA with the most obtained oil since it was implemented. We have all the steel upgrades and are currently working on getting the last coal upgrade. In 2019, Double Strike looks forward to completely build the Naval Base to 100% and being one of the top 10 competitive teams. What do we look for in a player? Double Strike is looking for people who are willing to put time and effort into becoming part of a competitive driven community. Double Strike Minimum Requirements: Be able to communicate effectively in English Have Discord, Teamspeak installed and have a working mic 60%+ Win rate (Tiers and ships played will be taken into consideration) 2000 PR (Based off wows-numbers) 1500+ Battles played Be competent with multiple classes of ship Have multiple Tier 8 competitive ships Have multiple Tier 10 competitive ships Can read the flow of battle and play smart Have a sense of humor but also the ability to be focused during competitive play Every member is expected to continue improving What do we offer? A well-established and stable community Plenty of skilled members to play in a division with Weekly practice in the form of training, scrimmages with other clans and internal battles Continuous participation in tournaments and other competitive modes How does the recruiting phase work? To maintain a high standard of player performance, new members will undergo a trial phase. This phase is a month-long evaluation where officers and other senior members will keep track of division, training and official match performances. While random game stats do give an indication of knowing basic game mechanics, they do not however shed light on the team play aspect of the individual. It is expected that every trial member does his/her utmost with regards to team play. Statistics will never tell us the whole story, so if you still think you have what it takes to join Double Strike, join our Discord and contact one of the above leaders/recruiters. Achievements: Multiple members get rank 1 during rank seasons Double Strike made it into Typhoon for Season 1 of Clan Battles Double Strike made it into Hurricane for Season 2 of Clan Battles Double Strike made it into Typhoon for Season 3 of Clan Battles Double Strike made it into Hurricane for Season 4 of Clan Battles Double Strike won Wargames IV: Kolombangara Double Strike made Top 16 in King of the Sea VIII: North America More TBA Discord Rules and Link: The Following are our general guidelines and expectations for members/visitors in the O7/Double Strike discord and within WoWs: 1. Procedure: If a member of our discord and/or one of our clans is caught breaking one of these rules or a complaint is produced about said member then said member will be evaluated by an Officer based on - The legitimacy of the complaint The severity of the complaint. If the member is found to be in breach of our code of conduct then a warning will be issued for the first instance, if the problem persists then disciplinary action may be applied, especially if said member is part of one of our competitive teams. Banning or expulsions may be used but will be a last resort and only used in the most extreme of cases. 2. Code for general/casual Communications: For the most part we are not interested in policing your actions or behavior in a video game, especially on the casual level, however, when it crosses the line into harassment, grieving, or personal attacks, or it is an active issue for the enjoyment of others (screaming, smashing keys, offensive audio/visual) then steps will be taken to correct the issue. Use your best judgement, we have no problems with general salt, swearing, rabble-rousing etc. but we will not accept behavior that crosses the line. 3. Code for Competitive Communications: Any member that is participating in a competitive event or is a representative of one of our teams will be held to a higher standard at those competitive events. We will not accept any negative or aggressive comments directed at the enemy team. We are first and foremost good sportsmen and professional when playing at a higher level. Grieving/Crap Talking/Team killing will also not be accepted. If anything has been missed the leadership at Double Strike reserves the right to take action if a situation develops outside of the above guidelines and also to make any alterations to this code provided that prior notice is given.
  6. Buenas Noches es un clan latinoamericano fundado en enero de 2017. Provenientes de antiguo [KM] Kriegsmarine inicialmente empezamos como un clan de amigos cercanos, pero desde la primera temporada de guerra de clanes hemos sido competitivos y somos muy respetados como clan latinoamericano, ya que siempre hemos sido capaces para igualar los logros de los otros grandes clanes competitivos en el servidor de NA. Mirando hacia 2019, esperamos crecer como clan y dominar los torneos como KOTS y Clan Wars. Si estás buscando un lugar para competir contra los mejores clanes en el servidor y mejorarte como jugador, este es el lugar. ¿Qué buscamos en un jugador? Estamos buscando jugadores que puedan poner su tiempo y esfuerzo en los aspectos competitivos de WoWS. Requisitos: • Ser capaz de comunicarse efectivamente en Español Y manejar poco el Ingles. • 1750+ PR (números de WoWs) • 58% + tasa de ganancia • Tener Discord y un micrófono que funcione. • Múltiples barcos T10 que son viables para comp. • Mantente activo en discord e interactuar con los miembros del clan. • Ser competente con al menos una clase de barco • Más de 1000 batallas jugadas • Es capaz de leer la dirección general de un juego y actuar en consecuencia. • Tener sentido del humor pero también la capacidad de concentrarse durante el juego competitivo • Se espera que cada miembro continúe mejorando. • Sin drama y sin toxicidad / actitudes hostiles hacia cualquiera. ¿Qué ofrecemos como clan? • Un clan fuerte con fundamentos bien establecidos. • Gran cantidad de jugadores activos y hábiles para div • Scrims y práctica, tal vez interna o con otros clanes. • Continuar participando en torneos como KOTS, Wargames y modos competitivos como las guerras de clanes. Nuestros Logros? • 6to lugar en KOTS 7 • 6to lugar en KOTS 8 • 3º en Wargames IV • Alcanzó el huracán para la temporada 2 de Clan Battles • Alcanzó el huracán para la temporada 4 de Clan Battles • Top 12 Clan Wars en NA • El mejor clan latinoamericano. Si estás interesado pasa por nuestro discord, te estaremos esperando. https://discord.gg/pPWjvsD
  7. Today 40 clans enter the field of battle. Only one will be crowned King. There is a lot of really good and experienced streamers covering the tournament. Watch them here Here is the schedule for the teams
  8. Tempered_Tantrum

    Be IN3PT by choice Join us today!!!

    Hello All I am Temperd_Tantrum and we are the founders of IN3PT. We are a high skill player base clan who has lots of experience in clan battle and of course randoms. Our officer core have achieved typhoon in the last 2 clan battle seasons and got our flags. We have a founding document that governs our clan and we operate on a commander/officer vote to decide on topics, commanders and officers are voted into office and if you are in a higher role you are in service to the Founders document. My position in the clan being the account holder is asking the voting body to conduct themselves as upholders of our founding document, I have no vote or actual power in the decisions that get made in EN3PT I am a intermediary and can be replaced too. If you find yourself in a clan where your words are either not heard or you disagree with many clans command structure and you meet our skill floor requirement please drop into discord and send a message to any of the officers, this clan is a glass house type of management, there will be vary plain language as to any players standings in regard to clan battle roster seats/ kots seats, it is the mission of all officers and commanders to train all members to the level of our lowest desired skill floor. this approach is not intended to create divition inside the clan between players ability, but instead create a system of inter support and learning of all clan members. so here is our skill floor we are looking to fill the roster with: 55% WR recent, dark blue stats +, a minimum of 2 tier 10 ships unless you are willing to be second seed till you get the required ships, 250 battle minimum in tier 10, 52% WR in tier 10, Has a mic and speaks enough English to communicate battle comms. Good attitude and willingness to learn will be prioritized over god tier play and a bad personality. When an app or person expresses interest in clan involvement, a officer will contact the person in question and set up a time to evaluate the player in a random battle or two, Subjects to cover: Player goals and expectations, how competent they are in there preferred ship class. and a small 12 v 6 in practice where officer is shadowing the recruit and sees how they handle being out numbered. if the meeting is a success then applicant will be submitted as a passed app and then proceed to a vote by the commanders and attending player base a successful vote will result in a majority rule. train with talented folks. https://discord.gg/ZVG2BE I wish you all well and Praise be unto the most perfect version of yourself my friend. sincerely- Tempered_Tantrum