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Found 13 results

  1. Hey all! It took me almost two months, but I have finally finished uploading every game I cast of EU and NA King of the Sea to Youtube! Here is the overall playlist: Link for those who need it And here are the links to the NA Finals! Game 1 NA Finals Game 2 NA Finals Game 3 NA Finals Game 4 NA Finals Hope you enjoy!
  2. Week 2 of NA King of the Sea starts! Today I'll be (tentatively) casting! 3:00 RNDMS vs VAH 3:30 NGA vs BONKY 3:55 - NOCAP vs RBMK 4:15 - DOWN vs -K- 4:35 HOPAS vs NOKAP 4:55 - TSIOF vs AAA 5:10 - GGWP vs OGF 5:35 - 386LV vs AND3S" (All times in EDT) Giveaways, drops and more! Come hang out! Link to Twitch
  3. Rusty_Bucket__

    Smaland In Kots

    A friend of mine observed that he didn't see any Smaland in KOTS this year. I know the Kleb and Petro were banned. What the story about Smaland?
  4. Are you pretty good? Anxious to play on a competitive team, but your clan can't or won't support it? Do you have a pretty good core team assembled, but you're having trouble filling it out? Leave a message here in this thread! By rule, KotS teams are not clan-based. Players from any circumstance may assemble into a team. Good shooting to all !
  5. I finished my last KoTS mission today and now have all the items I need to complete the collection. I began wondering which T7 premium ship I might get so I looked at what T7's I already have. I looked at the Wiki and bounced available T7 against what I have in port and it seems like I lack only four ships. Atlanta B Florida Hyuga Sims B I doubt it'll be a Black ship so I should get either Florida or Hyuga. Wut??? Looks like I got a duplicate. Didn't know that was possible. I'll be cashing in the captain for his ECXP. After a little digging in the notifications I find doubloons! Thanks WG! I'll be looking around for something worthy to spend it on!
  6. KOTS XII has come to a close for North America and [SCCC] emerges as Champions! EverettWV joins [BONKS] Addi, [O7] ThePotato69, and [GGWP] Sageliev to recap on the tournament, the ships bans, the meta, and standout participants! YouTube: Anchor: <https://anchor.fm/gtkwows/episodes/Episode-080-KOTS-XII-Roundtable---SCCC--BONKS--O7--GGWP-e10r9de>
  7. Felicidades a todos los clanes latinoamericanos que participaron en el torneo de KOTS. Me dio mucho gusto verlos ahí y estoy muy orgulloso de ustedes. Aquí están los equipos que van a avanzar a la siguiente ronda de KOTS
  8. The King of Coop, MR. CONWAY stops by the add a human voice to the buyout of King of the Sea by Wargaming. Unrelated, Boggzy and Borla ask him if he's familiar with a little skill called "Dead-Eye"... TIMESTAMPS: 01:35 - Meet Mr. Conway / from Paris to Prague 10:01 - WG buys KOTS, How did it come about? 13:04 - Sponsors for KOTS? 17:00 - Ship bans for all Servers 22:04 - No. Thunderers. 24:12 - Pasta BB's in this KOTS? 25:40 - Survey results published 27:51 - Best way to give feedback 31:38 - Oh Hai, Dead-Eye 34:58 - Spreadsheets and Borla's Monster Dog 36:50 - How WG tracks skill choices 38:40 - Bans for Clan Battles 41:15 - Future of Supercruisers 42:49 - SINK A SHIP 44:25 - KOTS halftime show? YouTube: Anchor: https://anchor.fm/gtkwows/episodes/Episode-068-MR-CONWAY-on-KoTS-Buyout-and-Skill-Rework-eqhrvg
  9. KotS (King of the Seas) has officially been sold to WG. MrConway had this to add. ... well folks, i dunno what to make of this yet. but i sure hope the organisers go a good deal out of it... Edit: seems CVs are not coming soon
  10. Here's the toornament site: https://www.toornament.com/en_US/tournaments/3991365853168582656/information Ignore the times in the bracket; I think they're Narnia time. Stream casting begins Sat. 8:30am Eastern, 7:30am Central, and 5:30 Pacific. This oughta be good. Go NA !
  11. Hello, everyone! I spliced up my livestream VoD into each match that I had the pleasure of casting! They are here in this playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL4-adNZGyY9ppfdt8DkdWc8Gq_33TuN5F LOTS of great games - if you are interested in learning some high level gameplay before CB's this season - start here!
  12. Gives the King of the Sea camo.
  13. Today 40 clans enter the field of battle. Only one will be crowned King. There is a lot of really good and experienced streamers covering the tournament. Watch them here Here is the schedule for the teams