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Found 6 results

  1. Xwing_Red1

    So, Yuro got point

    Eurobeat (Yuro) is righ!! 1) The time has come for Uncle WG to make models with slight differences for Hiei, Haruna and Kirishima (They are basically copied/pasted from Kongo's model) 2) Fully upgraded Kongo (and their clones) have more Hit Points than German BB Odin? Really?.... REAAAALLLYYYYY? Tier V Kongo (and their clones): 54100 Hp Tier VIII Odin: 52800 Hp
  2. Since both ships are effectively Battlecruisers, I would be interested to see how effective they'd be a match up, given one has the bigger guns and armor thickness, the other superior technology. Scenario 1: USS Alaska is commissioned sooner than expect and is at Ironbottom Sound during the Second Naval Battle of Guadalcanal in place of the USS South Dakota and USS Washington. Does USS Alaska have an advantage of facing the Kongo-class Kirishima at night in a point-blank brawl? Scenario 2: USS Alaska finds it self at Leyte Gulf after finishing it's shakedown cruise and manages to arrive at the Battle off Samar just as Admiral Kurita is retreating with his force. Kurita orders the Kongo to stay back and fight a rear guard action to protect the Yamato. In broad daylight with range between them, does the Alaska have the advantages facing the Kongo in late 1944?
  3. when i looked into flickr , i noticed this lego-like Submarine I-401 ~ So my question is, could Cobi Collab with Ark Performance and WoWS to make i401 and her crew (including iona), along with her sister ships i400/402, both versions of takao, all the kongo sisters , myoko sisters, maya, yamato and musashi, as well as their respective characters? a kuma class light cruiser (i cant remember the name of the ship) and Corrosive warhead torpedo (scaled to the ship, or otherwise) would also be a neat treat :3
  4. In 1935, the British built Battlecruiser Kongo was dry docked to be uparmored. With the reconstruction complete in 1937, the Kongo was reclassified as a "Fast Battleship". But were the Kongos even worthy of that classification? She had a main armor belt of 203mm, and turret armor of 254mm and barbette armor of 229mm. For comparison, the Dunkerque, which as conceived as a Battlecruiser in concept (meant to counter the Panzerschiff) seemingly had thicker armor. The Dunkerque had a main armor belt of 225mm, turret armor of 330mm, and barbette armor of 340mm. And it has been said that the Dunkerque could not even resist the 11" guns the Scharnhorst or Gneisenau. The Dunkerque was officially classified as "navires de ligne" but given what she was designed to do, and what her armor could and could not resist, it would be fair to term her a Battlecruiser. But...if the Dunkerque has thicker armor then the Kongo, and the Dunkerque can't even resist the smallest of post-dread Battleship main-battery guns, then can the Kongos truly be considered "Fast Battleships? Was this just propaganda? Is there more to the armor scheme of the Kongo's then general armor thickness? Just what kind of guns could the "Fast Battleship" Kongos even resist?
  5. So, I'm sure a lot of you may have noticed that by the time they sank, all the Kongo Fast Battleships looked pretty different from each other. After I had bought the Kongo a few months ago, though, I was sort of confused. You see, the Kongo looks like this... But the ingame Kongo looks like this! Should/could Wargaming fix this? I also saw some arpeggio ships still sailing around, and all of the Kongo sisters there are reskinned. Does it even matter to anyone? Personally, I would love to see our real Kongo.