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Found 4 results

  1. Sigh...it was fun while it lasted. I suspect with the new detection ranges and torpedo nerf that my Kleber and Mogador will not be seen too much. Longer detection range kills the possibility of torpedo attacks and they then made the torps easier to see killing them anyways. Fantasque may still be a very viable boat but I have been playing it as a torpedo boat and not a gunboat. That will be a little more difficult. Yes, they were probably overpowered but now Kleber is just a Khaba with less powerful guns. It was overkill. The speed is still wonderful but now they will just be dodging gunfire and air attacks with it. Talk among yourselves....
  2. eagle_lance

    Kleber buffs when?

    The ship has no defense against cv's and has horrible dpm. Additionally, it gets out spotted by every dd except the overpowered khaba. It needs better dpm, longer range torps, better concealment, better aa, or smoke. The speed is nice, but you can't break contact or survive against cv's for too long. This ship needs help and makes the Yueyang look strong.
  3. I checked the update 8.10 video and in this forum but did not see any Nerfs. Both my Kleber and Mogador AA mod 1 slot 3 are gone. I cannot add AA MOD 1 back in slot 3. Was this a nerf for 8.10 or is this a 8.10 issue? Thanks This did have me reading more about how AA works and of course 8.10 so not a complete loss. I just cannot find the answer. Thanks