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Found 1 result

  1. Jet_2022

    Kleber Review

    Disclaimer: I don’t actually have Kleber yet, but I have done lots of research and this is my idea of all the compiled info. This more of a notes section than a review. This is also my first post so I hope it isn’t to long. 🙂Links to info below. Skill floor:challenging due to lack of smoke and low AA Skill Ceiling:high due to unique set of tools Main Battery Kleber has 8 139mm guns second only to the Elbing line. Kleber has great firing arcs both in front and in back. Thanks to this Kleber can maintain heavy angling while keeping all guns on a target. Use this to your advantage to avoid most shells. General Stats: 139mm guns, 7 sec reload, 13.56 km range, 2000 he damage, 2700 ap damage 137,143 he dpm without Main battery reload booster 185,143 ap dpm without Main battery reload booster Kleber has the highest ap and he alpha strike of any T10 dd with Khaba and Marceau coming close. Kleber also has the fastest stock range of any T10 dd. Kleber's ballistics are the best in class for a T10 DD allowing it to annoy BBs at far ranges, but also hit escaping dds. Kleber can citadel almost half of T10 cruisers at 8km. Torpedos Kleber has amazing firing arcs on torpedos as well General Stats 4x3 torpedoes, 8km range, 18,400 alpha, 75 knot speed. They have short range, high alpha strike, and are fast. The range doesn’t change after Jaguar which is tier V. They can’t beat Shimikaze’s alpha (nothing can) but they do beat Daring, Holland, and Grozovoi. They are 75 knots which is relatively fast (nothing like Holland) you can use them to yolo. You can use them for 2 things: yolo situations and kiting, but be aware of their short range. Hull Kleber has 21900 hp which is average. However it does have special mid section saturation. However it doesn’t have smoke so you do have to be careful. Health management is important because of no heal and no smoke. Concealment Kleber's concealment is horrible. The surface concealment is the worst of all T10 DDs, except for Khaba at 9.6km. However, the upgraded conceal, 7.76, is just about the range where you can reliably citadel most light cruisers. You should stay out of caps unless there are no cruisers or it is mid to late game. Agility Kleber has the highest speed of all T10 dds with 55.2 knots with Engine boost and Sierra Mike. The turning circle is a little on the large side, and the rudder shift isn't amazing, but is compensated by the outstanding 44 knots stock speed. You should use your speed to avoid most shells kiting and dodging. AA: Nothing here to see. Consumables and Upgrades Damage control:normal Main Battery Reload Booster:50% reload buff, last 15 sec, 100 sec cooldown, 4 charges Engine Boost:20% speed boost, last 180 sec, 90 sec cooldown, 3 charges Slot 1: MAM1: Pretty obvious, you want to protect your all important guns and torps. The magazine mod is an option, but you can always run Juliet Charlies instead. Slot 2: EBM1: You want to boost that speed boost duration. This makes it go from 180 secs to 234 secs, a not huge but useful increase. If you don't have the special upgrade, Engine Room Protection is the default choice. Slot 3: MBM2: Kleber's turrets are quite slow, at 18 sec for 180. Your dispersion is already pretty good (it's a DD), so I probably wouldn't take Aiming Systems. The torp tubes mod is nice for the extra speed, but having the fast turning turrets is useful. Slot 4: PM1: Your rudder shift is already pretty good, so there isn't much reason to take that. The acceleration, however, is useful for speed juking, a quite effective tactic combined with your Engine Boost. Slot 5: CSM1: Pretty obvious. Still a very strong upgrade, not really any other good options. Slot 6: MBM3: Your guns are your strong point, you want to make them batter. While range is an option, as I discuss in Captain Skills, I generally don't upgrade range on Kleber. Captain skills Grease the Gears: None of the other 1 points skills are as good, and that extra turret traverse is quite nice. -Last Stand: Always will be a key skill, never a bad choice on DDs. -Survivability Expert: More HP is always nice, especially on a DD like Kleber where HP conservation is so key. -Concealment Expert: A very powerful skill. Even on gunboats like Kleber, concealment and the spacing opportunities it provides are always useful. -Adrenaline Rush: More reload is always better. Since you will often be on lower health near the end of the match, you can get some super filthy DPM at the end of the match. With a full gun build and at 80% health, you have the same burst DPM as a Worcester when the reload booster is active. Like I said, super filthy in the right situation. -Main Battery and AA Specialist: Basically a nerfed BFT. Even with the nerf, more reload for no penalty at all is useful on Kleber. The 10% AA boost is also nice to have on a ship with so bad AA already. -Preventative Maintenance: While 30% is minor, DD modules are very vulnerable, so this is actually a nice skill to have. -Fearless Brawler: 10% reload. More DPM is always great. Took upgrade and captain skills section from Cicero so all credit goes to him. Final Summary Kleber is an amazing ship. It is pretty hard to play but if you can get it right then it can be the strongest T10 destroyer. Credits Cicero’s Kleber review Yurra’s ship guide