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Found 1 result

  1. Well just played a match with at least two if not three of them on the red team. Smoke, spam. Smoke, spam. Smoke, spam. Rounds that practically citadel a cruiser, don't yet know about a battleship. I guess we needed these ships? To uh, balance out some other ships? Gee, I'm not seeing it... guess I have to grind on up to a Worcester to kill them? Or use the new MBB on my French cruisers to fire every 4.5 seconds for 15 seconds (wow that helps, a whole 15 seconds... why that's almost three reloads if I respec my commander to increase the rate of fire - no thanks, not spending my precious doubloons. Can't wait to encounter the tier X dd... it should be a lol boat for sure. Just wait till you get about four or five of these things on each team. Should be a real fun time. So - what counters do we have for them - the best ships to counter them? Tactics? tiafyc