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Found 5 results

  1. First, I want to preface this with the following statements: I was not on this game before the IJN GB 1/4 pen buff I do not currently have any IJN 100mm armed dds, I am on the way there. All points I make on this are not opinions, they are facts. This will be A LOT of reading, but I am going to be diligent in my information. Now that that is out of the way lets begin this. The IJN Gunboat line, is utterly overpowered and busted. This is not a point, it is a statement. Here is the basis for my theory on this topic: 1. The line has the smallest caliber main battery guns of any destroyer in the game, above tier 2, yet they have a ridiculous penetration threshold of 30mm base. 2. The line has the largest torpedo salvo-per-launcher of any other ship in the entire game at tier 9 & 10. 3. The line has far more HP than other same tier dds, especially at tier 10. 4. The lines concealment values are extremely generous given the size of the ships. Now lets break this down 1. The guns on this line of ships are absolutely unique and overpowered. With 30mm base penetration values on HE shells the base line pen is higher than even the largest Destroyer main battery guns (139mm) with an IFHE captain assigned to the ship (28mm), AND can be further augmented up to 37mm, if you equip an IFHE captain to the boat. For consistency purposes, I am not listing/counting the one or two German dds that can equip 150mm *Cruiser* guns on certain hulls. 139mm is the maximum caliber guns for destroyers, a roughly 5.5in gun with less penetration than a <4in gun? Much balance. After a recent buff, the German Destroyer line now has 1/4 pen on its DD guns and has 32mm pen base, narrowly beating out the IJN GB line now, which until that buff, was sub 30mm base pen, making the IJN GB's the smallest guns with the most pen in the game for HE (for destroyers). **I would like to mention here that post IFHE Rework, the pen value was buffed from 25% to 30% making the IJN 100mm guns the only guns in the game with 30% penetration values for HE. Wargaming could have buffed the 25% base to 26% base and maintained the ability to hit 32mm pen with IFHE on this line but instead chose to get overly zealous and buff to a flat 30% base pen value. ***which I would also like to mention is the SAME penetration potential as 152mm cruiser guns, and 180mm Soviet guns at tiers 8, 9, & 10...........and no other ship, line, or class gets 30% pen on HE aside from these INJ Gunboats. These factors combined with the fact that these ships have a VERY short reload time of 3.0s base across all three boats, makes these ships capable of dishing out monstrous amounts of DPM. Add in factors like BFT to this, or at tiers 9 & 10, reload mod, and you can have a ship with a <2.4s reload that is only further enhanced the more you damage it if using AR as well. Now you might be thinking at this point "yeah, but the shells have such low alpha though" and you would be correct, they do. But that does not matter when you have enough baseline penetration to pen Heavy Cruiser deck armor, and enough IFHE penetration to pen Battleship bow and stern, as well as the deck for some of them. Keep in mind, low alpha penetrating shots are still damaging hits when other larger caliber dds guns would be shattering shells in the same situation. And these Destroyers are spitting rounds from 8-10 guns (6 in the case of HSF Harekaze) every 2.5-3.0 seconds without taking AR into account. If you would like to argue this with "yeah but there are ships with higher DPM than the IJN Gunboat line" I would urge you to respect that there is a HUGE difference between raw DPM numbers and actual recognizable DPM in-game. Ships like Daring, Halland, Smaland, etc, while they have better DPM in certain shell types, do NOT possess the actual penetration values to utilize said DPM in most cases, especially as far as HE is concerned. **** I would also point out at the end here that these shells also have a 1,000m/s base velocity, which is absurd, HOWEVER, the air drag is significant. ***** These ships also have REALLY good range, that can be further augmented by AFT and range mod, to give a 16.81km range in the case of the Harugumo with a proper build! So just "run away" is NOT as simple as one would think. 2. The Kitakaze and the Harugumo are the only two ships in the entire game with a sextuple launcher. Ironically, the largest torpedo launcher in the entire game, is placed on a "gunboat" line of ships? Okay WeeGee, sure..... but hear me out on this. Why is it that ships like Khabarovsk, Daring, and Kleber which are undoubtedly gunboat type Destroyers as well, plagued with torpedoes that lack in some way or another? It is either low/low-ish range, low speed, or unimpressive damage, or a combination of them, meanwhile, the IJN "gunboat" line has NONE of those issues, with excellent range, excellent speed and absurdly good damage on its torpedo options for its "gUnBoAtS". "BUT HIGGINS THEY TAKE A LONG TIME TO RELOAD!" yeah? well WG has a solution for that one too, in the form of a Torpedo Reload Booster, which fully reloads your 4 or 6 stack torpedo launcher in 5s for instant self defense or an instant follow up shot with your torpedoes on a target well outside your detection range. To further reinforce that this is broken, there is only one other Destroyer in the game (that I am aware of) that gets a TRB that is not Japanese, which is the USS Monaghan, in which its TRB takes 30s to reload its torpedoes, that is 6x as long. And furthermore on the topic of torpedoes, several torpedo boat lines in other nations do not get the speed + damage of the IJN torps, yet the "gUnBoAtS" get torpedoes with 10-12km range, that do OVER 20,000 alpha, and some do as high as 24,000. All while moving 62kt+ through the water.... 3. This is by far and without any contest the healthiest line of Destroyers in the game. With Harugumo having as much/similar base HP (25,600) as a Kleber with SE captain skill (25,400)(25,900 improved) and the Khabarovsk (26,000)(26,500 improved) and with Harugumo having 29,100 HP with Survivability Expert Skill. Not necessarily the *most* broken thing about it but ................ 4. This line of ships has RIDICULOUSLY good concealment for being the LARGE beasts that they are. With the Akizuki having 6.1km concealment, Kitakaze having 5.9km concealment, and Harugumo having 6.2km concealment, all at full build specs. Some of these ships are the size of a light cruiser yet have the concealment of a stealth DD in some cases. While other gunboats like Khabarovsk, Tashkent, Kleber, Mogador, etc being able to be spotted from low earth orbit, and ships like Halland, Gearing, Daring, and others having right around that 6.0km concealment, the gunboat line gets STELLAR hidey camouflage factors. Now, why is this important? Because even with these stellar concealment factors, these ships are not front line Destroyers, yet, they have the ability to be, if they so desire, or they can stay hidden by their low concealment if needed. While most of the time these ships are sitting in a smoke screen farming the living soul out of a battleship that cant get away from them, unlike most gunboat Destroyer lines, these "gUnBoAtS" have the ability to play sneaky and torpedo unannounced if so desired, and repeatedly. Why should boats as large as these get the concealment factor of boats FAR smaller than they are? WG pls explain. Now, these boats sound great but obviously there are "drawbacks" to them, low top speeds, sluggish acceleration and slowing, slow rudder shift with a large turning circle, basically *ALL* of the negatives of these boats involve their maneuverability. And yet, they get a Speed Boost consumable, and while slow, they ALL still go over 33kt, and the tier 9 & 10 go 36kt, so this is not like a US Standard line Battleship issue where you actually cant get anywhere in decent time. The only other "negative" factor, about these boats is that the Harugumo (supposedly) sustains full AP penetration damage, instead of guaranteed overpen damage. However, it rarely if ever actually sustains the results of this "handicap" it has on it, as far as my personal experiences go. The thing about "balancing" these ships with this maneuverability suite it has going for it, is that once these ships are in position, they are not overly concerned about maneuvers, if they are well hidden in a Smokescreen, or parked behind an island, all they need is visual spotting and they can farm all the damage their little hearts desire. Summary: while any specific point mentioned earlier would not be grossly busted on its own, when you combine all the selling points of the IJN Gunboat line, as well as the "downsides" they have, you come out to a really overpowered HE spamming ship with no citadel and with decent concealment, great torpedoes and range, as well as gun range and firepower, and a large health pool to sustain you for the game. They have the predetermination of being a gunboat, but have good enough stealth and torpedoes to operate as torpedo boats if the captain so desires to. The IJN gunboat line needs a good look, and to be rebalanced, or they can straight up take the Nerf bat to them, either would be cool with me, assuming it was actual effective rebalancing or nerfing. This article is my personal views on this specific line of ships, feel free to have a civil chat with me below if you made it this far. If you actually read my article then kudos to you. Let me know how wrong I am and how balanced these ships are, or whatever else there is about this, I am sure that there is a lot of you that will take great offense to this post. I DO NOT want to hear about Aircraft Carriers and stuff being broken and blah blah blah, this topic is for Destroyers.
  2. Oldschool_Gaming_YT

    Kitakaze my favourite Yamamoto ship

    I really love playing Kitakaze or any of her 2 sisters (Akizuki and Harugumo with Yamamoto captain. Reason is that you will often get eigher First blood or Kraken with them which with Yama turns them inte Monsters.
  3. The book on Japanese torpedoes is for this ship is to take the slower long range torpedoes and do not even research the the short range, high speed version. I think this is a mistake. I switched over to these torps and have seen my damage rates and kill rates almost double. Got my first ever Kracken this last game. Basically you have an excellent early game gun boat that morphs into a late game beast killer. Once radar becomes less of a issue this boat becomes a bb [edited] killer in open waters. They just don't have time to dodge. (We are talking almost 90MPH speed). The torp is also great for killing lingering ships in smoke or in a cap duel. Anyone else have yet to experience this? I thought I would just switch back and forth between mounts but have yet to go back to the slower torps. It does not hurt that they have a slightly better reload time too but I do not recommend any sort of torp captain build. It is still a gunboat first.
  4. So I have been grinding the new IJN Gunboat Destroyers and this is my second game in the Tier 9 Kitakaze. In this replay I showcase how to fight for the win and use my game knowledge to predict what the enemy is trying to do.
  5. Japanese Destroyers Kitakaze and Harugumo are due to arrive in 7.8. Source. The alternative branch of Japanese destroyers has been extended in Update 0.7.8, with two new ships now available to research and purchase in-game: Tier IX Kitakaze and Tier X Harugumo. You can locate these warships after Tier VIII destroyer Akizuki in the research tree. Equipped with powerful rapid-fire, dual-purpose guns, both ships are able to efficiently hold their own against enemy ships and aircraft. However, counter to their firepower advantage, they have pretty long hulls, resulting in limited maneuverability. Kitakaze, Tier IX Historical Reference In August 1941, Shimakaze, an experimental fast “cruiser destroyer” with powerful torpedo armament, was laid down in Maizuru. The ship was supposed to mark a new milestone in Japanese shipbuilding, with Japanese engineers and military officers expecting the ship to be exceptionally effective. The Fleet Command included sixteen Type C units (Project V6) to the 5th Naval Armaments Supplement Program. However, severe losses inflicted on the Imperial Navy by American aviation forces in 1942, led the Japanese to reconsider the Program and replace the Type C destroyers with Type B (Akizuki class). Seven modernized Type B ships (Project V7 or Akizuki-Kai), construction numbers 5077–5083, were ordered on October 27, 1943. However, the order was canceled on May 5, 1944 because the fleet required mass-produced cheap ships for escort duties, as opposed to expensive super destroyers that were time-consuming to construct. Consequently, the resources intended for the Type B vessels were used to build Tachibana-class escort ships and Kaibokan-class patrol ships instead. In-game Characteristics Overview This Tier IX destroyer, similar to her predecessor, is armed with four main turrets with two 100-mm guns each. One of the main peculiarities of these guns is their three-second reloading time, enabling them to deliver almost non-stop fire at targets. Despite their small caliber, the 100-mm high explosive shells of Japanese destroyers, starting from Tier VIII, have enhanced armor penetration. As a result, they can efficiently penetrate the plating of all destroyers, with the exception of the main armor belt of Tier X Soviet destroyer Khabarovsk. If Commanders on these ships master the Inertia Fuse for HE Shells skill, the shells will be able to penetrate armor of up to 32-mm thickness. This provides the Japanese destroyers with an additional advantage, enabling them to inflict damage to either end of battleships and cruisers. Besides rapid-fire main battery guns, the destroyer has one more peculiar feature—a sextuple torpedo launcher with the Torpedo Reload Booster consumable. Unleashing twelve torpedoes each five seconds—this provides a really nice chance to surprise an enemy heavy ship. However, this does come at the cost of reload speed: varying from 157 to 176 seconds on different torpedo tubes. Relatively big compared to ships of the same type, the destroyer suffers when it comes to speed and maneuverability. You should be careful when deciding on the direction of attack and pre-plan potential getaway routes in case of unfavorable skirmish outcomes. Ship detectability is average value for the tier, at 7.6 km without modifiers—the same as that of German destroyer Z-46. When fighting for key areas, it is essential to consider the enemy types you are confronting and, if possible, ensure the support of a cruiser with Surveillance Radar or allied aviation. Harugumo, Tier X Historical Reference Destroyer Harugumo was an attempt to direct Japanese shipbuilding towards the maximizing the combat capability of a ship based on Akizuki destroyer, whilst keeping the enhancement as efficient as possible and staying within a reasonable size. One of its predominant features sees the number of main armament turrets raised to five. To keep speed within acceptable limits, the main power plant of the experimental “cruiser destroyer” Shimakaze was used. Small-caliber AA artillery is based on Type 5 40-mm guns—clones of the Swedish Bofors gun, obtained by reverse engineering of captured Dutch and British army guns. Description of the In-game Model The model is a result of a thorough redesign of the Akizuki project, with a fifth main armament turret added to the aft turret group. To mount the fifth turret, the hull of the previous Kitakaze class was made 18 meters longer. The additional turret was mounted between the torpedo launcher and aft superstructure, with its centerline directed towards the bow. The small-caliber AA artillery, six Type 5 (Model 1945) 40-mm AA mounts are placed on each side of the bow superstructure near the smokestack, and near the AA director platform at the back of the smokestack. In addition to these, sixteen Type 96 (Model 1) 25-mm single guns are mounted on the same spots as the Kitakaze class, with the exception of the aft superstructure. In-game Characteristics Overview Harugumo, the pinnacle of the Japanese destroyer branch, differs from her closest neighbor, Shimakaze. She is a rapid-fire destroyer equipped with five main armament turrets, having two 100-mm guns each, and one sextuple torpedo launcher. By comparison, Shimakaze is a stealthy ninja with gameplay based mainly on her three quintuple torpedo launchers. The two destroyers differ not only in their armament, but also in their detectability and speed parameters. For Shimakaze, detectability from ships with all modifiers applied is 5.6 km and maximum speed is 39 knots. Harugumo's detectability is 600 meters less and she moves 1.5 knots slower than her sibling. Aside from this, due to her size, the basic combat capability of the new destroyer is 25,600 HP, this is 3,000 HP more than the previous record holder—Khabarovsk. However, this comes at the price of her turning circle radius—830 meters, which is the largest turning circle out of all Tier X destroyers. The most effective results of the ship in battle come from firing at enemy ships from behind cover or when using smoke screens. The efficiency of this tactic is not only due to the ship’s high fire rate, but also the benefit of increased armor penetration for high-explosive shells. HE shells can penetrate armor of up to 25-mm (instead of 17-mm) thickness. But if you'd like to be even more efficient and unleash shell showers on enemy cruisers and battleships, penetrating their front and rear ends, you should master the Inertia Fuse for HE Shells skill to enable armor penetration up to 32 mm thick. Taking the ship’s rapid-fire guns into account, fighting enemy ships of the same type is sure to be a pretty efficient tactic as well. Should one of them happen to get within 6–8 kilometers of Harugumo, her ten guns with their reload rate of three seconds will quickly deal with the poor interloper. However, do remember that evading enemy torpedoes will be challenging, so assess a situation properly and start maneuvering in good time. Two options of torpedo tubes are available for Harugumo: standard torpedoes with a range of 12 km and speed of 67 knots or "short" torpedoes with a range of 8 km and speed of 76 knots. Having only one torpedo launcher is compensated by the availability of the Torpedo Reload Booster consumable, enabling her to fire two spreads within five seconds, consisting of six torpedoes each. The flagship Harugumo is equipped with five main armament turrets having coaxial 100-mm guns with enhanced armor penetration. This combination makes the destroyer a threat not only to ships of the same type, but also to enemy cruisers and battleships. But you should be very cautious, because a single bad decision and lack of foresight can lose a battle quickly: remember that changing direction quickly is not always possible and you need to think ahead. Sextuple torpedo launchers accompanied by the Torpedo Reload Booster consumable give the opportunity to significantly wear down the enemy's combat capability. This pair of destroyers turned out to be quite unusual and special, with their unique characteristics pushing those who helm them towards numerous new tactics, as well as styles of cooperation with teammates. To summarize, it's safe to say that the alternative Japanese destroyer branch is finally complete. The gameplay of these ships is generally based on main battery guns, with torpedo tubes not being the primary armament, but still providing a viable threat to enemy ships.