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Found 1 result

  1. So I did a reset on all my commanders when they gave us the option a few weeks back. So at this point I have lots of nonskilled commanders I like to play operations and currently one of my few 19pt commanders is in my Dallas, to help me rack up some help for others. I did give him IFHE, but did not give him Demo Expert, and that is where my question is coming from. The Dallas is base 12% fire chance and the IFHE bumps my pen to 31mm from base 25mm, but I now only have 6% Fire chance. In either Aegis or Killer Whale, the only ships I remotely need IFHE for (in my memory, which is questionable) are Konig, Kaiser, Myoko, and Fuso. The majority of those I only get the bows and aft, as the main deck is still something too strong. Question: If my HE would pen, say 16mm bow, without IFHE, it will deal X damage and have 12% base fire chance. Does that damage actually increase WITH IFHE and fire chance go down, or I can just pen MORE things (up to 31mm) and that helps me deal more damage over time to better armored targets, and my fire chance goes down? I am thinking that I should not have used IFHE and instead gone Demo for the specific and narrow use that this commander sees regularly (I don't play randoms, and play co-op for the lines I am grinding when I am not running OPs.