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Found 2 results

  1. Slimeball91

    CVs in Killer Whale

    Another CVs in operation discussion. I'm sort of curious about how you guys play in Killer Whale. I'm playing the Ranger, Weser, and Ryujo. I have some of my best games in Ryujo, but I find the Ranger to be the most consistent, but never any big games. I like the Weser too, but its bombs can be RNG trolls, and it doesn't take much for the bots to make your rockets a waste of time. I have no experience with the tech tree RN CVs. I tend to target the BBs since they can be both a threat to your teammates and a lot of HP to wear down. I'll go after cruisers and DDs, but mostly when they are being a more immediate threat to myself or teammates. I know damaging these smaller ships can earn more XP. I just don't feel comfortable trusting the BBs to my teammates to deal with. I'd also like to know where you guy position your CV during the match. Here are the routes I take. I'll leave a blank copy of the map if you want to draw your routes. The circles are where I'll make a stop, the red and orange are the routes for each of the two exits. I generally don't exit unless I'm needed for the win. If you guys have some advice or would like to offer your thoughts I'd love to hear from you.
  2. So I did a reset on all my commanders when they gave us the option a few weeks back. So at this point I have lots of nonskilled commanders I like to play operations and currently one of my few 19pt commanders is in my Dallas, to help me rack up some help for others. I did give him IFHE, but did not give him Demo Expert, and that is where my question is coming from. The Dallas is base 12% fire chance and the IFHE bumps my pen to 31mm from base 25mm, but I now only have 6% Fire chance. In either Aegis or Killer Whale, the only ships I remotely need IFHE for (in my memory, which is questionable) are Konig, Kaiser, Myoko, and Fuso. The majority of those I only get the bows and aft, as the main deck is still something too strong. Question: If my HE would pen, say 16mm bow, without IFHE, it will deal X damage and have 12% base fire chance. Does that damage actually increase WITH IFHE and fire chance go down, or I can just pen MORE things (up to 31mm) and that helps me deal more damage over time to better armored targets, and my fire chance goes down? I am thinking that I should not have used IFHE and instead gone Demo for the specific and narrow use that this commander sees regularly (I don't play randoms, and play co-op for the lines I am grinding when I am not running OPs.