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Found 1 result

  1. Tpaktop2_1

    Kijkduin Airstrike Questions

    Getting the Kijkduin is interesting. It brings up questions that I believe the WoWS developers have not explained in detail outside of the ST enviroment. To use the airstrike with the extended range via spotter aircraft, you have to launch spotter, then the airstrike. Because is you launch airstrike, then spotter, the airstrike range does not extend to the spotter range. Why can't that happen too? Why can't get a top side view without going into a sniper mode using the airstrike? It's not like gunnery sighting. The Kijkduin has a horizontal (X-axis) sighting area for the airstrike. Is there a key command to turn the airstrike to use the vertical (Y-axis)? How come there is no clock timer letting you know when the airstrike is about to happen at the strike zone? Why can't we just aim the RNG as you can with a manual secondary gunnery? Do we really need to know the airstrike zone? How come CVs DB's not done the same way? What is the airstrike dispersion for the Kijkduin Airstrike? Can the airstrike area be expanded or contracted? If so will the attack be lessen or stronger? What are the triangle arrows mean in the strike zone? Why are they alternating? Is that a direction thing for the strike? Does this mean anything for greater chance of success with the airstrike? How come there is not much information in WoWS Wikipedia for the Kijkduin https://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Ship:Kijkduin I know its early access, but I would like to see the ship numbers to understand how to play the ship. What I found with the Kijkduin airstrikes: Don't depend on the airstrikes. It's a gimmick. It's more like torpedoes like an Atago. You have to be in the right place, at the right time to use them. Don't bracket the target in the middle area of an airstrike. You will carwash the enemy more. Airstrikes will be just as useful as DFAA if done that way. Do target the strike in the higher hit probability places in the target zone as shown below What are you guys seeing with the Kijkduin airstrikes?