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Found 6 results

  1. Hey guys, I'm wondering how you guys think the premium tier 8 dd's stack up in 2019. Mainly interested in the Loyang, Kidd, Cossack or Le Terrible as I already have the Asashio (I love it but I want something a bit more flexible). Could you tell me which one you guys recommend and why? Thx. Ps. I like torps, while it doesn't have to be the main thing of the ship I still want to torp things because it's fun and satisfying.
  2. I started playing WOWS again after a while and I was surprised to see a USS KIDD in my port along with a personal assignment to get a texas. I only need to earn 25k base xp for the texas but I got a kidd for free. Does Wargaming have a returning player gift program?
  3. Been running the Kidd recently to be support for my friend who's learning the ropes on Enterprise. The DFAA is crazy good on that thing. I've wiped full Lexington squads from the air in seconds. Never really been able to do well with it before, but now I seem to be finding a niche for it. For anyone doubting it's AA effectiveness, don't worry, she's still an annoying little boat to deal with.
  4. By all accounts, I should love her. She's fast, has good guns, that lovely American smoke, and even a heal and DF to boot. However, ever since I got her I simply haven't been able to make her work. My games always go the same way. I start out by doing what a DD is supposed to do: Smoke up in the objective and cap. However, whenever I do that, there's ALWAYS a Radar cruiser or three (or five) that drives me away with their mere presence and that my team refuses to kill despite me constantly marking them for death. If I fire at anything, I get spotted and the entire enemy team focuses me down like hounds on a fox. Even with my heal I still take too much damage, and even if there isn't a Radar cruiser someone will still spot me by proxy or with Hydro and the result will be the same. My question to the rest of you is this: How do I break this cycle and actually have good games in my Kidd? If I can't cap, get close enough to spot, or shoot from smoke, how do I contribute to the match and still do good damage? This isn't a problem I have with any other DD, not even my Fletcher, so I have no idea what to do. Thanks in advance to the people who decide to give helpful advice instead of trying to defend broken Radar cruisers and not prioritizing them in a match. Sincerely, 1Sherman.
  5. warheart1992

    No Fun Allowed

    Inspired by the numerous threads on Matchmaker, CVs and DDs, I decided to give a go at creating a bit of related meme content. This is just poking fun, no hard feelings towards anyone or class, the sky isn't falling . Please don't turn the thread into another dumpster fire. It's purpose is to have a fun time. I call this one the Kidd experience, at least for me: This is how it feels when you drive one of the AA capable DDs when there are CVs around: Share some of your memes or fun pics from these past few days, I did my part .
  6. I see there are special missions for ranked battles on the Massachusetts, Roma, Kidd, and Prinz Eugen. However, being all T8 ships I'm wondering if you can take full advantage of these missions once you move to T10 ranked. Can anyone who have purchased one of these packages chime in on if the mission can be completed outside of T8 ranked (such as in any game mode)? Thanks!