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Found 8 results

  1. When i first started to play the game by Feb 2017 i asked which was the best tech tree ship at that time, and most of people said: Khabarovsk. So i started to grind the russian DD line, what for a noob was very difficult to learn the game mechanics with gun boat DDs. But i got It and It was my first tier 10, and the only one which i bought a permanent camo. Although, by the time i got It, It had already been heavily nerfed, mainly due to the tears of BB players. But after that many ships much more powerful in terms of HE spam than Khaba were launched, see Thunderer, Smolensk, Friesland, Kleber, Henry, just to cite a few. So, what is the reason to keep Khaba in such a bad state? Without the legendary module and a 19 point capt the ship is awful to play, many people that I talk with have never touched the ship again. There is no reason to play It If u have a Kleber for example. Flamu recently made a stream talking about It. A small buff on its rudder would be ok, só we could remove that rudder shift upgrade and use the concealment upgrade, because a DD having a 9.7 km detection while some cruisers have 9.1km detection is [edited]. Just my opinion.
  2. Since the whole thing about the Russian cruiser lines are being changed/split, I feel like now is a good time to ask WG when they are going to revisit the little devil Khabarovsk? That ship in the current meta is piss poor. You have ships like Kleber that have 8 kilometer torpedoes and go to nearly 60 knots and then you have ships like Smolensk that can spam you to death with 16x 130mm guns. What about the Khabarovsk? The ship has only 6 kilometer torps with a speed of 43 knots. Khabarovsk's max speed without flags is 43 knots as well as her max range being only around 13.5 kilometers being a full gun boat build. Yes the ship has good armor, but the cost is, is that you still get the old pin values of DDs when shot by AP! The ship was buffed awhile ago and to be turned into stats that made sense at the time. Khabarovsk's current form was good for a time where their were less variety of ships provided by War Gaming. Back then at around 2017 (estimated) you didn't have ships like Venezia, Henri, Kleber, and Worcester. Not to mention any new BBs that have entered the game and the recent CV changes! Since these ships and changes have been brought into the game, the role of Khabarovsk has been demoralizing and not fun to play. Khab has also been over taken by the other DD, Kleber which has better detection, speed, and torps. Yes Khab can equip a heal but why would you choose a heal when you can't dodge shells that will go around 900 meters per second from multiple different type of ships? You also have to deal with the variety of DDs that you face like Harugumo and Daring that have good guns and way better than your concealment which is 9.7 kilometers. Khabarovsk used to have 8 kilometer torps with a lower damage Alpha as well as greater range for her guns. Khabs torps helped get that damage needed to help regular players to break that 100k damage. Back then, when their were less ships to counter Khab from her past form, she was a very disgusting ship to deal with. Now with new varieties of ships, we Khab is now power crept in this current meta. And she needs to be re-looked into to get her back to being a ship that can be enjoyed and maybe considered for Clan Battles? The ship needs to have better range in torps and gun range. I feel the past form of the Khabarovsk can suffice to bringing this ship back from the grave.
  3. Vector03

    Tashkent/Khaba build

    I'm looking for advice on my Tashkent, future Khaba captain. My current build is: https://worldofwarships.com/en/content/captains-skills/?skills=1,9,18,20,23,25&ship=Destroyer I'm relatively new to the game, and trying to improve as best I can. Any advice is appreciated.
  4. I just watched this Flamu review of the Harugumo, and was left aghast that WGing is getting ready to release this thing without a proper counter (or so it seems). For any that played and remember the original Khabarovsk; at least to me, seeing this thing is like a slap in the face to Khaba. ... this is a much higher level of 'dakka dakka' than the Khaba was ever EVER guilty of... I seriously don't know what to say about how hypocritical this is (even as an Akizuki fan). Simply put, un-nerf the Khabarovsk to make it the counter to the coming Harugumo and Kitakaze.
  5. I understand why Khab's range was nerfed initially. The ship was crazy. But that was one of the early nerfs. Since then the maneuverability has been significantly nerfed which makes the ship easier to hit, even from beyond its main battery range. Moskva, zao, and Hindenberg especially can routinely hit khabs at 14km. In ranked, it happens all the time. BBs also have a pretty easy time hitting if you aren't good at your dodging. I was wondering if adding Gun Fire Control System Modification 2 as an option for Khabarovsk would be fair. This would force a choice between more range and higher rate of fire. If you choose to increase your range, that makes you less of a threat up close, and vice- versa. Playing khab with the nerfed range is a bit of a fun-squisher, but I also understand the need for game balance and understand that Khab is already very strong as-it, so I'm appealing to more experienced players to see if you think giving the Gun Fire Control System Modification 2 option would be appropriate or if that would upset the game balance too much.
  6. anonym_djv4ZCNmZ56F

    Khabarovsk in Ranked

    I play khab. It's my only tier X and I like the ship, so that's what I bring to ranked. when I was rank 10-6, I didn't catch much salt for bringing khab to the game, but since I've hit rank 5, it's been real salty, I'm talking Dead Sea levels. Sometimes it starts before the game even gets going. Usually when people start out talking junk about Khab, we lose. When my teammates accept the ship and support it, however, we have a much better win rate. According to WOWS Stats&Numbers NA (I play NA), Khab has the #2 winrate among DDs and #4 winrate overrall (at the time of this posting). Khab is the strongest DD and will outmatch any DD (or 2 dds) in an even fight. Khab doesn't care about radar, he's detected anyway, so it's just another day at sea for him, and, of course, the DPS and fast-capping ability is useful. In short, when you see a khab on your ranked team, realize that while it does not fit the typical DD role, it can be very powerful and usfeul. Focus on working with this and staying positive and the team has a better chance of winning.
  7. In random, I get hit very rarely, even at under 11k. Heck, I've kited BBs from 8km in random before. In ranked, however, I'm getting hit from 15km away sometimes. And under 10km? Good night ladies! I've almost decided to stop shooting at montanas. That's a ticked back to port in no time. I've done okay against Conquerors and GKs by staying at Max range, but man, those friggin' montanas. They're killer. Any Khab captains having an easier time kiting the BBs? Are you willing to share tactics?
  8. Clarification: I am not looking for Khaba buffs. She's a blast. I am, however, curious whether or not the stats I see on the WOWS statistics websites reflect the recent nerfs (and yes, I know there are buffs in there, too) or just take all Khaba info. For example, I've seen guys with 168 games in the ship with avg damage of 140k and top damage of 350k. I'm nowhere near that. Best damage is 159 and i've got about 250 battles in khab. avg is in the 50s. Also, I usually place in the top 50% of my team and it isnt unusual to get top 3 or 4. However all my khab stats are below the NA server average. I'm just wondering if there is a lot of old data from back when Khab was super OP and if that is skewing data mining sites making players with nerfed khabs look substandard. Thanks for any replies. Please, don't focus fire me about how strong the Khab is. Again, I'm not asking for buffs, just info. Thx.