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Found 2 results

  1. Internal name often prefaced with CMD_ Key Stroke Description MOVE_LEFT A Hard to Port; Rudder will turn to left as long as you hold the button, until it hits its limit. MOVE_RIGHT D Hard to Starboard; Rudder will turn to right as long as you hold the button, until it hits its limit. Release the A or the D key and the rudder will return to amid ships. CRUISE_SPEED_UP W W and S are your engine telegraph keys. Use to set Full, 3/4, 1/2, 1/4, Stop, Back commands CRUISE_SPEED_DOWN S CMD_MOVE_FORWARD Undefined (formerly R) Advances speed 1 knot, this command is not available through the configuration screen and must be assigned by editing the preferences file manually CMD_MOVE_BACK Undefined (formerly F) [edited]speed 1 knot, this command is not available through the configuration screen and must be assigned by editing the preferences file manually CRUISE_ANGLE_RIGHT E Hold half starboard turn, press twice for hold hard starboard. Releasing the key will not change the setting. CRUISE_ANGLE_LEFT Q Hold half port turn, press twice for hold hard port. Releasing the key will not change the setting. CRUISE_ANGLE_0 Undefined (formerly H) Steady so, aka rudder amid ships. The command is currently unavailable in settings. Tap rudder keys or tap E or Q to restore midships. SHOOT [Left Mouse] Click fire one gun Double Click fire all guns that can bear on target Click and hold fire all guns that can bear on target in ripple fire. [Ctrl][Left Mouse] Sets priority target for secondaries and AA CINEMATIC SHOOT [Middle Mouse] fire one gun/torpedo and shift to shell tracking camera. Useful to establish lead required. SWITCH_ATBA_AIRDEFENSE P Toggles Secondaries and AA on/off. These keys will switch between AP shells, HE shells and torpedoes, when switching to torpedoes you must re-acquire target lock with "X" ARTILLERY_AMMO_0 1 Selects primaries High Explosive (detonates on impact) ARTILLERY_AMMO_1 2 Selects primaries Armored Piercing (penetrates armor and explodes inside hull, maybe, may also over penetrate, or ricochet, or bounce) TORPEDOES_ANGLE 3 Selects torpedoes and Alternates between wide or narrow torpedo spreads Main Battery Num 1 Select main batteries (Primaries) Torpedoes Num 2 Select torpedoes Reload Torpedo Tube F FIXING_TARGET_POSITION X Acquires/Releases guns target lock. Turns on lead assist for torpedoes. Guns will lock automatically if you leave your curson on the target long enough. ABSOLUTE_GUNS_LOCK [Left Shift] X Locks guns on cursor location relative to the map. Guns will turn to keep lock. RELATIVE_GUNS_LOCK [Left Ctrl] X Locks guns on cursor location relative to your ship. Guns will not rotate after they have moved to this position TACTICAL_MAP M Toggle, replaces game screen with screne showing entire map. Set way points, etc. AUTOPILOT FIRST WAY POINT [Left Mouse] AUTOPILOT Subsequent WAY POINT [Left Shift][Left Mouse] Five way points permitted. More may be added as the initial ones are used. Pressing [Left Mouse] clears set points and starts over. Aircraft Carriers CARRIER_SELECT 1 SQUADRON_0 2 Select Squadron 1 (The use of the term flight for a small group of planes that work as a unit has been lost to WG) SQUADRON_1 3 Select Squadron 2 ( I have always thought a flight was the equivalent of a platoon while a squadron was the equivalent of a company) SQUADRON_2 4 Select Squadron 3 SQUADRON_3 5 Select Squadron 4 SQUADRON_4 6 Select Squadron 5 SQUADRON_5 7 Select Squadron 6 SQUADRON_6 8 Select Squadron 7 SQUADRON_7 9 Select Squadron 8 SQUADRON_8 0 Select Squadron 9 LAND_LAUNCH F Land or Launch a flight (squadron) of planes ORDER_AIRPLANES [Left Mouse] DESELECT_AIRPLANES [Right Mouse] MAP_PLANE_ORDER_MOVE [Left Mouse] SELECT_NEXT_AIRPLANE [Left Ctrl] [Tab] Next flight (Squadron) SELECT_ALL_AIRPLANES [Left Ctrl] A All flights (Squadron) MAP_SHOW_PLANES [ MAP_SHOW_DEAD ] MAP_RECT_ATTENTION [Left Mouse] or [Left Ctrl] [Left Mouse] Send signal to allies. Highlights selected map square for mini-map MAP_SCALE_PLUS "= or NUMPAD + Zoom minimap in MAP_SCALE_MINUS "- or NUMPAD - Zoom minimap out HELP F1 You must hold the F1 key and use your mouse to select one of the other three help screens. GAME_STATS [Tab] Gives you a list of players and shows if they are sunk or afloat and kills in current battle STATS [Left Ctrl] [Tab] ICONS [Left Alt] or [Left Alt][NumPad Enter] Alternative Battle Interface Mode. Shows player Name, Hit points, Range, Shell Travel Time as an icon above ships. [Alt]Appears while Alt is held down. [Alt][NumPad Enter] Toggle, press enter again to cancel chat message. Can be permanently turned on in Settings Controls. Consumables Consumable 1 R Damage Control Party, puts out fires, stops flooding, repairs damaged modules (but not destroyed modules) Consumable 2 T Destroyer > Smoke | Battle Ship > Repair Party (restores some lost hit points ~20%) | Cruiser > Protective Barrage if equipped with two or more multipurpose guns Consumable 3 Y Battle Ship, Cruiser > Scout Plane if equipped. Players have no control of the scout, although we used to. Grrrrr. Destroyer > Speed Boost Consumable 4 U Fourth consumable slot Consumable 5 I Fifth Consumable slot HIDE INTERFACE [Left Ctrl] G Hides the Hud. Good for fancy screen shots. Camera ART_CAMERA Artillery Camera [shift] Toggles between camera from current ready turret and zoomed level (binocular view) ACTION Overview [Right Mouse] Overview mode. Third person view zoomed out behind ship. Moving mouse rotates camera heading. Return to previous zoomed ziew upon release. Guns and torpedoes do not change their orientation in this mode. Can be disorienting upon return if held too long. AHEAD_CAMERA V Does not seem to function TRACK_OBJECT_CAMERA Z Camera follows currently selected flight of planes, shells on the way, torpedoes on the way; an amusing distraction. Camera position switch C Manually switch camera between main battery groups. CENTERCAMERA [space] Bring Camera Back to Ship, Centers the camera on the carrier, when in carrier plan view. Zoom level [scroll Mouse Wheel] FREE_CURSOR [Left Ctrl] enable free cursor MAP_CAMERA_MOVE [Right Mouse][Left Ctrl] Alternative Battle Interface [Alt] Provides information (remaining hit points etc.) on ships under the icon. Can be locked on in settings screen. Display Game Statistics [Tab] Player names, ships, ship status, kills Help F1 Brings up in game help screens Show Ship Status H Accept Invitation to Join Division K Decline Invitation to Join Division L Next Track . Tracking Camera Object? Previous Track , Communications Functions Audible CMD_QUICK_TACTIC F3 Highlight Target for Allies, found in weapons section of controls settings. This marks the enemy under your cursor with an inverted caret icon and sends the "priority target" message. CMD_QUICK_THANK_YOU F4 Thanks. You've been swell. CMD_QUICK_AYE_AYE F5 I understand and will comply. CMD_QUICK_NO_WAY F6 I ain't doing that! You're being silly. CMD_QUICK_NEED_SUPPORT F7 It would be great if you would work with me here. CMD_QUICK_SOS F8 Help, or tell my mom I love her. CMD_QUICK_GOOD_GAME F9 We done good. CMD_QUICK_GOOD_LUCK F10 May the seven mad gods that rule the sea look favorably on our endeavors. CMD_QUICK_CARAMBA F11 I am annoyed and my computer is going to attempt caustic banter. Voice Chat V For microphone message to division mates. Requires microphone and division mates. For when you've entered spectator mode Next Ally [Left Mouse] Changes point of view to a team mate, limited zoom is still available. Previous Ally [Right Mouse] Track Friendly Object under cursor [space] This is fun to watch airplanes attack the enemy. Enter Free Look Mode [Left Shift] Camera is free to wander where you tell it. Up [up Arrow] or W Down [Down Arrow] or S Left [Left Arrow] or A Right [Right Arrow] or D Change Angle Mouse I hope you find this useful. Updated to 6.3 commands You may also enjoy: View Basics Navigation Basics Gunnery Basics Torpedo Basics Turret Focus Weapon Bearing (Shift-X) (Ctrl-X) (X) Help Screens So you want to buy a new ship Maps found in Random Battles
  2. even format my pc and still dose the same flash like crazy when I hold 'tab' and 'o' key using keyboard ROG Strix Flare red cherry! help plz!!! anyway I can reset my keyboard to default? it just repeat so fast when I hold my keys!