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Found 5 results



    kearsarge won't have a depth charge? , it will be even defenseless against submarine
  2. rafael_azuaje

    Kearsarge Questions??

    Where is the planes fight catapult?? he need your his planes figthers he is BB/CV hybrid. WG please ADD planes fighters for this ship! is of Logic>!
  3. Initially, I was about to ask whether I should go for the Pommern or the Kearsarge, however my chronic issue of indesiciveness has lead to the conclusion that I should instead grind for both, akin to how I got the Blyskawica and the Aigle in short time: buying the Blyskawica to hasten the grind for resource containers to buy out the Aigle. However unlike my blysawica-Aigle grind, this grind will set me back 171k coal so I'm hoping that one of them would be more fun, gain more xp for the daily containers & combat missions, more useful to the green team, and more casual to play than the other so the grind feels more like playing instead of working without pay. Perhaps you can share your personal experience with either or both of the Pommern and the Kearsarge? P.S. If only either had three less guns than the other, then the decision would be painfully simple: to buy the one with more guns, but they just had to have equal amount of guns.
  4. So just like previously with other premium/special ships, Kearsarge has stats being tracked from the wows stat site from both ASIA and EU I would expect she'll be coming in this Friday when the premium shop updates for new releases.
  5. ...but I didn't actually know it until Flambass's stream today. You know how people keep saying that our Kearsarge is fake? Nope. All we've been able to see of the Kearsarge is that default forward starboard elevation. So when Flambass gave us a beam view, I did a double take. 4 screws? check 3 rudders? check 4 triple 406mm guns? check canted starboard funnel? check raised bow? check seaplane equipment at the stern? check Let me tell you a little about this blueprint's history. In the interwar years, aircraft carriers were becoming a must-have for every major navy. They had been used successfully by the Royal Navy in raids on Deutschland, Turkey, and Russia; and by the developing Kido Butai in the Battle of Tsingtao. Aircraft were recognized to have scouting & striking potential, though it was still believed the battleship was the decisive weapon. It was also believed that fleet carriers would have to defend themselves when a fleet engagement was fought, leading to designs like the Svenskan Gotland & American Lexington. So one design intended to act as both a surface warship and as a carrier was drawn up by Gibbs & Cox for the US Navy. It was seriously considered, but ultimately rejected. Gibbs & Cox then turned to the CCCP, who were asking for modern blueprints for a fast battleship. Americans building capital ships for the Russians was nothing new. A previous BB named Retvisan had been built in Pennsylvania, and we have the prime example of Varyag as a premium ship. This Gibbs & Cox design intrigued the Red Fleet, and a design study took place: Project 1058. Two main variants were drawn up utilizing existing Soviet weaponry & sensors. The design of a new 16" shell was also drawn up. Existing Soviet aircraft were inspected to find which could be fitted with stronger landing gear, tailhooks, floats, and catapult equipment. The new ship was given the name "Pobeda." However, Project 1058 was deemed too costly & excessive. It was discarded in favor of another fast battleship design, which we have in-game as the Sovetsky Soyuz. Now, Gibbs & Cox finally have their success as the powerful USS Kearsarge makes its way into World of Warships! ♦