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Found 41 results

  1. Why am i being reported?

    I just got reported and lost 2 karma. my team was pissed that they lost, and because i went around an island instead of exposing my battleship. Why is this wrong? I admit i did not do much damage that battle but i fired a ton of rounds, i just miss alot. I survived the battle (Dont you get points for your teams score as long as your alive? Besides, you can have more opportunities to do damage if your still floating!). What does the Karma they STOLE from me do? Because THEY sucked and exposed themselves to the point they blew up, I get the shaft. I call [edited] on it. I want my karma back
  2. Why not make karma visible to clan officers? I'd suggest a rework of the visible system be a scale of -3 to 50 or 100. Obviously some people have a lot more than 50 or 100, but it would just appear that they maxed out. Privately, there would continue to be no cap. The -3 gives you just enough to show people you might be an [edited]. And that's pretty much all you really get out of it. Is this person an [edited] or not? Maybe just new you say? You can still see # of games played, etc., to cross-reference. It's just an additional indicator, not an end-all, be-all. I'd appreciate any and all input. Even if this resulted in cleaning up some of the saltiness in chat (which I've been guilty of as well) because a few more people want to consider their karma to get into a clan, I'd call it a success.
  3. Got reported in my last coop game. Don't know why. The only thing I said was at the beginning of the match, when I told everyone I was going B (I was the only DD) and the bots would likely follow me. Did I get reported for saying that? Seems unlikely. Did I get reported for collecting 5 kills and someone felt I had stolen theirs? I don't know. Was it something I said in the forum? I understand why the karma system doesnt say who reported me, but it would be great if (1) there was always a notification of being reported. I lost a karma point. I know this because in the previous match I left a long line of smoke for cruisers following me into a cap, to cover them, and I checked to see if either of them had complimented me. They hadn't, but I knew my karma level and know I lost a point, yet there was no notification of being reported. (2) the type of report (chat, unsportsmanlike, etc). If players know their chat bans are building, they can moderate their speech (3) the time stamp in the match when you received the report. If you want the karma system to change people's behavior, players need to get proper feedback from it.
  4. FWIW - I was in the karma screen attempting to work some dark magic with karma, blacklists and all that... I selected an option (blacklist iirc) and just as I selected the option the match ended. Black screen. No ability to input anything, no mouse clicks, nothing. When checking the task manager the game "window" reported "client already running". Had to cancel game via the task manager interface. Just an FYI as I suspect it might prove difficult for you to reproduce it. cya!
  5. Wouldn't be nice if players can trade X Karma points for a random discount coupon in Premium Shop? Encourages playing well and up WG"s sells.
  6. Karma. I set a "goal" when they introduced it to get mine to 300. Seemed like a good number to strive for. So now that I have gotten there I only have satisfaction from achieving the goal. You get karma for good play and good manners. It is a point system that recognizes desirable effort. Still no indication from WG on what the plans are for karma but a few things I would like to see tied to it. 1. Coal, or better yet, steel. From what I have read this "commodity" will come from clan achievements, some missions, crates. Why not as a reward for good behavior. 2. Doubloons would also be nice. 3. Even (real) supercontainers with a higher chance for ship drop, doubloons, high credit amounts or high elite/free XP amounts. Set any of these rewards on reaching target numbers. Maybe at 50, 100, 300, 500, and 1,000 karma. Make the rewards larger at each stage. And if you implement something like this make sure those who have passed one or more of the reward levels get the cumulative rewards! Still having fun and going on three years of play. Keep it up WG!
  7. Suggestion for Karma

    I was just in a game where i had to carry a bunch of tyros. I inserted my Miz into C because our tier 8 dd decided to go B in a benson during the US cruiser fest, like radar doesn't exist. I proceeded to hold B, while denying it to the enemy, killing roon, zao, iowa, and tirpitz in the process. A tyrolish Republique driver from a clan named after either sailors or male s@xu@l fluid at this point decided to harangue me because not only did the rest of our team evaporate, but he was doing nothing to contribute to the win. A Gearing killed him, i killed the akak, and the gearing, leaving only the yammy and b-more. i leave c to cap b which the republic was incapable of doing. As i arrive in B keeping the yammy spotted but remaining cloaked, the b-more fires on me from concealment in A. Fine he has given his position away. I angle towards the yammy, dodging his shots in the process, fire, and eliminate him (Krak). Finish capping, turn to A. Luckily the b-more decided to hold in place rather than run and hide, which given the 4 min left would have secured them the win. As i approach, he fires. Having anticipated his potential location my turrets are already aimed in the vicinity. At this point a tyrolish admiral comments that time is running out and i better kill soon. Salvo fired, shots land, killing him for the win. Examine mm post win, surprise surprise, odd stacked heavily against us. This brings me to my conclusion, I know i was reported because God bless me i couldn't resist retorting the the Republique driver's taunts. The primmish tyros populating the sever on weekends and summer vacation clearly were offended. But I singlehandedly granted them a win. Only 1 complemented me, while enough to ding me 2x reported me. I propose that in order to maintain the number of reports one must use all thier alloted complements each day. The report system does nothing we all know, except chat bans, but the weekenders probly don't know this and only report, never complementing. I suggest that one loses reports if one does not use one's complements. The inverse being true as well that once lost, one can regain them but only after complementing for twice as many times to regain the original number of reports. Let's at least make them work for the salt. Thanks for reading my novella! Your thoughts? PS, photographic evidence that i am not merely embellishing
  8. I'm just curious to why we don't get karma over time for making good reports. I see that message about helping the community and it had me wondering why we don't get karma over time if we are handing out good karma ourselves. I know its worthless, as it should be but its also a decent meter of how you are seen in the community over time and how people appreciate good plays. The way i see it we "spend" reports bad or good. There's not much wrong i can see with if we all started racking up karma by handing out good karma more often. Given how its not going to be used for much other than a feelgood for the player in question but whats wrong with that? More feelgood things in this game would be good. As it stands if you get out of a losing match but got some karma for a good play it does help if you earned it. It would just be a nice trend to see it used more often even if its due to incentive a bit you are helping out according to WG by reporting either way. Opinions?
  9. I got docked some Karma because teammates started [edited] at me because I didn't do exactly what they wanted. (Though I ended up 2nd in points) Little did they know I had lost my rudder and my ship was being flooded because I was torped. My repair was on cool-down. Not a dam thing I could do. So, I lost Karma. Now ... WG ... hands out rewards for players who don't get reported or lose Karma, but because of a couple of players, I'm screwed.
  10. I am writing this with concern, not for myself, but with respect to those who desire to play cvs, to the best of their ability, but feel bullied, harrassed, and worse, penalized by the Karma system for doing so. Some of you may remark that Karma means nothing, you would be right, for those of us who have a thick skin, and don't care about missing out on the discreet, but present, karma threshold rewards (supercontainers, premium game time). a) Without abolishing the karma reward/compliment system, does any one have ideas for how newer cv players might be encouraged? b) I for one do my best to compliment CV adversaries who I can see, are new to cvs, or are grinding up the cv tech tree on their own sincere account, playing to the best of their efforts. Do other regular carrier addicts do the same?
  11. Karma

    So I know this has been complained about umpteen billion times but I am going to complain again. I don't care. I am going to make noise. I HATE the way karma works in this game. It is used vengefully and absolutely doesn't fulfill its purpose of fostering a more positive gaming experience. Anecdote: Yesterday in match, I killed a fairly talented dd with my cruiser and he flamed me in chat. Low and behold my karma dropped a bunch that match. I didn't type one word in chat, was one of the top players on my winning team. I promise, that if nothing is done about the karma system and I lose interest in maintaining a high rating, I will no longer care about controlling my behavior and won't be overtly nice to other people who play this game. For those that say, "It means nothing, don't concern yourself with it"... I say it's a metric. Since it's provided, it's an aspect of the game. To restate for the record: I love this game (flaws and all) but the Karma system is the one thing that makes me loathsome. I get mad at myself when I loose a match, but to get negative karma from another player when I beat him fair-and-square breeds contempt in my heart for other players. This is the impact of Karma in how it relates to me and other like-minded players.
  12. Karma

    deleted and move to feedback and bugs

    I always compliment ... someone. Doesn't matter if we win or lose. I always compliment someone. Sometimes two. A player who is unselfish, lays down a perfect smoke for a fellow teammate... A teammate staying behind to cover the base, even though they might finish at the bottom. A CV player who doesn't sink anybody but covers other teammates. A Cruiser or a Battleship driver who turns back just in time to help. A +1. Just because someone gets a Kraken doesn't mean they are the best player for that battle. I always issue a compliment.
  14. BOOM, I have arrived.

    Today I reached a milestone. I broke 100 Karma. Now let's see if I can get back to zero.
  15. Karma Effects RNG

    i do not know if this topic has gone up before .but the other day in game someone mentioned in chat that karma effects rng so more compliments better the RNG.Is this true and what do you think about this as an real thing in game ?
  16. Please dump the Karma point system it is so bad and it doesn't really work the way it should. I lost a karma points because a bunch of guys in a division didn't like the direction I was going in so they were like report "this" guy...bam karma points gone. you wanna give someone karma points what about if they are in the top 3 or top 5 experience at the end of the match...inst that a bit better then relying on a system that anyone can trash your points because they don't like something you did? or just don't like you at all? My team mate was chat banned so he could not say anything but a division didn't like the way we were playing so BAM trash his karma points ohh and we were both in the top 5 experience at the end of the match. Revamp it and give karma points for playing good and maybe more people will learn to play better because well they are getting some kind of recognition out of it.
  17. Unused Karma

    Don't know if anyone else has noticed, but a lot of people aren't using Karma, or seem to be mis-using it. I use all of my available Karma every day, but have only received 5 over the last week. This helps out the WoW community. Don't give someone a bad Karma just because he/she outscored you. If they did a good job, or helped you out in some way, give the person a Karma that coincides with what they did. Every time you give a good or bad Karma, as you may know, you get a message thanking you for contributing to the good of the community. Use your heads. Don't use it for revenge against someone that you think didn't support you in the game. If a person did something in the game that deserves bad Karma, then reward them with it. If they did something good, reward them with it. Use your Karma. It helps out in the long run. Thanks, and fair seas!
  18. Curious. How would I compliment a player's performance, aka: "Karma" after the game is over? Probably has been answered somewhere else in the forums, but too busy playing the game to look it up. The "Team Score" after the game has ended doesn't give me this option.
  19. So decided to play some coop games this morning to pass a little time. Coop match 1, Gaede, 80k damage, 5 kills Coop match 2, Flint, 94k damage, 5 kills Coop match 3, Yorck, 81k damage, 5 kills Just for fun looked to see if my Karma went up after 3 good games in a row.... Nope.... My karma went down 1. Seriously, reported for doing well? /boggle
  20. Uh fellow, check my loadout

    Well, I keep getting lambasted for playing well. Just now I was "chastised" because I was apparently not manually dropping torpedoes. Uh fellow, wanna check my loadout? It's hard to manually drop torps when you have no torp bombers.
  21. Just now, I was first on a losing team and my karma rating went down one. Was someone jealous that they weren't in the number one spot? What does the karma rating do anyway?
  22. Question on Karma

    Is the karma # the number after the rank # and service record #? if not what is that number? Sovereigndawg Registered: 11/05/2015 Rank 11, Level 15 of service record 15726779
  23. Karma Comparisons

    Hey guys! I know it doesn't mean much but I'd like to hear where you guys stand with karma points? Interested where I stack up in the thick of things. I've got 102! Would love to hear from as many people as possible. I was at 78 a week ago too!
  24. One match today and I drop from 10 or 15 to one. Yup. Guess they ran out of votes for the day. What happened? Our dd ran around in a tier 5/4 match like a chicken with his head cut off. Every possible wrong move you could make in a destroyer, this individual accomplished. He HID behind an island even though the nearest red was 8 to 12 km away. I got the poo pounded out of me by cruisers behind islands he refused to pursue, let alone spot. So knowing me I had to say something, right? This is a Farragut. "Dood... I hate to say this but you need to get back to basics. You are useless to us right now, way out where you are..." He was far west on a map where the battle was mid/east and steaming north. Just playing tugboat I guess. IIRC that was pretty much it. Two guys come back "Chill dude...." and "relax". So please, take this karma and...
  25. How about this... when you blacklist a player you not only do not receive any messages from them after the game but the next time you encounter them in a match they are already muted? In other words - make the blacklist option work without having to look the player up after the match. You could blacklist them during the match if you have the time using the chat interface. You could blacklist them after the match on the teams So many ways to blacklist players - hooray!!! Only of course for those really rare exceptions of course... but the reality of having to go to chat, pull them up only to blacklist them is well... tedious. And maybe you could put a little * next to our own personal display so we know they are blacklisted. Why? Maybe they've changed... maybe they've cleaned up their act... If we see the asterisk we know we may want to delist them from our blacklist. Or is blacklisting a blacklisted thing?