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Found 5 results

  1. anonym_WrAb0m0ydCdC

    Kansas - Awful -

    So I did a bunch of Co-Op this morning and got the Kansas. Played 10 random games after I put on the perma camo and won 60% of them. It is awful. The reload is so slow you get one shot at a ship before they go behind islands or turn bow on, where you can do nothing to them. You reload is so slow you will not get a lot of seconds shot and you will miss a bunch of snap shot opportunities. The number of kills you will get will go down because you will almost always be in the middle of loading shells when a ship with low HP appears. The awful reload means you will rarely get to finish a ship off. The guns are inaccurate and do mediocre damage which having 12 of them does not make up for unless they are broad to you at short/med range. If you have HE loaded and the enemy ships start to turn around, you will never be able to change ammo type and fire before they are angled again, unless you have Halsey. If you are forced to angle or bow tank you have 6 guns with a 40 second reload- worst in tier 8 - and if you try to get your rear guns into action you will get penned like crazy. Smart players will just kite you and burn you down and if you try to break it off they can turn around and chase you down easily. You are so slow, are such a big target and have such poor reload you cannot kite at all. If a DD gets close enough to torp rush you, you will get 1 shot, most likely with only 6 guns and you will almost always die. Every fire spammer who can will shoot at you. You are the easiest ship in the tier to hit. You only have 1000 more HP than an upgraded NC which is faster, has better guns, better rate of fire and can angle tank far better than the Kansas. You are the slowest tier 8 ship and what you will find is your own team will use you as the meat shield and there is little you can do about. The guns are so bad I have missed easy shots at 8K on broadside cruisers/BB's. It's not just me, strong players on Youtube have had same issue. To sum it up. Awful. I would never get this ship if it was not free and I very unhappy I got the perma camo for it. It would have been better to spend the Tokens on other things. I can think of no reason to play this ship over any other tier 8 BB. It really is that bad. It is worth it to do the directives to get the ship so you don't have to grind the points for it but I would skip the perma camo, I doubt you will want to play the ship enough for it to be worthwhile unless you like the look of it.
  2. Even after a buff from WG, i still don't like it.
  3. The_Double_Tab

    Clan Brawls and armory ships

    Anchor Google Spotify Today we talk the ongoing Clan Brawls season and the new ships in the Armory. So what do you guys think is the best ships for the Brawl? Best new ship in the Armory?
  4. anonym_WrAb0m0ydCdC

    The Kansas Factor

    I finished my Kansas grind and am currently working my way through the Minnesota. During the roughly 80 battles I have played in these ships I have noticed a disturbing trend, which I have named the Kansas factor. Whenever I was on a team with more Kansas' or Minnesota's by at least a factor of 2 over the red team, we lost. I also noticed the same thing going the opposite way. If we had a single Kansas and the red team had 3, they would invariably lose. I noticed this occurring over and over since so many people got the new ships around the same time I got mine. I believe it is because the new American BB's offer nothing to the team aside from damage. They have no other utility. They cannot- kite away from a weak flank because they are too easy to hit and are too slow to maintain distance. rush DD's who's torps are down or have no torps like the Friesland. re-position quickly enough (even from the middle of the map -where they should be) to shore up a weak flank and their guns are not accurate or consistent/don't fire fast enough to do it from range. push the far sides of the map (where they should almost never be) because they cannot get back into position in time to make an impact. chase down a heavily damaged ship and finish it off. stay close enough to a fleeing vessel to keep it spotted so others can kill it. hold a cap by themselves like a Pommern, Georgia, Bismark, Odin against a mix of other ships. farm fire damage as well as other ships like the Monarch because of their slow rate of fire. defend themselves effectively against DD's like many other BB's can because of their terrible speed, slow turret traverse and slow rate of fire. retire to the rear to repair unless they are already angled that way and will still take a lot of fire damage doing so. quickly take out enemy BB's who push in because of poor shells for their tier most of the time. defend themselves against DD's attacks because they will only get one volley off and are too large and slow to effectively dodge torpedoes. cannot effective defend themselves against enemy CV's because the are too large and too slow to dodge effectively - even with their strong AA armament. tank damage as well as other BB's because of their size, slow speed and rounded shape which causes them to take a lot of pens. do drive-byes effectively because of their speed, slow turret traverse and guns that often don't reward you with citadels where they would with other ships. go dark quickly and disengage because of their poor concealment. consistently hit enemy ships from long range because of slow flight time. It is for these reasons I believe the ships are a detriment to any team that has them. If your team has a Minnesota and a Kansas and the other team has neither of them, you will probably lose. Play them if you must but be aware other ships will do everything they do plus bring far more flexibility and increase your chances of winning. If you don't believe me test it out for yourself. If the Kansas/Minnesota factor is +2 for one side, take note and see if my observations hold up to scrutiny. Beware of the Kansas factor.
  5. Like many, I just got my Kansas with the Golden Eagle camo today and tried it out...and of course, got quite disappointed as many of you as well. Besides the long reload and terrible max speed, here's something else I found unbearable: 1. Dispersion. As a USN BB, she doesn't have the regular dispersion mod on slot 3. With her1.5 sigma, the accuracy is far from being okay. 2. AP profile. The shell weight is around 900kg (10% less than that of her peers like Amagi, NC, or Vlad). This thing, coupled with the mediocre air drag, gives you the lowest penetration profile: 40-60mm less penetration at 15 km. 3. Worse-than average hull armor. 32 mm almost everywhere yields poor HE resistance, despite the fact that the torpedo belt absorbs some HE damage. She also gets a massive massive superstructure with almost 4000 modular HP. In comparison, Vlad has 1900 superstructure hp which quickly saturates. 4. Probably worst Engine power of her tier. Although her accelerating ability has been specially buffed, the overall propulsion is still terrible. There are more specs on this ship that are just average, like the DPM or concealment. The AA is nice though. So basically IMO the only good things in her are the alpha and the citadel protection, which is overwhelmed by these shortcomings...I really hope WG can give an instant buff before people lose interest as they did for British CAs.