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  1. I'm gonna drop this off and let everybody RAGE! Since I'm part of new clan, [KNMSU], I decided to go ahead and actually create a kanmusu based on the ship of my choice! My particular ship? Despite the fact that I am a huge fan of aircraft carriers, I went for something that everyone knows as home-grown American goodness, famous for its hauntings up in Massachusetts! Everyone, meet CA-139, the USS SALEM! The USS Salem is a Des Moines-class cruiser, one of only three ships completed in her class, the others being the USS Des Moines we all know and love, and the USS Newport News. She was equipped with 9x3 autoloading 8-inch guns, giving her massive firepower for an all-gun cruiser, and a maximum firing range of 27 kilometers at full elevation, along with secondary batteries of x12 5-inch, 38-caliber guns, x24 3-inch, 50-caliber guns which could double as anti-aircraft weapons, and then x24 20mm anti-aircraft mounts. I chose the witch motif and the ghastly mounting of her ship equipment, save her bridge and her core equipment, due in part to her nature as one of the most haunted (verified by multiple sources) ships still around, and that her namesake was home to the Salem Witch Trials during the late 17th century. Most other Kanmusu tend to have their equipment attached by servo arms and hydraulics to the main body of their core, but I opted for something different to give her a spookier feel. The skirt was awesome to draw. I love the tattered ruffles. The bolero was a nice touch and something underused imho. LET THE RAGE BEGIN! And I might show the USS Atlanta and USS Cleveland I've sketched out as well.