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  1. >Download Link Here< Disclaimer is as follows. Still In Progress: Reworks / Tweaks / Tier 1 ships / A few leftover prems Been making my own set of port icons for a while now! have done about 200+ icons so far! that's the majority of the game covered. My aim is to complete every ship made available in WoWS. I am a bit of a perfectionist and i strive for best image/resolution quality to rival all KC/Anime port icons out there. however my Photoshop skills are not the best-est so you pros out there, please don't hate . if you have tips and tricks for improvement, do please fire away. I update this mod occasionally. New ships released will ALWAYS take priority. Note that some ships (namely the ARP's) have alternative icons. Pick the one you need, Rename and remove anything behind the Icon number, then replace in directory to use. Version 1.0.6 (Current) Featuring British Battleships! Version Featuring HMS Nelson, Graf Zeppelin and Finally Arpeggio Icons! Version 1.0.5 Featuring HMS Gallant and Błyskawica! Version 1.0.1 IJN Kaga / HMS Hood Added - Various tweaks In game view:
  2. ***Before you read this topic, if you don't like anime mods stay away from this topic, however, if you don't mind or like these types of mods then you're welcome.*** Hello, people of WG NA forums, I'm from the Asia/SEA/Oceania servers(where teamwork and English doesn't exist) some updates(9/19/17): - Fubuki Reworked: as usual with these reworked mods, lines are in the right place, amplified, and some new lines. - Ark Royal and Matsuwa have a few new lines. Nothing special about it really. DOWNLOAD LINKS: Before you install... - Don't Republish the mod anywhere else, you can share the download links to others who are interested. - If so you're showcasing the mods to other sites like Youtube, for example, at least credit the guys who made it. - Be warned this mod is not perfect, we've done our best to keep mistakes to a bare minimum. I hope you understand. - This mod is completely free of charge, if you wish to support the mod, check out our Patreon - Most VO mods don't have its own CV related commands/voices, instead, it uses your game's default one.(I don't recommend using these mods to a competitive CV match.) Download Links: Unsupported/Old Mods: We decided to stop supporting some mods due to the reason of some mods aren't possible to rework or improve, or the mod itself is unpopular. Sorry for those guys who like those mods, for that, we decided to make them still available here, take note: all of these mods use Wwise 2016.2.1.5995 once WG updates the game's Wwise these mods will not function well anymore. Now, if you wish to support the old mods, please go to our discord server so I can give you the mod's audio files for you to edit also give you some instructions how to work these mods specifically for KanColle voices. Please understand these are a bit too much for us to maintain. Unfinished Mods: There's a couple of mods that left unfinished due to "lack of assets" or never met my standards. So, I decided to share these unfinished works of mine hoping someone will pick-up. Most of them are at near finish states, so it's easier to edit the rest. If you want to try to finish the mods but doesn't know how I can teach you over at my discord server. If I have the time. How to install the mods. 1st: Extract the files. It's in a .7z format so would prefer using 7zip. 2nd: Place the mods to your game. For example: (C:)/ World_of_Warships/ res_mods/0.6.X.X/banks/Mods. Here's a screenshot below as an example again. by default, you get the res_mods and the game version folder. If don't have banks/Mods folder please make one as banks, then inside Mods. 3rd: To enable the mods in-game, go to game settings> audio> then voiceover modifications. How to update the mods to the latest game version. This one is so easy, just drag and drop the banks folder to the latest game version folder. For example. I dragged the banks folder from folder to the folder. Extra: How to use the mods in the Public Test Server. Usually, you cannot enable mods in PTS, except WG's official ones(the ARP, HSF VO mods, etc.) Instead of placing the mods to res_mods you place it in res/banks/OfficialMods. Here is a screenshot below. if you notice some of my youtube videos of these mods, I showcased them at PTS. thanks, people of WG NA forums for letting me give space of my mod. Discord: A further discussion about the mod or help us test the upcoming mods: make sure read the rules and type "?agree" to access the server. Please, introduce yourself as well.
  3. What am I doing with my life.....I feel its greatness. Taking out the mighty Bismarck to shoot miniature yuudachi's out of her guns. Trying my luck at non hud gunnery! Only for the manliest of men! Yessssss~
  4. I've been creating skins for a long time (I started in august 2015 as I remember) and I've got a really big collection of them. But also I collect anime related skins from other modders - and that's why I've decided to create a modpack so everyone could easily install these awesome skins when it's needed. All skins are included in this modpack with approval of their creators. If you have made a skin and you want it to be included here - PM me, I'll add it. The collection is not complete though - I'm still working at adding more skins. It contains not only skins but also interface modifications - my own Abyssal Interface and Kancolle Enchant from Xandier59. Other interface modifications are welcome too I will support this modpack as long as I can and update it regularly. The modpack itself is a little program (20MB) that represents a GUI where you can choose skins from a list. Then selected items will be downloaded from a cloud repository and installed. You can check the "do not delete after download" paragraph then the downloaded mods will be saved in your game folder. After that you'll be able to use "Of the reserve pack" paragraph - so you won't need to redownload mods again and again and you'll have to do that only for the first time. All skins are provided with screenshots so you'll be able to hover your mouse above the skin name and see its preview Link for the modpack installer: Look for it in my signature Please read carefully! There may be a problem with your antivirus/firewall. To solve it just open settings of your antivirus/firewall and set a folder as trusted. Then you can download the modpack in this folder and it will not be blamed by your defense system. Here's the link to a site where you can check the modpack (copy its download link there) and see that there are no viruses/trojans/worms etc
  5. Xerbcolle (Mod) WoWs NA Skin, Voice, mod.... and much more! (seriously) Updated for WoWs (last update 14/12/2016) Greeting, comrade, admiral, tanker, player, pirate and lolicon~ Introduction Notes Installation SHIP SKIN All kind of kawaii skin, [no NSFW skin] all safe to view :3 Mod pack for all older skin in one go -- Skin List -- new skin and old skin (some of them are included inside the mod pack yet) All of them can be view on our Page : SKIN LIST Mod Addon Other modification beside skin [Mixed] Enchant Mod (Interface mod) - 6th sense, icon, lobby, wallpaper, image button, test, cross hair ..... etc Misc - flag, camo remover, crew icon List of Incoming Work tell me if I got anything miss. EXTRA - More mod to read more to be explored Below are the Link to other fanmade skin page/web from various server, feel free to visit them Made sure to credit and thank to them ^__^ PravdaTeam Wordpress - WoWs and WoT kancolle Skin - LINK Iron Botton Sound NA - Aoki Hagane/Kancolle skin and much more - LINK DanZaishA - youtube channel - skin for WoT and WoWs [NSFW] - VikingRDD - US Navy Abyssal skin - WoWs RU - LINK » PravdaTeam YouTube » PravdaTeam Facebook [Pravda Team Patreon] - Support Us!^^ -> LINK Thank for the visit, Cheers! o/ Xandier59 [Pravda - Girls Und Panzer EU] *Any image or materials that are used in making the mod are credited to the owner and original artist, thank! danke! danke! [content moderated - solicitation]~StealthyArmadillo Eugen Enchant 3.5 - 【DOWNLOAD】
  6. Since the HFS destroyer Harekaze is a "fictitious" ship, there isn't really an official KanColle version of her. Since I enjoy her in game quite a bit, I though it would be fun to see what she would look like in her anime character form. Here's what I ended up with: Note-able features: Grey colors to match her hull. Buttons to represent portholes. Button on Skirt with Yokosuka logo. White gloves to represent 127mm guns. (Hardware that is easily changeable) Red Line Strip & Nameplate from official camo. Smaller size anchor for destroyers (on arm). Pleated skirt and Black Biker Shorts (trait from sister ship Kagerou) Collar and Ribbon (trait from sister ship Kagerou) Rust on bottom of Hull (shirt) PS. Due to difficulty with drawing faces and proportions, template was used from ました. Character design, clothing & accessories were drawn & colored by myself.
  7. This is the third Portfolio of my Fan-art series! Sooo there are a lot of ships in Wows, unique, powerful, and loved. Not all of them have a figure to speak for themselves... And I'm determined to fix it. To start off, I present to you the upcoming French heavy hitter, cruiser Algérie What do you guys think? Please leave your idea for the next creation in the comments below! As always, I feed on upvotes
  8. Kantai Collection just updated with a new Russian Battleship more russian ships in the game pls
  9. This is a continuation for my first portfolio of WOWSxKancolle fanart. Link in my signature. Sooo there are a lot of ships in Wows, unique, powerful, and loved. Not all of them have a figure to speak for themselves... And I'm determined to fix it. First off I'll provide the long-waited Zao, the infamous firestarter. Than, the biggest, toughest, baddest marine monstrosity, Grosser Kurfurst The long awaited Graf Spee is here! The fierce French striker Dunkerque is here! Texas rides along with the new year! Kirov reports to the fleet with a blast! Konigsberg arrives with a touch of love and energy~ What do you guys think? Please leave your idea for the next creation in the comments below! As always, I feed on upvotes
  10. Now that the sound mods have been released, i'll be doing two different mods: 1.) Poi ~Various different poi's for all ships and weapons; everything will be poi! 2.) Kantai Collection ~Matching the Kantai Collection ship lines to their WoWs ships (e.g. Fubuki in WoWs will have sounds from Fubuki in Kantai Collection) I have two days off (recovering from surgery) so i should have these up pretty quickly, so stay tuned! (: xoxo
  11. Hey folks, I was inspired by some of the_first_harbinger's work to try my hand at designing some KanColle style ship-girls for boats that don't already have them. I think unlike a lot of Animu fans WoWS got me into KanColle rather than the other way around. Anyway my first two musume are for some paper classes - I tried to be as true to the "style" of KanColle, but maybe I thought about it too much. Nicholas Phoenix Montana Myogi South Dakota (1920) and Texas (BBX-1)
  12. Kancolle Voice Pack for WoWS Based on RPH, Saico, NorthernPQI & Kamir voice mod. Rework by Hakabase. Main Voice: Kancolle CV Voice: Ashigara Download [click here] Install 1. Extract the Download Mod File 2. Copy banks(folder) into World_of_Warships\res_mods\0.6.x.x \ 3. In Game Setting Audio > Battle Voiceover > hakaMOD 4. Have Fun ( My English is bad, please advise with simple words. ) Change Log
  13. My long waited Graf Spee hype has been satisfied and I have acquired her, finally. I'm quite willing to buy her at a pretty handsome price, but I earned her through trial by fire. My thanks to all the WG staff and super testers for making this happen. This ship has everything needed for a aggressive player like me: Sound armor in a long range AP cruiser duel, torpedoes made versatile by the extended range, and the guns. I heard complaints about her guns very often, but I have no problem hitting targets, and I feel her grouping of shots to be only slightly inferior to Konigsberg, perhaps it's due to the based aim and accuracy mechanic. And they are truly hard hitting. They are 11 inches on paper, but in practice I feel they are on par with the 12 inches on board Konig with improved ballistics. This ship is nicely maneuverable(for a bb and soviet CL main lol) and rewards strategic placement on the minimap(I have no trouble dealing with tier 8 cruisers except New Orleans, Edinburgh and 155 mogami). Not to mention she's gorgeous. I have dreamed about Graf Spee in Wows ever since OBT, and my dream has come true. Thanks again, WG, for this generous (late) Christmas gift!
  14. Yup, another save Texas thread...not quite, actually. I'm trying to talk more about gameplay. Tier 5s are getting up tiered, but even tier 5s have unique things to go with them. Kongo have that speed and range, Konig have the armor and the accuracy to solo kill North Carolina (lol just kidding don't fail platoon), what about Texas? She's slow, slowest even in tier 5. Her guns are punchy, but sometimes can be a little troll, not to mention the lack of range. Her armor is good, but the front ammorack curve neutralizes any angling you may have when approaching an enemy. Her only selling point is her AA, but at tier 7, among Colorados and Gneisenaus, that AA is nothing spectacular. What should be the niche for Texas? A small reward for all of you that finished reading all this crap
  15. This video is meant to help players understand why the hell players type Poi at the beginning of each round. Something that's been happening for ages. I got the history of Poi itself right. Someone.. well, a lot of people, pointed out that Kantai and ARP are two separate things. A distinction I did not make originally. I annotated the video to explain just that. Anyhow, I now know more about Poi and Kantai and ARP than I ever thought I would.
  16. Partially click bait title /b/ut whatever... So I binge watched the 12 episode Kantai Collection anime series the past two days (because I'm still recovering from the double surgeries (hahaha end me please)), and I will admit that I enjoyed watching them. I was a little sad that I was able to binge watch the series, but then I discovered that a new movie came out right after Thanksgiving this year. I tried to find a site to watch it on but I couldn't, so I'm going to ask you guys: Anyone have a FREE ONLINE site link that I can watch the Kancolle anime movie on?
  17. Sooo there are a lot of ships in Wows, unique, powerful, and loved. Not all of them have a figure to speak for themselves... And I'm determined to fix it. Start with, the notorious low tier german sealclubber, the german MG, Dresden! This is a very preliminary sketch, you guys shall have to deal with the rough lines, sorry! And, some of my previous works of a Treaty battleship plan made by Hiraga Aaaaaand USS Clemson as requested by BladedPheonix Miku(Mikhail Kutuzov) Just because I love the ship Here's the mighty USS Montana, requested by High_Admiral Here's Moskva, Russian Balance at its finest. I proudly present to you, our new but impressive face, HMS Minotaur. Never beaten, Never threatened, all hail our DPM god, Des Moines! The only, but not lonely, Polish destroyer Blyskawica what do you guys think? Leave an upvote if you like it! Also, any ideas what ship should I attempt next? Please leave an idea in the comments below, thanks!
  18. February 27 , 2016 : v053X-1 released. Check the preview Video Link below~ January 9 , 2016 : v0521-1 released. After testing , this mod works both NA & Asia server. (Feb 27 , 2016) Me(RPH) and SAICO made this , hope you guys like it. v053X-1 NEW features preview video: Download link: RS_kancolle_VoicePack_v053X-1(NA).rar (339MB , MediaFire) backup link: RS_kancolle_VoicePack_v053X-1(NA).rar (339MB , MEGA) install: 1. Copy "audio folder" from res , and paste it into res_mods. 2. Use voice pack files overwrite.【remember rename the "0.5.3.X" folder name to fit your current version!!】 3. Adjust "voice volume" louder in the game. *After this edition , I only put "High" folder inside, if you're using low sound quality setting, please make sure replace the folder name to "Low" from download files. *If you got problem with install , please check this #97 (posted by DocVulcan) If anyone wanna take this to your own modpack and realease it , no problem. Just indicate the original source. Old version links: Some other mods you guys may interested, 3D fleet girls on board. This isn't made by me, just providing the information.
  19. So normally when I play I stick to VIII or higher. Though on weekends, high tiers is a literal nightmare as you watch lemming trains and idiots who somehow bumbled their way to a Yamato or a Hakuryu, only get sunk and do less than 40k dmg. As I watched in frustration when playing Amagi or Tirpitz, Hipper or Kutuzov; racking upwards of 150k dmg only to watch as the team loses, its a bad time. How to turn around from a string of colossal failures? Hop in a ARP Kongo Out of the 8 straight wins in this ship, these 5 were bottom tier matches where I place 1st or in top 3. Made me remember why I love the Kongo. Praise the tea loving, fast Battleship and all the burning love she gives! ~HQ
  20. Hello everyone, i was wondering if someone could make me a signature. I am particularly fond of a lot of the anime signatures i have been seeing. here is an example . I was wondering if someone could make a signature with a picture of IJN Aoba I tired to make one and this was the result Basically i would like it to look more refined. I can provide the resources used for it. What i would like it to have: -the ship -the character next to or over the ship -Ship Name and type (ex: Aoba - Japanese Heavy Cruiser -A Japanese flag banner similar to the Italian one on the Zara example. -and if possible the Kancolle logo on the other side of the banner - (like the arpeggio one on Zara) recources album found here thank you for reading and any submissions.
  21. According Polish player's guide video , I made this. including WOWS_SP.bnk , WOWS_PF.bnk , WOWS_UI.bnk . Total 233 sounds replaced. WoWS_kancolle_voice_mod_1(v6)_by_obbi.rar (35.36MB) download link(zippyshare) 1. Copy \res\audio TO \res_mods\ first. 2. Then , replace those 3 bnk files in your \res_mods\\audio folder. *If step 1 missed , can't hear anything in game. my original post(non-English , Taiwanese game forum) sample video for this mod(non-English annotation) :
  22. Original thread. Hi everyone. I'm Syanda. I usually play on the Asia server and am active on the forums over there (and /u/syanda on the WoWS subreddit). I've been making a bunch of KanColle login video mods, and I'm crossposting them over here to share them with the NA community. All the login video mods feature audio that will play over the default login music (which is virtually inaudible). There's a known issue - if you disconnect or log out from the port screen to the login page, it'll play the default login music instead of the modded music (and will play the modded music if you alt-tab to desktop). I'm unsure of how to solve this at the moment. Many thanks to MajorRenegade's thread for helping me to figure out the audio issues. Was going by trial and error prior to that thread. Comes in these varieties, pick your poison. 1. Kantai Collection TV Anime OP - Miiro Creditless, as high quality as I could make it. Contains both video and audio. Download link here. 2. MAD - KanColle X Arpeggio OP - Saviour of Song (TV Size) Second is the mod I posted over here, updated with slightly better quality. Utilizes the Arpeggio of Blue Steel opening audio - Saviour of Song, by nano Still not as high quality as the original video, unfortunately. Video and audio. Download link here. Original video: 2.5. Third video is the same as the second login video, but instead of being TV size, has animation that runs for the full 5 minute duration of the full song. Video quality is unfortunately poorer. Video and audio. Download link here. 3. Kancolle MAD - KanColle X Btooom! OP - No Pain No Game This one utilizes the Btooom! opening's audio - No Pain No Game by nano I'm looking to see if I can grab a higher-quality source video off Nico Nico Douga and will update if possible. Download link here. Original video: 4. Kancolle MAD - KanColle X Gate OP - Gate (Sore wa Akatsuki no Yō ni) Utilizes the Gate: Thus the JSDF Fought There! opening audio by Kishida Kyoudan & The Akeboshi Rockets This one is a work-in-progress. I'm trying to increase the quality of the video and will revisit this once I'm able to. Download link here. Original video: Warning: Mods may cause user to spend several minutes staring at the pretty, pretty login video. Affected persons are not entitled to reclaim lost premium time from me if this happens. Use at own risk. All credit for videos go to their original creators - I simply converted them to the .usm format for use in-game. Installation Instructions Dump the files into res_mods. The path should read <your world of warships folder name>\res_mods\<current patch>\gui\video\login.usm Once the files are in res_mods, edit your paths.xml (found in the game folder) so that it reads the following: Whenever the game updates, just drag the mod files to the new folder in res_mods and update paths.xml with the correct patch version. I'll keep this post updated as I find more interesting videos.
  23. Remake version of my old work - Presets for 5 nations - 328 portraits (All kanmusu + Human type abyss ships + Arpeggio guest characters) - Rank scaling symbols(otsu, kou medal) added - Latest Kancolle update(26th June 2015) applied Updated for 0.5.0.X - Polish navy Added - Preset updated (IJN, USN, USSR) - Supporting 370 portraits now - Latest Kancolle update(9th October 2015) applied Download:
  24. The Fleet of Fog, Scarlet Fleet, and Fleet of Blue Steel (-FOG-/-FBS-/-TSF-) are actively recruiting! Submit your enlistment packets, or Officer's Commissions today. And sail with the best rising fleets in WoWS. Contact any of our officers, or recruiters, we'll be happy to work with you. CO FOG_Battleship_Arizona XO Personnel Officers I_Am_DreadgeNought Fog_Battleship_SDakota (For general chat hit us up here; (Look up our sister Fleet as well; (Recruitment Related scuttle-butt only please)