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Found 3 results

  1. Dear Wargaming, I would like to ask for more transparency on your future plans for the CV rework and future premium changes like Guilio Cesare. This information can be vague, but please define the goals at the very least. What is the goal for the CV rework? What is the goal and criteria for balancing ships like Guilio Cesare? What happened to Arcs or Qurterly updates? It would be nice to see a Waterline episode on Guilo Cesare and future CV rework plans is all I am asking for. So please make it happen and you all agree with me simply say aye. regards, Landedkiller
  2. pie38

    No Kamikaze

    there will be no kamikazes in game. im sick of people asking. here are 3 reasons why there wont be suicide bombers in game A-they would only be for japan, which isn't really fair to the other nations wit carriers B-they were only implemented because JApan was losing the war C-they really aren't that good for this game 3 reasons why you really wouldn;t want them A-you have limited planes-once you're planes dies in battle, you cant get it back until the battle is over; in other words, a kamikaze used is a plane wasted B-they were pretty easily shot down, as they have to get very close and fly in pretty much a straght line to hit their target, in which time the aa gunners have some very good shots C-they werent that effective. they were great demoralizers and small ship killers, but they never sunk a battleship, and only a few fleet carriers (if any) were sunk that way. mostly just destroyers and escort carrers, possibly a few cruisers. and if that was wgat resulted from massic=ve waves luanched from large land bases, what could the puny force of 40 or so carrier planes do?
  3. I honestly think that the blue wave camo for Kamikaze R is one of the prettiest destroyers in the game. I have no skin making talent at all so I was wondering if anyone could make a skin for any ships like Minekaze, Mutsuki, or even Shen Yang since it is part of the Minekaze class. I know this is asking a lot since all I've seen is someone make a perma camo mod for the Shimakaze that gives it the wave camo. I don't own a Kamikaze R and have no clue if they will sell it again so this is just me asking Cheers to anyone bothering to read