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Found 2 results

  1. So.... I don't know if Dev's even read these, because it seems suggestions just get ignored anyway... But I'm still gonna post this here to vent my dislike. I just played my first match against 2 Italian battleships. Both Marco's. I was in my Jean Bart, a ship well known for being a great tank. Six salvo's later, and it was over with. No other ship shot at me. Regardless of angle, regardless of where I was struck, either the hull, the super structure, the turrets... It was 12-26k salvo's every time. All thanks to SAP shells. I understand they are still in testing stages, but even nerfed, those ships are going to make gameplay less fun. The Italian Cruisers SAP is able to be mitigated. You can sustain against it. The cruisers are cautious because you can delete them. You heal against a Marco, and the next salvo takes it all away again, plus some, and now you have a two more salvo's from both ships to wait for your next heal. That's minimum 40k damage. And after that fact, they aren't cautious because you gave them the same armor as the Roma, and they have absolutely no issue shrugging off normal ships attacks, because all they have to do is angle. AP bounces on their armor. HE shatters. They shrug their shoulders and keep pushing. There was no defending against it. It's ridiculous. It never should have been considered an idea. Your 'long' reload doesn't balance it out, when it does full damage salvo's every rip. There is no bounces, no shatters, no ineffective shots. Roma and Cesare do just fine, and in fact, excel in their classes, with just HE and AP. Both are some of the strongest ships at their tiers. Now you want to make the same ships, but give them an ammo that surpasses all other ammo types? You strive to make your game as balanced as possible, and yet seem to be hell bent on driving forward ships that make it unbalanced. You're buffing CV's, making them more effective than they already are, you're bringing in battleships with SAP that can do the damage of citadel salvo's at any angle, any location on your ship. You're bringing in a secondary DD line that is obsolete the instant it hit's because German DD's are outclassed by most others in every situation. But this was about the Italian battleships. If you're going to bring them in, please, for the love of god, bring them in with normal shells, or give them a quarter the damage they are capable of doing(On SAP.). Up the penetration needed, so shatters/bounces occur. Something has got to change immediately. Well, that's my rant and suggestions.
  2. Need to fight this tooth and nail as it will absolutely murder secondary builds.