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Found 1 result

  1. Update! Thank you so much to everyone who participated in this event! You will find our winners below: Transformers Skin: @amzprime_ (Bismarck) Transformers Commander: @trapper0359 (Grimlock) Autobot and Decepticon Camouflages:  NOTE: Prizes should be delivered by the end of this week. Feel free to reach out to me if you don't see them! Once again, thank you to those who participated! If we continue to have amazing turnouts like this, we will definitely be able to increase our prize pools for the coming events! Fair winds and following seas! Greetings Captains, Shortly after the release of 0.11.5, Transformers entered the naval fray once again. This reminds us that no matter if you're "Rolling Out" or "Mobilizing", working as a team to complete your objective is always a good idea. Grab the bot boat of your choice, get out there and capture the AllSpark point! Challenge: Reply to this thread with an in-game screenshot of you capturing a point alongside another player. This can be completed in any game time (excluding Training Rooms). Your screenshot must include the other ship within the image as well. The match must have occurred between July 1 14:00 UTC (9am CT) and July 31 17:00 UTC (12pm CT). Example: Rules: 1. Make sure everything required for the challenge is clearly readable in the screenshot. 2. Plagiarism of any kind is not permitted. 3. The match must have occurred between the timeframe provided above. 4. Must follow the parameters as listed under the “Challenge” section. 5. Please only reply to this thread with contest submission posts. All other posts will be deleted. 6. Please only post 1 entry. Multiple entries will result in disqualification. 7. Your entry must also mention which choice of Transformer skin AND Commander you would like should you be selected to win. Again, please include your choice for BOTH the skin AND the Commander. Prizes: 1 random winner will receive: - 1x choice of Transformers skin 1 random winner will receive: - 1x choice of Transformers Commander 10 random winners will receive: - 5x Autobot Ark Camouflages 10 random winners will receive: - 5x Decepticon Disguise Camouflages Feel free to share this contest amongst your friends or clanmates. The more people that participate, the better! Fair winds and following seas!