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Found 4 results

  1. Today's video from The Mighty Jingles" explains the CV and AA problems that last week's patch has brought us, and that a "Hot Fix" is on the way that, hopefully, will end the madness. Not being a CV player, I only knew that there was a big problem, but not exactly HOW and WHY. Jingles explains this. Such as: Constant waves of planes, the disappearing planes, the stealth torps, your poor AA etc. This is a must view and big thanks to Jingles for this video.
  2. So with Jingles now officially the winner of The Ring (as stated in his video today), how soon will he be available as a captain in the game? I need him at the helm of my Warspite ASAP.
  3. If this is just the work in progress, I really want to see what the finished game looks like. I only hope my laptop will be able to handle it adequately when it comes out.

    [GNOME] Jingles Salt Minions

    The GNOME clan on NA is recruiting active members into it's fleet. We look for battle hardened people who are active, ready, and willing to fight the battle ahead. The clan was founded by the owner of the Jingles Salt Mine discord server GRUMPASALTY https://discord.gg/hpVR2wV and was set up with the permission of The Mighty Jingles himself and although he isn't in the clan he has a role in it's creation, we aren't a very big clan but we have a long term goal to join the major leagues with branches of our own. If you wish to join us, you can find us by just searching GNOME in the clan finder, we have been established on NA, SEA and EU. You don't need anything special to join us, but just know we do look for the higher up members, so the more battles you have played, the higher your win rate, the more your average damage, and especially your activity will have and effect on whether or not you get in. The higher your numbers the quicker you'll be picked to mine salt for The Mighty Gnome Overlord Jingles! The rules are set, if you are not active for 7 days or more you will be excluded, and if you have not earned more than 100 oil in your first week, you will be excluded. Other than that, we hope to catch you on the battlefield folks! Fair Winds And A Following Sea to all.