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Found 5 results

  1. So it turns out that there's a Submarine test going on right now, that had no announcement, and little fanfair. Also, many of us are not going to like it. A short list of Jingles' Comments: 1) Cruisers can drop DC's now 2) Subs can fight each other now, and can fire torps at all depths; doing so is extremely difficult (which I think is valid; only 1 submarine has ever managed to sink another submerged submarine, the HMS Venturer, a V-Class (because of course it would be) sank a German Type IX) 3) Batteries instead of O2, and Batteries drain from all actions, including pinging 4) Subs are WAY too fast underwater IMO. I love the idea of subs, but they need to be capped at ~12 knots max, for any sub, much less the T6's. 5) Subs can 'see' ships at very long range, by making noise. Noise = moving fast. I hate this idea because it means that moving slow hides you better from subs, encouraging slower play. Lovely. Here's where it gets bad: 6) Subs cannot surface anymore. At all. They CANNOT go on the surface. Not sure what the bloody point of this is. 7) AP cannot be used on Subs now. Only HE. And you have to hit VERY close. BB's have large enough shells to have big blast radius, Cruisers and DD's cannot damage Subs; too small blast radius. So DD's and CL/CA's can ONLY damage subs with DC's. 8) BB players are going to throw a crapfit, so hey, not a total loss lol. Although that said, given how many of them there are and how much of this game they bankroll, I don't think this is a wise strategy long term 9) TDS disappears when you get and maintain a target lock. So SS torps do MASSIVE damage. As in Shima levels of damage at T6. 10) Homing torps are undodgable, easily able to hit DD's; at 17:00 Jingles. JINGLES kills a French DD. 11) Flamu's words, "This is SOOO broken" 12) DC's are like a consumable that recharges.
  2. Time to break out the dress uniforms and touch up the paintwork; The Rear Admiral himself is finally making his appearance in the game!!!!!! It's official: The instant I get him (and I WILL get him), I'm putting him on my Warspite.

    Had a mixed day today.

    Well I had a pretty mixed day today. Started off bright and early in the morning hanging with TheMightyJingles himself in a few goes of Narai he'd also gone ahead and gifted me a Triad of Triumph for my birthday which was very nice of him. I invited a few of my friends to tag along and we all had a good time, no stream, no screaming fans, no cameras just divisioning up and having fun. He told me the rest of his Vodka story that he mentioned in the Not Mingles With Jingles episode this week so if you're wondering what happened, he couldn't take the bottle of Vodka with him because he had put it in his carry on bag and not his stow away bag... Heh, I bet he wont be making that mistake in a hurry again. So we puttered about having fun and laughing the day away sadly he had to still get his video done for Saturday so our time was cut short. But thanks to the Triad of Triumph he purchased for me as a gift, I was able to blast my way through the Iowa and ended up researching the Montana later on in the afternoon. So that was fun, however I could swear I was struck with the Jingles affect myself because I could not for the life of me hit the broadside of a barn with the Iowa or perhaps the Missouri I had already was just jealous that I had unlocked her sister ship and was refusing to play her instead of the Iowa. Who knows. But for the rest of the day it was as normal just sailing around in my tin tub shooting plebs and weebs, and I burnt myself out grinding out the credits to get the Montana so all in all, a pretty moderate day but one to remember nonetheless. And well I'm going to stick a bit of promotion in here, if you'd like to join us in mining salt for his gnomish overlord you can join his official discord here. https://discord.gg/hpVR2wV
  4. I'm sure that you guys watch the Mighty Jingles, but today's replay is definitely a treat for those who love naval history. The Massachusetts that was featured in this video is played by none other than Mr. James D. Hornfischer, who is a naval historian who has received awards for his naval history books like The Last of the Tin Can Sailors (about the Battle off Samar) and Neptune's Inferno: The U.S. Navy at Guadalcanal. To those who want to devour some more naval history, he's a good author to read: very riveting tales weaved with history and action. He's also heavily featured in this episode of History Channel's Battle 360 show since it deals with the Battle off Samar: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j_syMKoTsi0 XX To encourage some history discussion, what are your favorite naval history books to read? Besides Mr. Hornfischer, I also enjoyed reading World War II at Sea: A Global History by Mr. Craig Symonds. Its a great summation of naval history throughout the Second World War, starting with the Washington Naval Treaties and ending in Tokyo Bay while weaving the Pacific, Atlantic and Mediterranean campaigns in its pages.
  5. So with Jingles now officially the winner of The Ring (as stated in his video today), how soon will he be available as a captain in the game? I need him at the helm of my Warspite ASAP.