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Found 1 result

  1. With the addition of the German battlecruisers (Schlieffen's line), French battlecruisers (Marseille's line), and the upcoming British battlecruiser line, I started wondering what other battlecruiser lines could/might be introduced. And, seeing as I'm currently grinding through Amagi, I realized a Japanese battlecruiser line split could work very well. For one, (besides the upcoming Japanese light cruiser split) we haven't gotten an update to the Japanese tech tree in awhile, and there are already some battlecruisers in the standard Japanese battleship line (i.e. Kongo and Amagi) that could be moved over to a battlecruiser line split. If they were to make a battlecruiser split for the Japanese, what other battlecruisers (or battlecruiser projects/designs) do you see being used in said line? Do you think Kongo and Amagi would stay at their current tiers (i.e. many US cruisers changed tiers during the addition of the US light cruisers, such as, Cleveland and Baltimore)? What battleships (or battleship projects/designs) do you think would replace Kongo and Amagi in the standard battleship line?