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Found 1 result

  1. HeidiAngel

    Getting Depressed

    I am getting really frustrated and depressed with the Russian BB's. My tier 6 Izmail wr is around 28.5 %. The damage numbers are above average [58,000] and climbing. I played 2 games in her tonight and the first game I did 92,000 damage and the second was 83,000. I lost the first game and almost lost the second. I have watched Noster and others on YouTube trying to play this BB better. Dad has tried helping also as his wr in the ship is a lot better. Nothing seems to help so here I am asking for some help from my friends in the forum. I'm sure some of you do very good in the Izmail and I'm begging you for some help. Any suggestions or advice will be appreciated and put into practice tomorrow night. I know she had bad aim at long range and is a mid range brawler but don't show side as usual. It has decent AA and When the bow is angled it bounces shells well. But to try and use the other turrets you really have to pay attention to the mini map to see whats around you taking sniper shots at your broadside. Anyway I hope your all safe and in good spirits! P.S. When in doubt, Smoosh em! Lol.